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Rewrite my essay: Hire an expert you can fully rely on

Have you been searching for an essay rewriting service that offers quality assistance yet does not charge high prices? You’ve just found the right place.

CustomWritings is a company that’s well-known among college students because of its professional writing services and reasonable prices. After years of operating in the academic writing industry, we well know that the majority of students need help with their college responsibilities, yet many of them can’t afford the prices most companies set for their assistance. Thus, we did our best to make our pricing both accessible to our customers while also offering enough financial motivation to our experts so that they produce top-quality writing.

If you need professional rewriting help but are unsure if we can solve your problem, read on. We are going to provide you with all the information you need to help you make the decision to rely on us, placing your confidence in our expert staff.

Essay rewriter who will follow your personal instructions

When clients come to us asking, “Can you rewrite my essay without plagiarizing?” – the answer is always “Definitely, yes!” With us, you can rest assured that we complete all projects from scratch. When you come to us for rewriting, we will do every part of your order, from A to Z, from scratch. There will be no sign of plagiarism and or any other methods used that go against the academic requirements and the law.

No matter whether you come to us for writing or rewriting services, in both cases, you can provide us with your personal instructions. When we work on your order, we’ll follow them to the letter. Here are some frequently sought after services students can receive by hiring one of our professional academic writers to rewrite their college paper:

  • Formatting. If you need to rewrite your paper and change the formatting style, our experts can perfectly handle this task. At our company, professional writers can compose academic papers in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, and many other styles.
  • Adapting for audience. If you have to tailor your writing to target a specific audience, we can solve this problem for you as well. For example, if you are not sure whether your paper will be accessible enough for an audience that is unfamiliar with the topic, rest assured that our expert writers can create a paper for you that builds the introductory foundation so that the paper’s content is within the reach of those unfamiliar without a background in the topic.
  • Revising for clarity. Not sure that if your paper is clear and coherent? Let one of our professionals make it perfect for you. With years of experience, our professional writers know how to produce papers that are clear and deliver the central topic perfectly.
  • Editing. Let our experts polish your writing and fix all the irksome little issues that can pop up, like grammar mistakes, punctuation, spelling, and overall coherence. All experts who work on our staff have proven their perfect command of the English language before getting hired. We know college students are tired of shelling out money for academic papers that are full of errors. That’s why we pay close attention to the experts we hire and always check their English writing skills. Rest assured that if your helper is not a native speaker, he/she will still be a professional writer with fluent English.
  • Shortening. If you are required to write a 2,000-word essay, but your paper already has 10,000 words, and you have no idea what to cut out because everything looks important, rest assured our expert writers can handle the issue with ease. Let us know your instructions, and we will shorten your writing, keeping all the essential information and making sure it’s expressed in a clear and coherent manner.
  • Paraphrasing. Need to rewrite your paper and avoid plagiarized content? This is an issue that we know how to handle. At CustomWriting, our professionals always create papers from scratch and produce 100% original papers. Entrusting your order to us, you can rest assured that at the end of the day, you will get a top-quality paper without a hint of plagiarism.

“Need someone to rewrite paper” – Your order is in good hands with us!

When you come to us asking, “Help me rewrite my essay,” you can rest assured that your paper is in good hands. Our company has been providing custom writing services to customers for 18+ years, and our satisfied students’ reviews are the best evidence that you can entrust us with your important projects.

We are happy to get feedback from our clients on different platforms, and we are glad to know that our regular customers recommend us to their relatives and friends. This is a sign that we are on the right track and that our services are highly helpful for our clients.

If you want to know more about what our customers say about our services, you can browse their reviews at GoogleReviews,, and And, of course, you can also browse the reviews that they’ve left on our website.

Consistently being highly rated, we are proud to have become the go-to place for college students needing help with their academic writing.

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Rewrite my essay for me: Tips to get the most out of our cooperation

With decades of experience, our professional writers know their business inside and out. We know how to work on “Please rewrite my college essay” orders and we always strive to provide top-quality assistance that meets all of our clients’ needs. But, you, as the customer, should know that your role in the entire process is crucial, and the final result totally depends on you and the instructions you give.

When we start working on a project, we always follow your instructions to the letter so that your paper comes out just the way you envision. Thus, when you place your order, make sure you have provided us with all the necessary information to create a 100% customized paper for you.

