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What if you pay for essays online to try something new?

It doesn’t sound risky to you, does it? When you pay for an essay, you get an extra resource to draw on for your studying. There’s nothing about cheating here. Thousands of students order papers from us to keep pace with their homework schedules. And it’s quite understandable, as the number of assigned essays is growing, but study-dedicated time stays the same, or even decreases.

You deserve to study efficiently using intensive methods, not extensive ones: not studying the whole night, but spending an evening with the best custom-made essays to create your own quickly and with pleasure.

If you pay for essays with an understanding of your own writing’s imperfections—that’s quite impressive. Use the Comments section on our order form to add more custom requests or ask for special favors. Our writers will pay attention to them and meticulously follow your demands.

For example, if you ask us to be especially attentive to the structure because you always follow your thoughts in your writing, rather than the topic itself, our writer will show you how to put everything together in the jar of a perfect essay. Maybe you always make your text watery and flooded with jargon; our piece of writing will show you how to dry your writing to the core and isolate the meaning of the main thought in a crisp form.

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I want to pay someone to write my essay, how much will it cost? Enter a few details about your essay request and the calculator will provide the answer.

Choose the type of assignment (the particular essay type, if there is one), the discipline, the level of your academic study, the number of pages, and the deadline. The calculator will automatically calculate the total cost of your order.

Be aware that longer deadlines cost less, so place your order early to save money. You can be sure that the calculated cost of your paper will include no hidden payments during checkout.

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We offer you the opportunity to pay for essay online at our website, as we have everything that’s needed to satisfy any request. You can bring any topic or custom requirements, and we’ll still be able to write it for you. This is because our service stands on the following pillars of excellence:

  • Each piece of writing is always a unique essay paper

    We hate plagiarism, and all our writers produce original content for your needs. Each paper goes through a double check: First, a supervisor reviews the text; second, it goes through our in-house plagiarism checker. Thus, we can guarantee that your paper will be unique.

  • All payments you make are protected

    Our company invests a great deal of effort in maintaining the security and transparency of payment flow, providing only checked and reliable methods of purchase, a simple order form, and helpful personal support. That’s why buying your college essay here is completely safe. Our service has the best website to be technically available for you.

  • We care about your confidentiality

    Nobody likes to feel vulnerable. All your personal information is kept private on our website, and you have full access to and control over it. Our staff never asks any personal questions, so you can be sure that we respect your reasons for asking us for help and the way you use the papers produced for your education.

Reasons for you to trust us when paying for essays

Our team has been working for more than 18 years in the academic assistance market. We were here at the dawn of paid writing services in the educational sphere. After all these years, we’ve found out about a lot of the details that play a huge role in our customers paying for essays online. That’s why we don’t allow any mischievous stuff to be written or unpleasant cases of misunderstandings to appear. Our reputation is clearly valuable to us.

We get lots of custom reviews from our clients and work attentively on addressing them. Thanks to your attention and active feedback about the weak and strong sides of our service, we can grow and improve it for your sake.

Moreover, our writers are another treasure we care about. As the heart of our service that provides the main profit of high-quality writing, they widen the range of services we offer. Also, their knowledge, expertise, and skills shared in the form of academic papers can change your way of studying. You need good teachers to learn from, and these people are truly worth your attention. When you pay for your essay at our service, one of our writers will fully dedicate themselves to creating a unique piece of writing. You can easily rely on the way it’s formatted and structured, and the ideas it holds are fully valid.

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Pay for essay writing with confidence: Meet our writers and support team

If you are still in doubt about whether or not you’re ready to pay to write an essay, we have some other details to share with you. No matter how technically savvy our world is, the people matter above all. Our service stands on the principles of personal accountability in academic writing, so you can be sure that when you are looking to pay for your essay, you’ll get well-tailored content and personalized support as a result.

Our creative writers won’t be replaced with any technological solutions, just as our clients, in their roles as students, are equally irreplaceable. We encourage the progress of technologies, but we believe that any essay created by our writers will be better than one generated online.

Similarly, our support team (that works 24/7) can’t be replaced by any bots. They are always ready to answer your questions, help you to dispel doubts, and get the latest information on your requests. Personal contact helps to maintain relationships based on the confidence and comfort of both sides. So, we believe that making communication with us a pleasure is the best thing we can do for our customers. If you share the same thoughts, then waste not a second more; just place an order at our website and let us help you with your essay avalanche.

