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Is the ACS reference generator free?

Yes, you can use our generator without any payment and for as long as you need it. You can also use our citing tool for as many of your papers as you like.

Are the American Chemical Society citations from this generator correct?

Yes, this generator was specially developed for ACS format, and all the references it makes are done according to the requirements of this specific format.

How do I make an ACS in-text citation?

Put the number after the quote or idea you want to cite and provide the reference to the source after this number in the bibliography. This formatting style is simple and doesn’t require any differences between in-text citations and reference lists.

Is it safe to use an ACS citation maker?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe. Generally, a citation maker is the last tool about the safety of which you’d have to worry. There’s no way to make different references to the same source within this formatting style, so there can’t be plagiarism in the texts that use it.

Is the ACS style complicated?

No, this style is not difficult to cite. The order of the information about the source is quite logical and doesn’t have significant differences with other widely used formatting styles.

Which ACS citation guide is credible?

The most credible guide for you has to be provided by your educator. If they haven’t provided you with any, it’s better to use the official ACS website or pay attention to websites ending in .edu.

How do I use the ACS format citation generator?

Choose your formatting style, provide the data about the source in the corresponding fields, and click the “Generate” button. Your reference will appear in a moment.

A general review of ACS format citation

The American Chemical Society (ACS) format is a widely used citation style in the field of chemistry. It provides a structured method for citing sources in research papers and scholarly articles. In ACS works, citations typically include the name of the author, the title of the work, the journal’s name (in italics), the publication year, and the page numbers. The ACS format emphasizes concise and accurate citation to facilitate easy cross-referencing.

To simplify the citation process, many researchers have turned to an online citation generator designed for ACS format. These tools automatically format references, which helps authors avoid errors and save time. They allow users to input essential details like author names, publication dates, and titles, and then generate a correctly formatted citation. This resourceful approach not only ensures adherence to the stringent ACS guidelines, but also aids in maintaining the integrity of scholarly works by providing an efficient means to cite diverse sources in the realm of chemistry.

The specifics of ACS in text citation

The American Chemical Society citation style is similar to the Chicago and Turabian styles. As well as these two styles, ACS doesn’t ask you to provide information about the author(s) of the source, its page, year of publishing, and all other details directly in your text. Instead, using ACS style citation, you need to provide the number of the reference.

Of course, if you want to specify that you’re referring to the work of a certain author(s) or are using someone’s theory, you can note it in the text. But, unlike in APA or MLA, it’s not a requirement for proper formatting.

While Chicago and Turabian imply that you’ll make footnotes/endnotes with references on each page, the ACS reference format doesn’t require that. You put the number of references and provide the whole list of them in your bibliography. Due to that, ACS doesn’t have ways of referencing, while in-text citations and information about the source in the reference list are the same.

An ACS citation format example for clarity

You can get the most detailed ACS style guide, but an example is the best thing for understanding how exactly a citation must be made. So, let’s take a look at the general ACS citation format template. We’ll start with a book.

Author, A. Name of the book; Publisher, Year.

If you have already worked with other citation styles, note that, in contrast to many of them, here there is a semicolon, not a period, after the title of the book. An actual example of a book cited using ACS formatting can look like this:

Shakespeare, W. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; The Folio Society, 1954.

Let’s also consider a template for a journal article in ACS.

Author, A. Title of the article. Name of the journal. Year, Volume (Issue), Page-Page. DOI: number

An ACS citation example for a journal article can look like this:

Smith J.D. The American Chemical Society acquisition of recent years. Very Credible Journal. 2019, 191 (9), 1424-1427. DOI: 10.1027/dontk.8b08648

The examples above don’t provide you with the most complete guide for the ACS citation style. However, they can be your proper examples of ACS citations to check the correctness of the work of an ACS citation generator.

Why an ACS citation machine is in demand

An American Chemical Society citation machine is required for the same reason a citation machine for any other citation style is required. Making references manually takes a lot of time because you need to put the information in the correct order, italicize it properly, and check the punctuation marks and other details.

The ACS format generator makes work much easier. It requires DOI for journal articles and ISBN for books, and by providing them to the ACS style citation generator you can get your citation in less than a minute. Such an option makes life much easier because you don’t need to double-check all the data and its correctness.

In addition, the citation machine ACS makes references automatically, so the risk of mistakes is reduced almost to zero. And, even though some sources might have issues, it’s easier to correct a ready citation than to form it from scratch, especially if it’s something complicated like a journal article with numerous authors.

The benefits of using a citation generator ACS

Using a machine ACS for making references is highly beneficial for any student or other person who needs a works cited page. Its list of primary advantages includes three main items:

  • It saves you time

It’s much easier to use a citation tool than to work on the references by yourself. Compare the time needed for ordering information about a source with providing its DOI/ISBN or simply the name and having a ready reference within several seconds.

  • It reduces stress

The more time you save, the less nervous you will be when working on the references list and your work in general. It’s much easier to check a ready list of references than to make it without a citation machine ACS. And understanding that you have enough time to work on your paper makes you less stressed.

  • It’s absolutely free to use

Our ACS citation machine is free. You don’t have to waste money on making your work on references easier. You can cite as many sources as you need for your paper.

When the ACS citation style may be required

Besides the American Chemical Society, many other fields can represent the development of contemporary science. One of the important rules that you must follow to make your contribution to the development of science is to check the work of previous investigators who have worked in your field.

What is more, you should choose sources that will form the basis for your study and can support your ideas. Behind any citing format is the idea of providing information about the sources you use, doing so correctly and conveniently for the readers of your article. This allows you to provide the proper credits to people who worked in your field before you and avoid plagiarism.

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