Capstone Project Topics and Ideas

Topics and ideas
Posted on February 20, 2019

The capstone project is the most hated and time-consuming type of work, which is usually written at the end of an undergraduate or graduate program. Indeed, a project requires accomplishing and analyzing a great deal of academic information to prove a student’s intellectual experience to advisors. It is difficult to write a capstone project sample since, except for a report, it demands to include a practical part. The first step is to offer a topic of a project to your advisor and submit a proposal. This proposal will assist you in writing an introduction filled with all the necessary information to cover the topic. A student should not forget that a capstone project should reach nearly forty pages; thus, a literature review is an essential part of it.

We asked our capstone project writer to help, and there is a list of suggested topics to write the capstone project:

The Correlation between Sleep and Work Effectiveness

Sleep is a primary need of every human being, and it is clear that the lack of healthy sleep can cause not only a bad feeling, but it also decreases the efficiency of work. Therefore, this capstone project topic requires exploring such aspects as an impact on health, how insomnia develops, and the solutions to regulate sleeping regime. One can find a piece of essential information related to this topic in the article “Sleep, Health and Wellness at Work: A Scoping Review” by Nicola Magnavita and Sergio Garbarino.

The History of Cinematography: From Lumiere to Xavier Dolan

The cinematography is an impeccable genus of art, which has a long history and many stages of development. A student needs to make a profound investigation to write about the first attempts to shoot a motion film and its characteristics. Besides, one should account for filmmaking techniques used in these films, describe several cult films that reflected the mood of societies, and switch to modern directors. The book A Hidden History of Film Style: Cinematographers, Directors, and the Collaborative Process by Christopher Beach will assist in writing about the history of cinematography through all these years.

The Symbolic Colors in Movies

Cinema is a synthetic art that includes a variety of art manifestations, such as music, painting, acting, and photography. For this topic, one needs to describe the features of cinematography and emphasize the importance of colors in film products. Thus, a student should find the relation between directors’ use of colors and symbolic meaning. For instance, one can mention such films as The Schindler’s List, Pleasantville, or The Neon Demon. Students also can refer to the book Movies and the Meaning of Life: Philosophers Take on Hollywood by Kimberly A. Blessing and Paul Tudico.

Marketing and Manipulation of People

Marketing techniques targeted at people have an adverse reputation in the modern world. People know that one of the aims of marketing is to investigate and analyze human behavior and manipulate them. Thus, this project requires mentioning all the techniques marketers use and specify the methods they can do marketing without harming people. Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing by Douglas Van Praet is a book that includes much data devoted to this topic.

The Relevance of Psychology and Its Capacity to Solve the Issue of Humanity

The modern world expresses the value of psychological health, and a significant number of people see a psychologist as an assistant in resolving the problems of any type. Nevertheless, trust in science is under question as not all of the psychological practices are effective. In this paper, one can reveal different psychological schools and methods as well as give examples of their practical implementation. Besides, a student can write why mental health has such importance, and how people can defend it from a negative impact. One may find the relevant data in the article “Can Psychology Help Save the World?” by Susan Clayton.

AIDS and the Theories around It

This topic covers the information about a sophisticated virus as AIDS that has taken many lives. In this project, one should write about the first outburst of this virus. Also, a student needs to describe the symptomatic of it. One can also state about famous people who died because of AIDS. In addition, it is necessary to explain the complexity of the disease and the various theories about this virus. For instance, there are such assumptions that homosexual relationships are a reason for the appearance of AIDS or the government is the one to blame for its invention to solve the issue of overpopulation. Sergey Makarov’s article “The Real Theory of AIDS” helps understand this issue.

Management and Atmosphere in the Workplace? How Does It Influence Business?

To create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace is the duty of every manager. Simultaneously, this mission should not be exaggerated because the work can become associated with entertainment. In this capstone project topic, you may describe the aims and tasks of management in business development. The principles of creating a proper work atmosphere, which would promote employees’ loyalty, are the core of the paper. One of the best sources related to this topic is a book Effective Management by Chuck Williams.

Why Is Non-Conventional Medicine Absurd?

This topic requires telling about the diversity of alternative medicine practices and explaining why they are not reliable. To achieve this aim, one should include data about the development of medicine and its effectiveness in curing various health issues. Also, it would be relevant to explain why non-conventional medicine can devastate one’s health state. One of the possible illustrations is the lack of thorough testing. The necessary information is available in the article “Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Between Evidence and Absurdity” by E. Ernst.

Sleeping Issues: Sleep Paralysis, Sleepwalking, and Insomnia

One may start this topic with an explanation of why sleep has essential meaning for every human being. Then, one may proceed with a description of different sleep issues such as sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, insomnia, and others. In the practical part of a capstone project sample, a student should provide solutions for the variety of sleep issues, the methods to preserve healthy sleep and manners to improve sleep patterns. An informative source devoted to this issue is Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem written by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences.