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Things that worry you the most when it comes to paying for essays (and how we address them)

Our service has been saving students from piping hot deadlines for almost two decades straight. That is why we’ve heard all kinds of doubts, concerns, and worries connected with our work. We’re well aware of the attitudes towards services of our kind and are making a lot of effort to make things clear about our reputation. So, let us clarify a few of the most common misconceptions related to paying for essays and ease students’ worries about adhering to the requirements of academic integrity.

  1. I can’t pay for an essay because it’s not “fair.”

    It’s fair as long as you use the materials you’ve paid for to study and improve your skills. No one can judge you for that. No one says that ghostwriting is killing literature, and essay writing services won’t kill education either. Just learn from the essays you get, and everything will be OK.

  2. Even if I don’t use this essay, someone will find out about me paying for it, and I’ll get kicked out.

    We can’t say the same for our competitors, but our service protects the confidentiality of our clients like it’s our main treasure. There have been 0 events connected with information theft, as we keep your data and the website highly secured. Also, we only offer secure payment methods for your convenience.

  3. I’m dubious about the quality of the paper because of the risk of plagiarism, AI-generated content, and poor writing.

    That’s impossible with our service. The core promise we guarantee is the custom approach we take to meeting your requirements and expectations. You always get an original paper that is created especially for you. Our reputation stands on this fundamental feature, so we won’t disappoint you with the quality of the paper.

  4. Your service is a scam; every writing service is fraudulent.

    Read the reviews that can be traced back to 10 or 15 years ago—scamming services won’t last that long on the market, and there’s no sense in faking those reviews. We have policies and guarantees that keep you protected, and we’ll only take your money if you’re 100% satisfied with our writing; in all other cases, you’ll get a partial or full refund.

Get the maximum value from the essays you get from our experts

Continuing the topic of our reliability, we want to offer you a few tips on using our essays with maximum benefits for your studying. Since you get your paper customized from the first to the last word, we recommend that you use your essay as:

  • A writing style guide that is embodied in the text.

    Lexical abundance and linguistic virtuosity are part of our writing experts’ genetic code, so you can use their creations to learn new words, new ways of expressing your thoughts, new ways of connecting different points, and much more. It’s like having a tutoring session, but one that’s at your own pace and fully concentrated on your problem and demands.

  • An extra set of sources for you to research your topic more deeply.

    Our experts always go the extra mile when it comes to choosing sources. You might find additional literature, scientific articles, or other kinds of publications that you haven’t thought of before.

  • Training for critical thinking.

    Surprise! You won’t be able to do the first two points without training your attentive reading, analysis, and other logical operations. So, we automatically improve your skill set by delivering first-class essays. You’ll feel it right away after a couple of orders and while writing your essays, implementing the new knowledge you get from us.

  • A formatting “rule book.”

    We know what a headache the formatting can be. You may be a genius researcher, but your mentor will roll their eyes to the sky if your essay isn’t formatted properly. And your grade will melt as well. To avoid that, please analyze how the formatting is implemented in our papers. Enjoy the easiest way to find out the rules of APA, MLA, and other styles presented in your essay.

The reasons CustomWritings is the best place to buy an essay

To sum everything up, all the features we’ve mentioned work exclusively for one goal—to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your writing and as a student in general. Sometimes, the avalanche of assignments will make you tremble, but you should always know that you’re not alone with this problem. At least you have our 500+ writing experts to help you deal with every task and give you the strength to continue on your path to graduation.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for my essay with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay for your essay using a credit card. Our payment methods allow you to pay conveniently and securely. Also, you can be sure that if you decide to ask for your money back for any reason, you’ll get a partial or full refund sent right to your credit card. No so-called “bonuses” or other tricky schemes.

Is it worth paying for an essay if I have no time to analyze it thoroughly?

Yes, it won’t be meaningless to pay for essay online if you don’t have time to work on it right now. You can use it as you want, anytime you feel it is appropriate. We advise you to get your hands on one of our essays before you start working on your own paper, and sometimes, there’s no need to spend much time on our piece of content, especially if you ask for a simple essay.

Can I pay for an essay in advance?

Sure, our service works on the principle of advance payment. We ask you to pay for essays online in advance to ensure that your request is fulfilled. If anything goes wrong, we have a money-back guarantee that will return your money paid in advance in the form of a partial or full refund. By protecting your financial interests here, we prove our reliable reputation.

Is there any option to pay for essay cheap?

Yes, you can pay less for your request if you hurry up and place an order beforehand. All urgent tasks require additional work to be done on them and make our writers extra concentrated. And you don’t need any promo code to do that! Just let our writers keep the standard pace by placing your order in advance. In doing it this way, you give them the opportunity to express their thanks with a lower price on your request.
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