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Bennet Friedrichs, Ph.D.
Bennet Friedrichs, Ph.D. Experience 4.5 years
Hanna Peterson, M.D.
Hanna Peterson, M.D. Experience 2 years
Matt Davis, MA
Matt Davis, MA Experience 6 years
Rachel Smiths, MA
Rachel Smiths, MA Experience 3 years
Bennet Friedrichs, Ph.D.
Bennet Friedrichs, Ph.D.
95% (655 reviews)

Bennet is a pro in social sciences who can deliver a splendid PhD-level paper.

Dissertations written: 31

Total pages written: 7076

Hanna Peterson, M.D.
Hanna Peterson, M.D.
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Dissertations written: 17

Total pages written: 3756

Matt Davis, MA
Matt Davis, MA
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An expert in finance, Matt can speak on various topics, from accounting to investing.

Dissertations written: 49

Total pages written: 9963

Rachel Smiths, MA
Rachel Smiths, MA
98% (222 reviews)

After getting a degree in English history, Rachel has joined our team to help students write complex papers.

Dissertations written: 25

Total pages written: 6005

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26 April 2022
I love my writer, they never fail to do precisely what I ask! I only regret that I didn't order the full dissertation at once, it would be more convenient.
Potential New Revenue Streams for a Bank
ID 7461945XXX
02 January 2022
Very good work, I’m honestly impressed with this.
Global Labor Market Stratification Following the Great Recession
ID 0873617XXX
14 May 2022
I felt that my satisfaction is really their priority, so I’m quite happy with the process and the final result.
The Impact of Social Media and Digital Platforms on Business Branding
Business studies
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16 August 2022
I love every chapter, and I’m sure my expert will keep up the good work. I really trust these guys now that we did the better half of my dissertation together.
The Impact of Extremism on Political Life in the US
Political science
ID 5349264XXX
21 October 2022
Every chapter is very nice, I’m happy that I’ll have this one writer throughout the process. Installments are also a good way to pay
The Effects of Food Sharing in Primary Education
ID 5637813XXX
18 October 2022
The Impact of Cyberbullying and Physical Bullying on Children
ID 6309612XXX
06 June 2022
I like the option to pay in parts, and also the manager actually did everything for me. I just had to relax and watch them work, a great system right there!
Cyber-diplomacy in the Digital Era
Political science
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19 February 2022
It’s a very nice option for anyone who’s struggling with combining their job and studies like I did. If you’re like me, you’ll be amazed by how fast and attentive to details these guys are.
Fashion Trends that Pop Stars Create
Cultural studies
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21 September 2022
Great job! Excellent manager!!
Evaluating the Cryptocurrency Market
Business studies
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17 March 2022
My dissertation turned out so good that I wish I had referred to this service from the start. I’ll recommend this to all of my friends who also struggle, it’s worth the money.
Effect of Physical Appearance on How Others Perceive Us

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As academic standards become tougher and tougher, more students decide to buy dissertations online. This is a great idea if you lack the time or inspiration to create this huge academic work on your own. Moreover, it can be next to impossible to wrap your head around all the recommendations and requirements of your adviser.

Buying dissertations online can be pleasant when you’re dealing with professionals who understand your needs. Add full customization and a personal manager who helps you control the process, and you’ll get the main elements of a CustomWritings experience. Our main principle is that every part of your dissertation must correspond to your expectations, which is why we submit every chapter for your approval before moving on to the next one.

That’s what makes CustomWritings one of the best options for anyone looking for a dissertation to buy. Sure, the editing process may take more time than you anticipate, but that’s the cornerstone of a successful result that’s personalized exactly as you like it. While we can’t say that our services are cheap, we never let our prices rise to unachievable heights.

Why online dissertations can’t be free

It’s great to buy dissertations online, but how about making them free of charge? Perhaps, that’s every student’s dream, since quality academic content is always quite expensive. However, the companies that offer free help with your academic projects are most likely trying to scam you for money or your personal data.

“What if I don’t know which company I should ask for a dissertation to buy? Aren’t they all the same?” In fact, they aren’t. There are trustworthy organizations that offer you quality materials for an honest price, but there are also dishonest companies. Such scammers usually conceal all information about themselves and offer you no guarantees, so try checking those features before ordering anything from them.

Even if students do manage to get free dissertations, they usually complain about a high percentage of plagiarism and some sections not making any sense at all. That’s why it’s far safer and more logical to buy dissertation online instead of looking for the so-called “free options.”

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Is buying dissertations online from CustomWritings secure?

Yes! We never publicly disclose your personal data, like your email address. Aside from this guarantee, we’re constantly working to ensure that all your payments come through safely. That’s why you can always trust CustomWritings when you’re looking for a dissertation to buy.

How do I avoid scammers and find a good dissertation to buy?

Purchasing dissertations can be tricky because of potential scammers. We recommend buying your dissertations from reliable organizations that don’t hide their location and always protect your confidentiality. CustomWritings is one of them.

Who will do my dissertation online?

When you buy dissertation online from CustomWritings, you can always be sure that you’re hiring a professional who understands your subject. We work with highly qualified experts from all over the world to give you the best quality possible.

How do I save money when I buy dissertation papers?

One of the excellent ways to save some money is to order a full dissertation at once. That way, you’ll know the sum total from the beginning. Paying in installments is always an option, so we’ll impose no financial strains on you.

How do I order dissertation online?

With CustomWritings, that’s actually really easy. To buy a dissertation, fill in the order form on our site, setting the deadline and uploading all the needed information. Next, you need to pay for dissertation you need using your credit card. The last step is to receive the ready work and to edit it together with your writer until it’s as perfect as it can get.

Is it legal to buy thesis online?

Yes! When you buy a thesis online, it’s completely legal because all you do is get help that you can rely on while creating your own scientific work. It’s as legal as getting help from your friend or asking a tutor for assistance, except it’s faster and, in many cases, more effective.

Can I buy dissertation chapter help?

Yes, you can. Our writers are ready to assist you with the whole task or part of it. Just provide us with the instructions and additional materials for your dissertation, and we will gladly help you.

If your question is not on the list, ask our helpful support assistants.

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