Browse the list below and ensure you have presented all the essential requirements to us.

  • Formatting style. This is one of the main points you must communicate when placing your order. If your instructor has asked you to write a paper using a particular formatting style, please let your helper know.
  • Deadline. Tell us your deadline when you complete your order form. We do not start working on the project unless we’re sure that we can get it to you by deadline. Remember that the more time we have to complete your order, the less money you will spend on it. Also,t we will do our best to provide you with a paper that needs no edits or revisions, however the more time you give for a paper to be completed, the greater the window of time you’ll have to ask for any revisions that you might wish for.
  • Word count or page length. Based on this information, we will tell you how long it will take us to complete your order.
  • Preferred sources. Sometimes, professors provide students with a list of sources they to use when writing their papers. If you were given such a list, please ensure you have sent it to your helper. In most cases, instructors will reduce final scores if you have not used the sources he/she requested. Remember that if you do not provide us with the list of recommended sources, we cannot guarantee that these sources will be included in your paper.
  • Academic level. The academic level of your paper plays an important role because it is the basis for the level of research, the language used, etc. Whether you need a high-school, undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD paper, we will assign your order to an expert able to handle it.
  • Structure. At times, instructors ask students to write an outline for their papers and they approve the outline. If you have agreed on a specific structure for your assignment, please make sure your helper knows about it.
  • Personal insights. If you need to implement personal insights or experiences into your writing, provide the relevant details to help the writer incorporate them effectively.
  • Course materials. If possible, provide your assistant with some course materials to help them compose a paper that reflects the information your professor has provided during the course. This will not only help us produce a paper that meets your demands but also show your professor that you were attentive during his/her classes. Believe us, academic instructors highly appreciate this.
  • Preferred tone. Tell the writer what kind of tone you’d like your paper to have. Your instructor may have even provided you with some specific instructions.
  • Writing samples. Whether you found them on your own or your academic instructor has shared some sample works with you in order to show you what he/she expects to see in your own writing, provide us with whatever writing samples you might have that are good examples of the kind of paper you’d like to receive.
  • Specific requirements. Let us know if you need any charts, graphs, tables, or appendices included in the paper.
  • Stay available for clarifications. This is one of the most important tips if you want us to compose a paper that’s totally tailored to your needs. Of course, our experts very well know how to produce papers that meet academic standards, but when you have some specific goals in mind for your paper, we recommend staying available to answer your helper’s questions should any arise. To help you solve any issues ASAP, when we start working on your paper, you automatically get access to direct chat with your helper. This feature helps our professional writers and their clients solve urgent questions immediately.

How does our service work for you?

We highly value your and our experts’ time, so we have thought out the ordering process down to the slightest detail. Rest assured that it won’t take long to place your request, and it’s fairly easy to do anything you might need to do throughyour personal profile. If you are here to get rewriting services, you are just four steps away from your perfect custom paper.

  1. Fill out the order form. At this stage, you provide us with all the essential information concerning your order. Please ensure that you have shared all the requirements we have to follow in order to produce a 100% customized paper for you.
  2. Get a professional rewriter. We will provide you with an expert writer based on your requirements.
  3. Pay for the project. When all of your instructions have been discussed and the writer has confirmed that they can carry them out, pay for your order and the writer will begin working.
  4. Download your paper. When the order is complete, your writing helper will upload it to your personal profile, and you can easily download it.

Get a professional editor to rewrite your essay

At CustomWriting, we highly value our customers’ trust and do our best to always provide them with top-quality assistance. Thus, we pay close attention to the new experts we hire. As the number of clients we serve rises, so too does the number of professional writers we hire, because we want to ensure that we have a qualified professional available every time a customer comes to us for help.

When you come to us with your order and browse through our list of professional editors, rest assured that everyone on the list has proven his/her expertise to get hired. If you are interested in how we assess candidates and how they prove their expertise, then this section is just for you.

