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Posted on February 21, 2019

Writing a definition essay sample seems to sound like an easy task. However, the piece of work that requires the determination of the word is not a straightforward activity. It implies not only finding the interpretation of the word in the vocabulary, but also checking its function, structure, or etymology and supporting it with evidence. Moreover, such work includes the incorporation of the experience or story of the writer to support its meaning.

In this regard, the right definition essay topic or idea for writing the paper is crucial. The best choices refer to the themes of abstract or complicated nature, which may have two or more connotations. They provide substantial ground for the development of ideas and writing skills improvement. Here are some ideas that require significant considerations and result in the form of a profound piece:

1. Heroes? Who Are They?

For a mass audience, the era of entertainment provides many heroic characters. However, the concept of heroism is not brand new and can be traced back to ancient times. By that, a hero is a person with exceptional features. For this research, a student may apply to the Greek myths as a source of heroism and provide one’s understanding of this phenomenon.

2. Metaphysics: What Is It?

The philosophical categories are usually difficult to comprehend due to their abstract nature. The term ‘metaphysics’ is central to philosophy with its relation to matter and mind. It is a problematic category, which requires research of etymology and Greek relation, as well as the analysis of the work Metaphysics by Aristotle.

3. What Does Respect Imply?

Everyone is taught to respect the laws and rights of others. However, where is the limit of respect? What place does the self-respect take? The relationship between self-esteem and respect for others may be a central topic for such a discussion. Besides, a student may address to the Golden Rule of ethics and interpret the term from its perspective. The book Ethics and the Golden Rule by Harry Gensler can give solid insights into the particular ethical practice.

4. What Is the Definition of Beauty?

There is a famous phrase saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It implies that the particular category is based on the inner experience. Following, such paper may include a personal understanding of beauty and make it the central part of the essay. However, research on the term is required, and the article “Beauty through History” by Sharon Romm can be prompt.

5. What Is the Definition of Empathy?

Nowadays empathy is an important part of the successful manager. However, not many people understand its nature and how to achieve it. The best way to comprehend empathy is to refer to the philosophical origin and analyze its structure as well as current interpretation. The Merriam-Webster website can be helpful for determination of differences between compassion, empathy, and sympathy.

6. What Is the Difference between Drama in Life and Art?

A drama has become a significant genre of art. Besides, almost everyone experiences it in real life. The profound analysis of history is likely to show why the drama is sometimes more heartbreaking than real-life situations. The article “What Is Drama? Literary Definition and Examples” by Robert Longley is there to help.

7. Who Can Be Characterized as Emotionally Unavailable?

From first glance, the term “emotional unavailability” is unclear. Nevertheless, we meet people who block our feelings constantly. Analyzing such an experience can be a way to explain the term. Besides, the articles “Is Being ‘Emotionally Unavailable’ Holding You Back?” by Rachel Nussbaum and “10 Signs Your Partner is Emotionally Unavailable” by Lauren Shumacker bring the light on the concept and contribute to the explanation.

8. What Is Charisma?

Charisma is crucial in the world of media technologies, but one can hardly measure it qualitatively or quantitatively. Most commonly, charisma is the way to speak and act based on wisdom, experience, and natural abilities. However, it is always about inspiration. In this regard, the exploration of the term has many nuances. A student can refer to the book The History of Charisma by Potts.

9. Sports: Is It about Playing?

The current definition of sports cannot be considered without relation to business or physical activity. Nonetheless, history tells that there is entirely different determination of the word. The Online Etymology Dictionary shares a significant ground for revaluation of the term and underlines the role of cultures on the development of the current habits. These points may become a basis for writing a definition essay.

10. How to Define Artistic Taste?

Artistic taste is a subtle topic to consider. Despite the high level of subjectivity, the artistic taste, which puts the aesthetics in the center, appears to be a compelling phenomenon to define. Considering the social and cultural constituent of the concept, the book Introduction to Art Appreciation and Aesthetics by Alfredo Panizo and Erlinda Rustia can help significantly to thoroughly explore the artistic taste.

