20 College Essay Topics: Key Ideas Why Education Is Important

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Posted on August 29, 2016

According to Nelson Mandela, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and promoting it is pivotal. Therefore, if you—a college student—are assigned with the task of writing on its importance, the responsibility of doing justice to your essay is one you cannot take lightly for it is our collective responsibility to let the world know its importance.
To simplify your task of writing about the importance of education, this article will provide you with enough information to get you started as well as a guideline on how to go about developing your essay in a structured and coherent fashion. Here, you will find 20 topics dedicated to the subject matter you were assigned as well as a sample essay below.

And here is one last professional tip, it is important that when selecting a topic, you chose a topic that resonates closely with your interests because writing on what truly interests you is quite easier than the alternative. So here are the 20 topics you can choose from when drafting your own essay assignment:

  1. Analysing Education’s Ability to Empower Young Women Population
  2. Education as a Strategy for Children’s Survival and Better Maternal Health
  3. The Impact of Education on Child Nutrition and Reducing Malnutrition
  4. How Education Can Reduce Global Poverty and Hunger
  5. Is Education the Cure for Poverty?
  6. Girls, HIV/AIDS, and Education
  7. Education in the Fight Against HIV and AIDS
  8. The Impact of Education on Personal and Economic Growth
  9. Why Educating Girls Matter to Economic Growth
  10. Tackling Youth Unemployment Through Educational Programs
  11. The Role of International Education in Peacebuilding
  12. Analysing the Contribution of Education to Eliminating Social Conflict and Extremism
  13. Importance of Education in our Lives and Societies
  14. Importance of Education for Sustainable Environmental Development
  15. The Role of Education as a Tool for Environmental Conservation
  16. The Role of Education in the Pursuit of Globalization and Internationalization
  17. The Importance of Education in National Integration
  18. Impact of Education in Rural Development Processes
  19. The Importance of Education in Integrating Muslim Youths
  20. Why Education is Important for Financial Literacy

You would agree that these are some cool topics on the importance of education you can work on for your college essay. And a cursory look at the topics on this list, will show that every one of them does not need too much research to accurately draft an essay on the subject matter. To further simplify your task of drafting an essay on education, here are 10 facts which can be integrated throughout the body of your essay as well is our genre focused essay guide.

Lastly, a sample essay will be provided to serve as a guideline for anyone reading this. Note that the sample essay will also take its topic from one on the list above.

Sample College Essay: How Education Can Reduce Global Poverty and Hunger

The large strides made by UNICEF in ensuring the provision of quality basic education for children has been lauded for all the right reasons and in the 2000 Education for All (EFA) program as well as other like-minded initiatives were also launched to support UNICEF’s push for education in both urban and rural areas. This raises a few questions: why is educating the world so important to UNICEF? And what have these initiatives achieved globally? These among other questions are what this essay intends to answer in the coming paragraphs.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) launched by the UNICEF in 2000 and its follow up program the Sustainable Development Goals created in 2015 have been successful in increasing the economic situation of both underdeveloped and developing nations, enlightening the world on communicable diseases as well as pushing an agenda for worldwide peace. But here, emphasis will be placed on how educating the world’s populace has reduced global poverty and how aggressively pursuing the global education agenda will continue to reduce hunger internationally.

The education of an entire population has been known to lead to economic growth which is viewed as a by-product of global education. Studies on the effect of education has shown that each extra year an individual spends schooling directly increases his or her ability to earn by 10% later on in life. A population’s increased ability to earn then creates a trickle-down effect as adults now posses the ability to adequately take care of their families as well as send their children to school.

The overall economic growth in turn reduces the percentage of people living in poverty as more and more adults begin to have the financial capacity to cater for their immediate family. Also important is the fact that a country with 40% of its adult population having achieved some form of education, experiences continuous economic growth thereby putting it on the right track to eliminate extreme poverty in the EU by 2020 or in Africa by 2063 according to UNICEF’s initiatives.

Educating the world is an admirable goal but the disparity between the number of girls educated compared to boys has been lopsided for decades in favour of boys. This disparity has prompted UNICEF to place special emphasis on educating women/girls and the corresponding results have been encouraging. Statistics show that educating the women has led to a 22% increase in crop yield in Kenya. This goes to show that applying these educative initiatives in gender-repressive communities globally, will accelerate the goal of ending poverty and world hunger more quickly.

Therefore pursuing a global education agenda is an admirable goal which everyone should be involved with in their own capacity. It is encouraged that we write essays supporting educational initiatives on a global scale, discuss them on social media networks or be a part of the SDG which took effect in 2015.

Here we come to the end of these guidelines on choosing a topic and developing your chosen topic in a coherent manner and hopefully, the directions provided here will serve you well when drafting your essay.

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