  • The language test. We write all our papers in English, and before hiring a professional writer, we always make sure their command of the English language is advanced. This step helps us choose expert writers who provide error-free, professional papers.
  • The discipline proficiency test. Every candidate has to name the main discipline he/she wants to work with. At this stage, we assess the candidate’s knowledge in this particular sphere to ensure he/she can produce top-quality papers in this field at all academic levels.
  • Personal interview. We also want to make sure that the expert writer has professional-level communication skills. At this stage, we evaluate his/her professional knowledge and how he/she communicates. We want our experts to be patient with our clients no matter how “foolish” their questions may sound. A client comes to us for help, and the expert’s job is to help solve any problems related to their assignment, no matter what they are.
  • Knowledge of academic standards. Aswe primarily work with academic papers, we hire expert writers who are knowledgeable about academic writing standards and can follow them in their writing.
  • Practical assignment. Every candidate has to demonstrate their professional writing skills in practice. Remember that we never provide newcomers with real orders at this stage! This is a rule we follow no matter what.
  • Probation period. If the candidate has successfully passed all the steps mentioned above, we provide him/her with an opportunity to pass a probation period. During this period, the candidate gets a mentor who helps them learn the ropes and monitors the writer’s performance. Only once the candidate has successfully passed the probation period, does he/she get a job offer from us.

Reasons why you should trust us when paying for our services

If you have come to our website for the first time, obviously you might be looking for some assurances before entrusting your writing assignment to us. Of course, testimonies from the thousands of satisfied customers we’ve served may help convince you, but that’s not all.

When you place your order with our service, you can rely on our client-oriented guarantees and rest assured that working with us, your rights are totally safe and your academic performance is in good hands.

  • Money-back guarantee. This is one of the most frequently asked question among our new customers. Rest assured that if you receive a paper that does not meet the requirements you have set when placing your order, we will refund the whole amount you paid if there are no other solutions available.
  • Free revisions. Even after you’ve received your paper, we are there to help you polish the writing so that it comes out just the way you’d like. When you receive your order, we highly recommend reviewing it and making sure all your instructions are perfectly followed. If you have some comments, questions, or suggestions, we will gladly implement them and fix the issues. Of course, this concerns requests that keep within your initial instructions.
  • 24/7 assistance. Our professionals work all over the globe. This ensures that our service is available to you around the clock. Whether you need help placing your order, want to calculate the approximate cost for your paper, have questions concerning your completed order, or anything else, we are here to answer them and help you solve any problems. Contact us day or night, and one of our expert helpers will reach out to you ASAP!
  • Confidentiality. Regardless of the fact that we never ask you for any irrelevant information, all the data you share when placing your order is completely secure, thanks to the reliable software we use to provide our clients with total confidentiality.
  • 100% original papers. We write every order from scratch, no matter what. When you come to us for writing help, rest assured that you will get an original paper with no plagiarized content. This is the rule we follow 100% of the time!
  • Customized assistance. When working on your assignment, we always follow the instructions you provided when filling out your order form. Thus, we always ask our clients to provide us with as detailed instructions as possible to help us produce exactly the papers they need.
  • Payment protection. At our company, we offer online payment, and you will never be asked to send any money outside of our secure website. This helps us provide maximally protect your personal information. Rest assured that all the information you share when paying for your order is encrypted and absolutely safe.

Calculate the price of your order

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  • FREE formatting (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian)
  • 24x7 support
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  • PowerPoint slides
  • Approx. 275 words / page
  • Font: 12 point Arial/Times New Roman
  • Double and single spacing

Top-quality rewriting services at reasonable cost

We know pretty well that college students are often pressed for budget and can’t afford professional academic writing assistance. Keeping this in mind, we have considered this issue and done our best to set prices that the average student can afford. We won’t tell you that our prices are the cheapest on the market because this is not true, but let us assure you that our prices are more than reasonable. Of course, you know that quality costs some money, and at our service, you will see the perfect balance between top-quality assistance and pricing.

Saying that our prices are affordable, we understand that affordability is subjective. What’s affordable for one person may not be so for another one. So here we offer you some tips that can help you save some money when you place an order with our company.