11. Anti-Globalism: Where It Comes from?

The contemporary media has primarily discussed the term of globalization and devoted comparatively less time to anti-globalism. The latter is the crucial term which developed as a reaction to the blurring of the barriers between the nations. By that, there are different theories, which constitute the concept and contribute to the overall understanding of the modern world. The article “A Brief History of the Anti-Globalization Movement” by Adam Warner is the suitable source for exploration of the term.

12. Who Can Be Called a Champion?

The first thought coming to the reader’s mind is probably an athlete or militant winning a battle. However, being a champion is not always about sports; it is also about democracy and politics. The same word can be used differently, which makes it a subject for research. The Online Etymology Dictionary is a source exploring the word and its transformation.

13. The Definition of ‘Founding Fathers’

The particular term is paramount for the United States and its development. The meaning of the word achieved its weight in the past. Now, it continues affecting the minds of people. Thus, it is exciting to provide research of the event defining the power of the word and enhance it with the personal experience. Finally, the book The Founding Fathers Reconsidered by Bernstein is a great source to start.

14. Corner Office: Why Senior Leaders Work There?

The rise of business brought the changes to management providing new rules and practices. ‘Corner Office’ also relates to the business world. Surprisingly, the term has substantial reasons for emergence, and the essay should identify and discuss them. “There Goes the Corner Office, Here Comes the New Status” by Drew Himmelstein presents the story behind the term and its particular significance.

15. Dualism in The Real World

‘Dualism’ is widely used in the philosophy to underline the dual character of the object or concept. The philosophical approach discusses the term regarding matter and sense, good and evil, life and death. The latter two are more practical and touches everyone in their daily lives. It implies the necessity of defining and explaining dualism. The paper can include both the experience and academic research on dualism based on the materials by Matt Stefon and Ugo Bianchi from Britannica.

16. What is Success Now?

Society has always influenced the definition of success. Throughout centuries, it referred to the concepts of fame, wealth, and commitment. Some were successful without achieving the goal, while the others accomplished their purposes but failed to succeed. It poses a question regarding success and its social value. Students should check Re-Defining Success: Finding New Hope by Morrison. It provides the reevaluation of the concept and can trigger the incorporation of the personal vision of the idea into the paper.

17. The Definition and History of a Cult

People have expressed their devotion to different figures and objects since ancient times. The current practice is usually related to the cults of personalities or religious organizations. However, it also refers to the fashion. By that, the definition of the word may be an exciting topic for the discussion. The book Unmasking the Cults by Gomes demonstrates the history behind the term, which may be a starting point for the essay.

18. Reflection on Healthy Food

Recently, the concept of healthy food has become popular and underlined the aspire of people to care about their health. However, not everyone recognizes the actual meaning of the word as well as its vitality. Considering various opinions about healthy eating, there is a space for personal reflection and discussion. To begin the definition, one should consider “Healthy Food Does Not Exist” by Michael Ruhlman. The article defines the scientific side of the concept.

19. The Definition of Happiness

The subjective nature of happiness has become the philosophical ground for its definition. For someone, it refers to love, while for others, it is about success. In parallel, it is an emotional state, and a student cannot view it without the scientific and sensitive parts. For the research on the first component, the Oxford Handbook of Happiness by Boniwell, David, and Conley Ayers can be helpful. To reinforce the paper, the student should refer to personal opinions and emotional state.

20. Where Is the Line between Bad Mood and Depression?

Depression is the disease of modern days. The research on the depressive condition is a ground for the term’s definition. At the same time, the real stories or documented clinical cases may help in explaining the meaning. The website of the American Psychiatric Association provides the essential characteristics of depression.

A sounding definition essay consists of an exciting definition essay topic, careful research, and personal interpretation. The ideas with subjective and indefinite concepts bring more interest to the essay due to the diversity of opinions. The research is valuable for showing term transformations, history, and contemporary meaning. In the end, the reflection about personal experience or intimate recognition of the issue adds colors to the essay and provokes further reflection.

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