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Answering the question “What is NLM Citation?

The NLM citation generator on our website is an important tool that helps researchers and writers to correctly format their citations according to what is mandated by the National Library of Medicine. So, what is NLM format? NLM style use is common for citations in biomedicine and life science. In particular, it is one of the most common reference patterns found in many medical and scientific journals.

What is the National Library of Medicine? The National Library of Medicine is a division of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) that has a specific set of rules with regard to its format and reference list, referred to as the NLM citation style. These are citation rules for all types of literature, whether it’s as a journal, a book, a web page, a blog, etc.

Moreover, the NLM cite generator is an automated tool for creating an NLM citation using the relevant citation rules. Users are able to key in source information such as an author’s name, the publication date, the title, the journal name, the volume number, and the pages. It correctly generates entries in NLM citation format that can be included in a reference list or bibliography.

Why use the NLM citation machine?

Using an NLM citation generator DOI comes with a number of benefits.


  • Time-saving and convenience


It would be taxing and boring to fill in all the details of each citation. On the other hand, with our citation machine NLM, you can enter all the details concerning a source, such as the author’s name, title, publication year, scriptwriter of the film, etc., then click “Generate, and it will automatically do the NLM formatting for you. Hence, your writing will become more efficient, since you will be able to direct your energies to searching for materials regarding the subject.


  • Accuracy and consistency


It’s important to make sure that your in-text and/or direct citations are flawless in following the NLM style. The NLM citation generator ensures that every quote or reference is free of errors regarding the format.


  • Versatility and adaptability


The NLM referencing tool is suitable for the citation of various sources dealing with biomedicine and/or life sciences. This citation system is very flexible, as it can accommodate publications from journals as well as from the internet. It has numerous small, specialized boxes for every kind of source or edition, so it can trace all the required references accurately.


  • Learning 


It is also possible to use the National Library of Medicine citation generator as a training aid to assist novices who may be unfamiliar with the NLM style. The generator makes it possible for researchers to understand formatting rules and how to style citations per NLM standards. Such a learning experience has value in helping some students as well as researchers who want to enhance their citations.

What you should do to write an NLM in text citation

There are vital considerations for creating effective NLM in-text citations for your assignment. The NLM style use the following to create in-text citations:


  • Author-date format


The author-date system is used for NLM’s in-text citations, incorporating the author’s last name as well as the publication year within the body of the text. With this style, the reader can quickly find the reference listed at the end of the article.

Example of a citation of a book in NLM style:

As Johnson (2022) states, the study indicated notable results…


  • Parenthetical format


In-text citations done according to NLM go into parentheses. The reference comes after the sentence or after the information it refers to.

Example of how to cite National Library of Medicine references:

However, this is a disease whose prevalence has risen in recent times (Johnson, 2019).


  • Multiple authors


For sources with more than one author, list all of the authors’ surnames (in the same order as they are listed in the full citation). Separate the last two names of the authors using an ampersand (&).


Various researchers (Brown, Smith, & Johnson, 2020) have provided examples of…


  • Groups or organizations as authors


In the case that the author of the reference has been categorized as a group or an institution, just mention its name.


As a result, the report (WHO, 2021) emphasizes…


  • No author


When there is no author for a given source, use the title of the work or the name of the company that owns the content.


The article (“New Study Strategies 2018) sheds light on how Chegg is …


  • Page numbers


Page numbers are usually included for a direct quote or citation that refers to a particular part of a source. Add the page number after the publication year with a colon in between if you need it.


The study concluded that “”the video evidence presented to the court was inconclusive”” (Davis, 2020: 45).


  • Multiple citations


Cite multiple sources in sequential order and separate each with a semicolon if referring to more than one source within a single sentence or paragraph.

Example of how to NLM cite multiple sources:

Many researchers (Peterson, 2019; Mitchel, 2020; Brown, 2021) have …

All there is to say about the NLM format generator

The NLM Citation generator is an important aid for researchers and writers involved in the biomedical and life sciences. It increases productivity because it reduces the amount of time necessary for citing information while remaining precise and complying with the standards of NLM format. Using the NLM citation generator in your research workflow allows for efficiency and guarantees accurate NLM citations.

However, it is also important to note that while using these NLM citation generators may be useful, it’s wise to check each generated citation for accuracy. Occasionally, citation generators can miscalculate or fail to take some special medical journal citation format situations into account. Hence, one should verify the references and consult the NLM citation style manual or other reliable online sources if they are unsure about the referencing process or what is NLM. Sometimes, online sources can provide a template to help you form an image of what your citations should look like. Following template to cite from these sources may solve your citation problems. Moreover, should you require assistance with citing a movie or another source of information for your essay, you have come to the right place.

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