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Normally preparing custom presentations doesn’t enter the duties of college students – it is only given as an assignment occasionally. However, this means that when you actually have to prepare one, you have no experience and no idea how to approach this process. Needless to say, to compose a custom PowerPoint presentation is something completely different from writing, say, an essay or a research paper. It is a project of a completely different nature, and no amount of academic writing you’ve done in the past is going to make any difference – you will have to obtain a whole new set of skills in a very limited period of time. However, you can significantly speed up this process if you look for assistance from - a reliable custom presentation writing service.

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So, how much will our help with presentation cost you? With the calculator below, it’s pretty easy to find out. Choose the paper type, deadline, the number of pages, and the difficulty level. That’s it – the price in question will pop up.

Keep in mind that the price greatly depends on the provided information. For example, the further the deadline, the cheaper the paper is going to cost you.

But if you have an urgent order, our writers won't get scared. So click “Continue to Order” button and delegate your writing troubles to experts.

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How our service can make all the difference

“How an online presentation writing company is going to be of any help to me and my task?” you may ask. People often do, especially the first time they are suggested to hire professional PowerPoint helpers. Nevertheless, the situation is fairly simple – when you use our PowerPoint presentation writing services you pay us money to prepare a customized presentation on the same topic as the one you’ve been assigned as homework. Our writer works on it and delivers a high-quality custom PowerPoint presentation you then can use in any way you see fit:

  • As a source of tips on how to make an effective and successful presentation in general;
  • As a source of information on this set of topics in particular;
  • As an example of how you should go about formatting and stylistics.

Buying a PowerPoint presentation in any way that is going to benefit you – as assignment templates, as examples of good practices, as sources of original ideas – it is your call!

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We are ready to work on presentations dealing with any topic of your choice

Our authors have to write on a variety of topics, which is the reason why we maintain a numerous and multi-talented team working for They have experience preparing PowerPoint slides on disciplines ranging from history to computer science – here, take a look, it is just a few topics our custom presentation writing service had to deal with over the last few months:

  • Westernization of Japan in the 19th Century;
  • Comparison of Functional Aspects of Different Programming Languages;
  • Evolution of Scientific Thought in the Course of 19th-20th Centuries;
  • Spread of the English Language as International Lingua Franca
  • Cultural Differences between Marketing and Management Styles in Eastern and Western Countries.

As you may see, our PowerPoint presentation experts can equally easily deal with topics from many different disciplines. Don’t worry about possible problems – once you place an order they are ours to deal with!

Why you can trust our writers

We have some of the best academic writers working for we’ve made sure to hire only those can consistently create quality presentations on a wide range of topics. How do we do it? It is pretty simple – everybody willing to work for has to pass three tests aimed at evaluating diverse sets of skills and abilities:

  • General knowledge of English.

    Even a high school level presentation requires a considerable understanding of rules used in constructing English sentences. When it comes to university assignments, the requirements grow even stricter. Those who want to work for us should be great at English grammar and syntax, have excellent vocabulary and in general be able to produce texts that look authentically English;

  • Academic formatting knowledge.

    There is a number of formats widely accepted in academia, and you cannot do a PhD or Master’s assignment without knowing them. An applicant should demonstrate that he knows the differences between the styles and can organize his work according to one of them without spending a lot of time consulting guidebooks;

  • Ability to actually create a presentation.

    We give an applicant a task he has to complete within a limited amount of time, imitating the conditions of a real order done by our service. The ability to work fast without compromising the overall quality of the assignment is as important in our business as the writing skill per se.

What influences the price of your order

The price of your customized PowerPoint presentation is primarily determined by its size and how soon you want it to be completed. Once the order is made, we won't change anything about the financial aspect of the proceedings – when the time comes, you will simply have an opportunity to download your presentation in a PPT format from our server.

There are, however, certain situations in which the price may differ somewhat from the price list. First of all, when you order custom PowerPoint presentation, we assign a writer who seems to be best fitted to complete the assignment. If you want to take part in selecting the author, however, you can use our samples service – for $5 we will send you a set of three samples written by this writer in the past, and you can decide on your own whether they satisfy you. Then, there is progressive delivery (although it is primarily used if you order a dissertation or another large assignment) – it increases the price by 10 percent but allows you to pay it in instalments and discuss the direction in which the writing is going with the author.

Making sure you get what you’ve ordered

On average, our assignments are given as high a grade as 8.52 out of 10; but you can do a lot to improve your chances of getting a high-quality custom PowerPoint presentation if you make sure to give us detailed, carefully written and clear instructions. Of course, we are ready to provide a refund in case something goes wrong as a result of our writer’s mistake – but you can dramatically decrease the likelihood of such mistakes happening in the first place if you take care to write your instructions in a direct and unambiguous manner. So don’t hesitate to place an order, but remember that our writers aren’t psychic – they need you to tell them what to write.

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