20 Argumentative Essay Topics on Gender Studies

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Posted on June 2, 2017

Writing an essay can be quite difficult when you are tasked with crafting a topic that defines the direction of your essay. So do not feel defeated when such an assignment is assigned to you on the broad subject of gender studies. Due to the fact that we are always here to help you come up with hard-hitting topics with the potential to re-orientate your entire project.

Writing on gender studies is definitely fun and the enlightenment you receive on society as a whole after conducting your research can be refreshing to your world view. So once again, we will attempt to simplify your task by providing you with 20 causal argument essay topics on gender status. This will be followed by a written essay sample using one of the outlined topics for inspiration in order to provide you with a template for writing a causal argumentative essay.

Our 20 Exciting Causal Argumentative Essay Topics on Gender Status

  1. Discussing the Diverse Disciplines under Gender Studies and Their Roles in Society
  2. The Importance of Women’s Studies to Furthering the Role of the Girl-child in Modern Society
  3. Why Man Studies as an Interdisciplinary of Gender Studies Must Be Taken Seriously
  4. Analyzing Gender Roles and Acceptance in Today’s Workforce
  5. Understanding Women Marginalization in the Corporate World and its Historical Context
  6. The Role of Gender Studies in Ensuring Equal Education for all Genders, Ethnic Groups and Races
  7. The Women’s Suffrage Movement and its Role in Pushing Equality in the Corporate World
  8. Analyzing the Role of Ethnicity in Defining an Individual’s Ability to Earn
  9. Analyzing the Roles of Gender and the Pay Disparity Problem in Today’s Society
  10. Gender Studies: Championing the Cause for Reducing the Education Gap between Men and Women
  11. Leveraging Gender Studies and Its Ability to Curb Domestic Violence by all Genders
  12. Analyzing Woman Suffrage, Domestic Violence and the Role of Women Studies
  13. Analyzing the Role of Gender Studies and Its Potential to Reduce Sexual Violence against Women
  14. Woman Studies: Understanding the Impact of Sexual and Physical Violence on the Girl-Child.
  15. Analyzing the Impact of Sexual Violence on the Mental Well-being of Women
  16. Discussing the Refugee Situation and its Effects on Women Worldwide
  17. Discussing the Role of Women Studies in Driving the Creation of Man Studies as an Academic Discipline
  18. Gender in Academia: Analyzing the Disparities in the Number of Men and Women in Research Roles
  19. Gender in Politics: Analyzing the Disparities in the Number of Men and Women in Political Positions
  20. Gender in Health Care: Analyzing the Issues Women Face in Receiving Adequate Healthcare

These are 20 topics we promised and as you can see they spread across every facet of gender studies. This was done in order to make it quite easy for you to choose a topic that aligns with your interests. Next, a causal argumentative essay will be written using one of the outlined topics to provide further directions for writing your essay.

Sample Paper on Analyzing Gender Roles and Acceptance in Today’s Workforce

Picture this. In 2015, only 50% of qualified women, with either an education or some qualification, were a part of the world’s entire workforce while 77% of employable men were employed and the mentioned percentage is twice more than the same number in 1995. I believe it is important to note that this figure also reverberates around other spheres of the world’s everyday activities.

Since the beginning of time, women have gotten a raw deal in terms of integration and acceptance in the corporate world. The academic field of gender studies have championed this cause by shedding light on the disparities as well as the reduced role the average woman plays even when she is as qualified candidate as other men are. This essay is an attempt to show that despite the inclusion policy instituted by most governments and institutions the numbers are still skewed against women and this shouldn’t be so.

I’ll start by using the Orients as an example. In Saudi Arabia, the unemployment rate between men and women are quite startling. Current figures put men unemployment at 7% while women unemployment is at a 34% high and climbing. While some westerners might say this statistics is confined to the Saudis’, statistics from the US department of Labour shows that women are marginalized in the workplace in one way or the other regardless of location.

These statistics includes the fact that the average woman earns 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Taking into account ethnicity and race pushes this ration to a lower and more absurd rate. The average African-American woman earns 64 cents to a Caucasian male dollar while a Latina woman earns 56% to the dollar. Going further to analyse women’s role in workforces that claim to see women as assets, other startling figures reveal themselves. A study conducted on the S&P positions worldwide unearthed the fact that women occupy just 4.8% off senior positions in the corporate world. Considering the fact that a lot of women have the qualifications and expertise to occupy these roles, it is only normal to deduce that other factors than expertise play a role in how far any gender rises in the corporate world.

It is a sad fact that women are viewed as second class citizens in corporate America as well as the rest of the world. To understand the social, historical and patriarchal reasons that makes this so falls under the domain of gender studies. This is why it is recommended that some sections or aspects of gender studies are integrated into mainstream education to raise the awareness worldwide.

Here we come to the end of the second article in this installment covering the writing of a causal argumentative essay on gender studies. For further reading, we recommend checking out these articles: 10 facts for a causal argument essay on introduction to gender studies as well as receiving tips on writing a causal argument essay on introduction to gender studies.

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