20 Persuasive Writing Topics to Compose Stellar Writing

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Posted on December 14, 2021

Persuasion is a talent that is a must in many professions. Speakers, politicians, and advertisers use persuasive techniques to win the target audience’s attention. Educators also call this type of writing argumentative. A student must provide many arguments in a persuasive paper to convince a reader in personal opinion. This task is not easy, especially with those who have strong counterarguments. Besides, learners should find good persuasive essay topics to create an informative and interesting text.

This article introduces the best 20 research ideas for a stellar argumentative paper.

Persuasive Essay Ideas for a Compelling College Essay and Speech

When students have catchy persuasive writing topics, it will be easier to research, outline, and structure papers. Below, one can find topics in different fields recommended by our essay help service. A person can use them to write a top-level letter, 5- or 3-paragraph essay, or speech.

  1. A tattoo is an art with deep meaning, not a simple body decor. (Art)
  2. “Squid Game”: a dangerous TV cereal for a teen’s mental health. (Media)
  3. Schools should not consider a child’s cultural traditions. (Culture)
  4. A costly college education is a perfect learning stimulator for students. (Education)
  5. It is impossible to build a career without personal sacrifices. (Career)
  6. The federal minimum wage kills people. (Employment)
  7. Top reasons to support small shops and refuse supermarket offers. (Economy)
  8. Homeschoolers and remote learners benefit compared to fans of traditional education. (Education)
  9. Plastic bags save trees on our planet. (Environmental protection)
  10. It is OK to keep exotic animals at home. (Conservation)
  11. Intimate relations before 16 are not normal. (Family)
  12. A story about Christmas fairy creatures destroying a child’s psychological well-being.
  13. Puerto Rico will benefit after becoming a part of the United States of America.
  14. Emergency help is to be free everywhere. (Healthcare)
  15. Native land products are better than foreign ones and support the country’s economy. (International relations)
  16. Mentally ill personalities lose their chance to vote. (Society)
  17. Free vaccination is a free experiment on humans. (Science)
  18. Drones must replace warriors on the battlefield. (Technology)
  19. Social media platforms are only for mature individuals. (Social media)
  20. Experienced nurses should have a chance to become doctors without a compulsory medical degree. (Nursing)

How to Find a Compelling Topic for Persuasive Writing

The key role of persuasive writing is to convince a target reader of something. The most vivid persuasive example is a speech. A speaker selects a topic that the audience wants to hear. Each argument is to the point and helps to persuade a listener. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte, and other politicians and leaders managed to win the hearts of millions thanks to successful speeches.

A student’s task is to find an idea and facts that will intrigue the target reader. Teachers often give hints. A learner needs to investigate literature (periodicals, webs-sources, books) and read the news to see what themes worry people. Educators appreciate topics that are either bold or hard to prove. For example, “Animal shelters are useless and consume too much budget”. A student needs to sweat to prove this statement in the essay.

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