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Posted on December 27, 2021

The question “what topic to write a personal essay on?” does not lose its relevance from year to year. To be honest, this is a rather complex topic, which often turns out to be beyond the strength of a student. Today we will focus on essay topics about yourself. You will learn which topics are the most popular among students, as well as the essence of the term “personal essay”. All you need is a device from which to read this article provided by our essay service.

Essay Topics About Yourself

So let’s start with the terms. What is a personal essay? A personal essay is a letter in which the author describes his personal qualities or a life event. This is the type of academic work that should be written in the first person. An essay about yourself can be formal or informal. Here are some essay about yourself topics that you can use for your essay:

  1. My Childhood Influences: How My Upbringing Shaped Me
  2. My Family’s Impact on My Life
  3. My Cultural Identity and Heritage
  4. What I Value and Believe In the Most
  5. The Best Moment of My Life
  6. My Flaws
  7. Childhood Dream Come True
  8. Overcoming a Personal Challenge
  9. My First Journey
  10. List of Countries I Want to Visit
  11. My Favorite Books and Authors
  12. The Evolution of My Friendships Over the Years
  13. My Ways To Find Motivation
  14. My Role Models and Inspirations
  15. How I Define Success and Happiness
  16. A Life-changing Decision I Made
  17. The Place Where I Grew Up
  18. My Point of View on the Political Situation in the World
  19. An Unexpected Event
  20. My Biography and Interesting Moments From It
  21. The City I Would Like To Visit
  22. Music Genre I Would Write A Song
  23. The Impact of Music on My Life
  24. The Book With Which I Associate Myself
  25. My Life As A Short Story
  26. Lessons I’ve Learned from Failure
  27. My Personal Philosophy on Friendship
  28. My Favorite Quotes and Sayings
  29. Personal Qualities That I Will Pass On To My Children
  30. All About Me and My Life

How to Choose a Unique Title for Introducing Yourself? Examples Included

What can be more challenging than finding topics to write about yourself? It’s coming up with the corresponding essay title. If you struggle with this task, here are some methods you can use:

  • Add personal detail

Most importantly, your essay title must describe your topic. For instance, the typical title about self-development will most likely sound like this “My Long Self-Development Journey“. This title is informative, but not eye-catching. Instead, try to spice it up with insights about what transformation you experienced. For instance, your title can be “I Developed My Courage All By Myself“.

Here are some other examples for your inspiration:

  1. My Life Is Not a Short Story But a Comedy 
  2. Caño Cristales: My Weird Traveling Dream 
  3. “I am Flawless” and Some Other Flaws of Mine
  • Use Catchy Phrasing

For instance, instead of naming your essay “The Place Where I Grew Up“, consider the title with an idiom, like this one: “The Place Where My Heart Lies“.

Here are some other examples for your inspiration:

  1. The Deep Roots of My Family Tree
  2. My Gut Leads Me to Writing
  3. Me and My Friend are Two Pearls in a Pod
  • Thought-provoking Question

Your title does not necessarily have to be a statement. It can be a question as well. For example, to talk about your motivation, try the title “What Do You Do to Convince Yourself to Be Productive? I Write a Journal“.

  1. Do You Believe in Hell on Earth? I Crossed It Enduring the Most Challenging Event of My Life
  2. Who Are You? The Most Important Question to Ask in Your Life
  3. Are You a Slytherin or a Gryffindor? “Harry Potter” Is the Most Valuable Book in My Life

How to Customize Essay Topics About Yourself

All About Me Essay

It is not uncommon for students to be given assignments such as the “All About Me” essay. What can be written in this kind of work? The problem with “All about me topics” is that there is too much to tell about you and too little space for it. In the introductory part, you can, first, introduce yourself. Tell us about your best qualities, but be short so as not to overload the text. Next, describe your hobbies. Answer the following questions: “What do I like to do?”, “What interests me?”, “What is my goal in life?”. By answering these questions in the body of the essay, you will already have a good text. If you’re not good at telling a story about yourself in a logical and concise order, do not hesitate to look for essay help from professional writers.

Importance Of Personal Essay

The essay is the most memorable and unique part that tells more about you than any other document. Especially if it is a personal composition. A well-written personal essay will tell you more about yourself than any social network. You can tell everything about yourself, your skills, you can even tell an interesting story from your life.
Humanity began writing letters many thousands of years ago. In them, they talked about themselves when they got acquainted and exchanged information. By letters, you can understand what character a person has, what he lives and is fond of, and you can also judge his literacy and knowledge, for example, English.


A personal essay is one of the most intriguing topics for students who study at school or institute. This is true because the teacher has the opportunity to see the real you. Moreover, personal essays are the most interesting to write. We all like to talk about something personal, don’t we?

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