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Questions and answers about CustomWritings reviews

How do you get so many reviews?

Typically, we ask each customer to leave a Custom Writings review. This is not a big deal to ask compared to the enormous payback we get from our clients. Thanks to you, we can see the gaps in our service that we wouldn’t notice from our perspective. As we’ve been more than 15 years on the market, this viability could not exist thanks to means other than listening to the clients and taking action based on that. So that’s why we’re deeply thankful for each and every review we get.

What happens if the customer leaves a bad review?

Nothing special. Typically, we won’t let the situation go that far. Also, if something goes extremely wrong, we stay in touch with our client to reduce the tension of the case to a less stressful level. Sometimes, an angry review is only a way to draw more attention to some issue, and we’re ready to answer that call. The main goal of our team is to keep our clients satisfied, so don’t be afraid to show your true thoughts about our service in a Custom Writings com review!

How can I be sure that these reviews aren’t created by your writers?

Our writers expend100% of their resources in creating papers for you, and we get enough feedback from real customers who gladly leave a review of Customwritings. We’re doing so much to meet your expectations, so why would we risk posting fake reviews?

As we understand your skepticism, we advise you to check reviews of our website on independent platforms. We cannot disclose any of the personal information of those who have left reviews previously, but you can even ask your friends’ opinions; someone might have already used our service.

Where can I get other reviews about your website?

We’re pretty sure that you’ll find us on Sitejabber, the most popular website for reviews, as well as a few reviews of us on other websites like Scamfighters, Omnipapers, and so on. Sometimes, writing bloggers put us in the spotlight, and you can also read their feedback online. The internet remembers everything, so if you’re ready to read a page or two about us that is not from our website, you have plenty of possibilities to do so.

How can I leave a review?

You can use any of the online reviewing platforms or leave feedback on our website. Our writers appreciate it when you leave your comments, and they get an immediate reaction to their work. Typically, it motivates them to write even better and feel that their writing is important. Also, you can address your words of encouragement or anger to our customer support, and they will share any emotions with you.

Is CustomWriting legit?

Yes, it is. There should be no doubts regarding that fact. To every student asking “Is legit?” we say that our service works transparently for every customer, and our company is legally registered. There’s nothing wrong with providing our clients with first-class custom-written content, as a lot of other companies do. So, is Custom Writing safe for students to buy from? Absolutely, so go ahead and place an order for your assignment that needs the quick assistance from our experts!