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How does an article citation tool work?

Typically, these are the steps that must be undertaken when using article citation generators:

  1. Go to a citation generator. Our trustworthy article citer operates with any format, namely, APA, MLA, or Chicago.
  2. Choose the citation style. Use one of the citation formats provided by the citation generator. Make sure it fits within the context of your paper or publication.
  3. Enter the article’s details. Provide the information for the article that is being cited. The information contained in this section could be the author, the title, the journal, the publication date, the number or volume, the pages, and/or the DOI. Most often, a citation generator offers input fields for the necessary details.
  4. Generate the citation. After filling in all the required details, hit “Generate” or “Generate citation.” The citation generator will automatically convert the input into a correctly formatted citation using the preferred style.
  5. Make sure you read through and then copy the citation. The citation generator will generate a citation that will be displayed on screen. Ensure that the citation is accurate and well done. If you are happy with it, feel free to copy and paste it for use in your paper or works cited section.
  6. Repeat for additional citations. In order to obtain citations for multiple articles, you can just go through the process again by giving details about every article and creating the citations in turn.

Will an article citation generator help me do better on my papers?

Using our article citation generator can help you succeed academically by quoting your sources correctly and consistently. Here are some ways in which our article citation generator could be of use:

  • It is worth noting that our citation generator will never waste your time or efforts. Our citation manager saves you time by creating citations in the correct formats rather than leaving you to do so yourself. Therefore, this leaves you more time to concentrate on your research and writing.
  • Our citation generator ensures accuracy. Our citation tool functions according to the specific guidelines of the citation style specified. Our trustworthy generator should be your point of reference when you cite article, especially in terms of avoiding errors.
  • We guarantee formatting consistency through our citation generator. Different citation styles have different methods of presenting author names, article titles, and publication dates. Note that so long as you mention your preferred citation style, all the references will remain uniform throughout your paper.
  • Using our citation generator will ensure that you do not end up committing plagiarism. Including references for the sources used makes a case of plagiarism evitable. The citation generator properly cites your articles, giving acknowledgment to their actual authors. This is going to help you maintain academic integrity and ensure that you do not plagiarize unknowingly.
  • The citation generator that we provide adheres to citation guidelines. The choice of citation style is guided by different disciplines and institutions. Our citation generator ensures that all cited materials conform to the preferred citation style set out by teachers/institutions.

Understanding the article citation tool

An “article citation generator” refers to an instrument that assists scholars, students, and writers with preparing precise and comprehensive citations. Citing is important for academic writing since it gives credit to the initial writer(s) and helps readers confirm the references made. Manually reformatting references in a particular style like APA, MLA or Chicago is tedious and error-prone. This process can be automated using our article citation generator, which automatically generates citations in the selected citation style at a click of a button.

Realizing the advantages of citing an article with the article citer

The key points and benefits of using our citation generator while citing an article include:

  • Accuracy and consistency. With our citation generator, citations are automatically formatted following the required citation style. This eradicates possibilities for human error as far as mentioning the name of the author, the title, the date of publication and the other main aspects are concerned.
  • Time-saving. When there are many sources to reference, creating manual citations may become a lengthy process. This procedure becomes easy with our article citation generator, which auto-processes information about the article provided for instant citation generation.
  • Multiple citation styles. We offer a wide range of citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and many others. Through this, users can choose styles appropriate to their academic subject or publication needs.
  • A wide range of sources. The article citation generator handles a variety of sources including journal articles, books, conference papers, and websites, among others. It offers customized citation templates for every cited source, making sure all cited information is captured accurately.
  • Export and integration. Users are able to export citations through the software on Word documents, pdf files and to reference management tools such as the Endnote or the Zotero. This feature makes it easy to organize and manage references.
  • Learning resource. Moreover, our citation generator not only helps you create citations, but also provides you with guidelines and examples for citing particular kinds of sources appropriately. This could be useful, especially for first-time academic writers and people who are not acquainted with specific citation styles.

How to cite article in-text using the online generator

This section will show you how to cite article in-text. For a typical article, in-text works cited may consist of the author’s surname and the year of publication. There are various ways that the in-text citations can be formatted, as they depend on the citation style adopted. Below are some sample in-text citations for a journal article using the most popular citation formats:

  • APA style

In APA style, the in-text citation contains the author’s last name followed by the year of publication in parentheses. However, if the name of the author is mentioned in the sentence, then only the publication date will be enclosed in parentheses.

Example 1:

As described by Johnson (2019), this implies that …

Example 2:

It is established that… (Johnson, 2019).

  • MLA style

According to the MLA style, an in-text citation should contain the last name of the author and the corresponding page numbers enclosed in a bracket. When the author’s name is mentioned in the sentence, then only the page number(s) is (are) put in parentheses.

Example 1:

This is what the findings by Peterson have shown… (24).

Example 2:

This proves that… (Peterson, 24).

  • Chicago style

In Chicago style, the in-text citation consists of a superscript number corresponding with either a footnote or an endnote where the complete referencing details of the article are provided.


The findings suggest that…¹


  1. Author’s First and Last Name, “”Title of Article,”” Journal Title volume number, issue number (Year): page range.

Nonetheless, the specific format of citing a source can be influenced by certain features such as the number of authors or pages involved, if quotation marks are used, etc. Therefore, you should consider relying on the official style manual regarding internal references, or just follow the individual guidelines provided by the university, publisher, or organization to which you belong when you cite an article.

We have a citation generator that shall be very helpful to the reader, provided the user looks at the entire cited material just to confirm that it is correct and comprehensive. Precision is the hallmark feature of our tool, although it is worth noting that it too can make errors because of non-traditional sources and exceptional cases. Our article citation generator should be considered a critical instrument for use by researchers, students and authors when preparing accurate and reliable citations. By using our article citer, one saves time spent on formulating citations and at the same ensures that the references are correct according to set rules.

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