How to Live with Mental Health Issues?

It is an ambiguous question of whether a person can function with severe psychological issues, such as schizophrenia, paranoia, ADHD. In this project, one needs to describe several mental diseases and analyze their prevention from living a full life. Moreover, the analysis of others’ coping with such problems is essential. Xavier Amador’s book I Am Not Sick I Don’t Need Help!: How to Help Someone With Mental Illness Accept Treatment can help to understand this topic profoundly.

The Data Brokers: The Case of Stealing and Selling of Personal Information

The Internet is a perfect place to track the personal life of every person. Also, such social media as Facebook sells the personal data, emails, and even the browser’s history to the data brokers. Therefore, a student may write about the scandalous situation with Facebook. Besides, to investigate the purposes of similar transactions is critical to define its illegal and unethical ground. The student may use the article “What are ‘Data Brokers’ and Why are They Scooping Up Information About You?” by Yael Grauer.

Feminism: A Fight for Equality or a Struggle for Superiority

The struggle for the rights of women is an acute issue in the modern world. However, sometimes feminism crosses all the borders and evolves into the hatred to men. It seems that they fight not for equality but superiority because feminists refer to men as an inferior part of humanity. While researching this topic, one may cover the history of feminism, the first feminists, suffragists, and the role of women in past societies. In addition, one should mention healthy feminist manifestations. For instance, giving more possibilities for women to work makes the lives of men easier since they would not deplete their energy resources and work themselves to death. Feminism’s Forgotten Fight: The Unfinished Struggle for Work and Family by Kirsten Swinth will help to write an excellent capstone project about this topic.

Is It Reasonable that People Live in Computer Simulation?

Jean Baudrillard and other philosophers claim that we live in a computer simulation. Write about various theories related to this topic. Explain why it is possible and why it is not. A student can refer to the films like Matrix and The Thirteenth Floor. Besides, the helpful source is Baudrillard’s book Simulacra and Simulation.

Why Russian Literature and Movies Are so Depressing?

Nowadays, Russia is one of the most powerful countries, which occupies a vast territory. Many people are interested in its culture. Therefore, Russian films and books are the most cognitive sources that assist in acquaintance with this country. This project may focus on the country’s history and the reflection of the Russian mentality in books and movies. For achieving this aim, the book The Anna Karenina Fix: Life Lessons from Russian Literature by Viv Groskop will be a great tool.

Political Games

Political elections are always a process full of stumbling blocks. Politicians use many tricks and manipulations to make people vote for them. Since the elections can be a decisive factor for the future development of the country, it is essential to know these tricks to eschew their influence on decision making. A student may mention the key types of manipulative games during elections. The source applicable for this topic is the book Political Games by Macartan Humphreys.

Slavery Throughout the World

Slavery is a shameful page in the history of the world. Indeed, it exists even in the modern world. Thus, the student may include data about the history of slavery in the U.S., and then they may write about slavery in other countries. One may mention the issue of the exceptionalism of one race among others. The book A Brief History of Slavery by Jeremy Black will help to plunge into this topic.

The Development of Technologies Seems to Lead Humanity to a Catastrophe

The twentieth century is a period of rapid development of technologies. Most people do not even notice these changes. Artificial neural networks, which can lead to the development of artificial consciousness, are one of the most terrifying possibilities. Thus, the student can write about the impact of technologies on people’ lives in terms of comfort and danger for humanity and nature. To explain this topic, read the article “Technologies Progress Make Us Vulnerable to Catastrophe” by Colin Dickey.

Most Efficient Marketing Techniques

As marketing is one of the most spreading fields of activities in the modern world, it would be useful to write about this topic. Thus, a student should include general information about marketing, its use of psychology and sociology, and harm to people’s feelings. Also, one may describe various marketing techniques for influencing and analyzing humans consumer behavior. The book The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands by Jean-Noël Kapferer and Vincent Bastien will be useful for covering this capstone project topic.

Types and Strategies for Non-Traditional Education

Traditional education is not regarded as effective one anymore. Therefore, the modern world has developed a significant number of non-traditional education strategies that can help children to acquire bits of knowledge and become independent. One may find all helpful information about the variety of non-traditional learning in the article “Non-Traditional Teaching & Learning Strategies” by Pamela Harris.

Human Resources Managers: The Importance of Their Job

Every business hires HR manager to organize the work of a group of people. It is vital that the HR manager needs to be a human lover and a good psychologist. The student may consider the required traits of character, the duties of these people, and the importance of their work for any business. The student may refer to the book Human Resource Management: Latest Edition by Dr. F. C. Sharma.


Overall, the capstone project demands much time and effort. As a result, it must include about forty pages and be informative. However, with an exciting topic, the work on it may become a pleasant experience. Therefore, this list of topics and ideas aims to assist in writing an excellent project and getting the highest mark. Hence, a well-written Capstone Project should consist of interesting data and use relevant sources.

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