  • Order ahead of time. The more time you give us to complete your order, the lower the price you will need to pay for it. Papers with a 14-day deadline cost less than those with a 4-hour delivery deadline.
  • Order a part of your paper. When you place your order with us, there is no obligation to order the full paper. With us, you can get help with any part of the assignment, be it the introduction, the body, the conclusion, the reference list, etc. Just let us know what part of your paper you need assistance with, and we will gladly help you.
  • Come for editing services. You can write a paper on your own and ask one of our professionals to polish it, fix issues, correct mistakes, and make it sound professional. This service will cost you less than having someone right a paper from square one.
  • Order shorter papers. The price directly depends on the size of your paper. If you have several papers to complete, entrust us with the shorter ones and get more time to work on the more extensive assignment on your own, or vice versa.

We highly value every customer’s review

We are really proud to read so many positive reviews from our customers, but we also appreciate those reviews that point out any problems that we can address to become better and of even more use to our clients.

We thoroughly read every review left on our website as well as on other platforms to see what our clients think about our services, what they want us to improve, and what features we lack.

We have a specific team that monitors new reviews and provides the rest of our team with the information shared, especially if a client is dissatisfied. Let us assure you that the vast majority of reviews are positive and this gives us some certainty that we are on the right track. No one is perfect and we do our best to improve our services every day.

Moreover, we try to keep in contact with our clients. If they review us poorly, we reach out to them, attempt to fix the issue and notify them about the improvement we made based on their feedback.

See what our customers think about the service

Every second customer comes to us upon a recommendation from a friend.
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On-site reviews

The reasons why we decided to be an online service

At times, students ask us whether we have an offline office where they can visit us. CustomWritings is an online service, and here are some reasons why we decided to be an online company.

  • Clients can reach us around the clock. No matter at what point you realize that you forgot about that essay that you should be nearly done with and haven’t even started, we are always here to get down to work and start writing for you. Contact us day or night, and we will find a helper for you as soon as possible.
  • Our expert staff is scattered worldwide. Of course, this feature also helps us stay available 24/7, but another great bonus from this is that we’ve gathered academic talent from all over the world. Rest assured that our professionals have proven their expert writing skills, and if you’re concerned about some of them being non-native English speakers, you should know that some of them produce even better papers than those written by native speakers. We are confident that our ESL writers have the expertise you’re looking for.
  • We don’t pay rental fees. For sure, offline services have actual offices where you can come to visit your helper and communicate with them in person, but isn’t it the same as contacting your helper via a direct chat room online? Working with offline services, you are more likely to pay higher prices because the rental fees are usually included in the costs they offer. We at CustomWritings are supporters of affordable prices for our customers.
  • Our clients don’t waste time visiting us offline. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to solve their issues from the comfort of home. Operating online, our experts do not waste time going to an office, and our clients do not waste time visiting one. Moreover, offline companies usually have operating hours, while CustomWritings is at your disposal 24/7.

Personal benefits you get with CustomWritings

We have already discussed the guarantees you get with our service, the reasons why our customers choose us among the other companies, but we should also tell you about the personal benefits you will get working with us.

  • Free time. Entrusting your paper to our team of professional writers, you get newfound free time that you can do with what you wish. We know that your current life is full of academic duties, but we do our best to provide you with the possibility to focus more on your personal life, spend some time with friends, catch up with family, etc..
  • Time for other responsibilities. Of course, you have a lot of other papers to complete, and with our assistance, you’ll have more time to do in-depth research and not be in a rush.
  • A practical guide for future papers. When you receive a paper from us, you get a practical guide that can help you with other writing assignments in the future. You can see how to present an issue, how to provide evidence, how to summarize, etc. With a professionally written paper, you are more likely to handle new assignments in the future with ease.

Get help with essay rewriting today!

The dos and don’ts at CustomWritings

At our service, we have rules that our staff always follows, no matter what. These rules have helped us become the company that we are today. Our regular customers know that with our rules, they are totally secure, their writing assignments are in good hands, and in the end, they will get a top-quality result.

What are these rules? – Let’s see.

  • We DO provide quality writing. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we always do our best to produce top-quality assistance at a reasonable price. To make this happen, we always pay close attention to the experts we hire and always make sure their skills are at the right level to produce high quality work for our clients.
  • We DO care about the results. When we send the completed work, we are still available to you if you need any revisions or have any comments concerning the paper. We highly value our clients and really care about the final result they get ordering their papers from us. Mind that from the moment when you receive your order, you can request an endless number of revisions within the 7-day period.
  • We DO work hard to complete the best possible paper for you. When you place your order at CustomWritings, we provide you with a helper and allow you to contact him/her via a direct chat in order to fix any issues you might face during the process. This is an essential part of our work because this feature helps our writers get even more information concerning your order. If a writer stumbles upon some questions or ambiguity, he/she will contact you for clarification. We believe that it is better to do our job perfectly from the first attempt rather than to leave issues to be fixed after the work is completed.
  • We DO follow your instructions. When you order a paper from us, you can rest assured that your helper will follow your personal instructions to the letter in order to compose exactly the paper you need. With our company, you always get 100% customized papers.
  • We DO check every paper for plagiarism. We write papers from scratch. Moreover, every paper goes through a reliable checker to make sure that it has no plagiarized content that our client could be punished for.
  • We DO train our staff. We know that progress does not stay still, and we constantly send our experts to master their writing skills and learn new academic writing trends that they can use when working on clients’ projects. We also evaluate every writer’s progress once a year to make sure he/she is growing as a professional.

It may seem that we have only Do’s, but it is not really so. For years in the academic writing field we have realized what things will never be presented at our service. Moreover, if any member on our staff counteracts any of the rules, he/she will definitely be fired. We highly appreciate the reputation we have and no money can make us abandon our beliefs and perspectives. Here are some “Don’ts” that help us produce reliable results.

  • We DON’T provide pre-written papers. At CustomWritings, you will never get a pre-written paper because we write every order from scratch, making it 100% customized. We know that some services offer such an option if a client wants to save money, but this is not us. If you need a practical guide but can’t afford customized assistance, you can always browse the samples available on our website and follow them when writing your own papers.
  • We DON’T ask you to hand in the received documents as your own. We always tell our clients that the files they receive from our service should be used as examples to write papers by themselves. It is prohibited to hand in the documents you receive under your own name.
  • We DON’T offer regular discounts. At our service, you won’t find discounts because the prices we offer are relatively cheap for the market, and we highly value the efforts our expert writers make to provide you with quality writing. Sometimes, we share coupons with our regular customers via email, but these are personal discounts they can’t share with others.
  • We DON’T leave you alone if you need our assistance. Even after your order is complete, we are still here for you if you have any questions or need revisions. Also, our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve any problem you may face. No matter whether you have problems with placing your order, or you can’t log in on the website, or your writer isn’t answering your message, we will do everything we can to solve your issue immediately.
  • We DON’T care if other companies have cheaper prices. We have applied much effort to keep the balance between the high quality of our assistance and the spending ability an average student has. Today, our prices are more than reasonable, and most college learners can afford our professional writing assistance. We cherish our expert writers’ endeavors and want to provide them with enough financial motivation to continue in the same vein.
  • We DON’T hire experts without pre-hiring tests. Every candidate must complete a set of tests in order to get a job offer from us. There is no exception! When you visit the “Our experts” page, rest assured that every writer presented there has proven his/her expertise before being added to the list.

Get the needed expert in a few clicks

If you need help to polish your writing to perfection, we will find an expert to help you do the stuff. Among our professional rewriters, you can find professionals in various disciplines as well as of different paper types. Whether you need to rewrite your essay, research paper, thesis, or anything else, rest assured that at our company, you will definitely find the needed expert.

Do not neglect the opportunity to delegate some of your duties to experts who perfectly know their business, and always remember that with CustomWriting, your writing is absolutely safe!

Frequently asked questions

How do you rewrite without plagiarizing?

We always work on clients’ projects from scratch. This helps us produce 100% original works without plagiarism. No matter whether you need writing help or want to ask our experts to rewrite your paper, in both cases, you will get unique papers.

How is your service better than others?

We have been working in the academic writing sphere for 18+ years and we know this business well. We understand what our audience needs and what issues they likely face. As a result, we have thought over every feature we offer in order to make it affordable for our customers and still keep the highest possible standards of writing assistance.

Why would I want to rewrite my work?

There are many reasons why students come to us asking to rewrite their papers. Some need to edit their writing and fix errors like grammar mistakes, spelling, punctuation, etc. Some need to shorten their writing. Moreover, customers come to us to change the formatting of their papers, to paraphrase their essays, and omit plagiarism. These are just a few of the kinds of requests we often receive.
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