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Can I cite a tweet in my academic paper?

Yes. In MLA 8, you can use a tweet as a source to support your point of view. Here is an example of a work cited for a tweet using MLA 8th edition.

Obama, Barack. “There Are Important Elections Happening Right Now in States across the Country. This Vote Early Day, Make Sure You’re Registered to Vote at Https://T.Co/NKXRGNgbZX, Vote Early If You Can, or Make a Plan to Vote on Election Day, November 7th. Pic.Twitter.Com/Erg2791n8l.” Twitter, Twitter, 26 Oct. 2023, twitter.com/BarackObama/status/1717655783742026061.

How can I cite an email in MLA 8?

In MLA 8, it is possible to cite an email. Remember, the names of the sender and the receiver of the email must be put in the right places. An example of an MLA 8 email reference would be:

Craig, Henry. Email to Philip Michaels. 15 October, 2023.

From the example, you can see that you have to add the date and recipient of the email.

How do I cite more than two authors?

If you are citing work done by two authors, include the surnames of both in the text or in parentheses. The corresponding works cited should have the names of the two authors. If you are citing a book with more than two authors, you include the first author’s name in the text and add “et al”. Here is one of the examples:

Franck, Caroline, et al. “Agricultural Subsidies and the American Obesity Epidemic.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, vol. 45, no. 3, Sept. 2013, pp. 327-333.

Understanding MLA 8 formatting style

MLA format 8th edition is one the most popular citation styles used in documenting academic work. The style is an update of the previous edition. The MLA 8 citation format sought to accommodate the new approaches adopted by writers and researchers, especially in documenting digital sources. Using MLA 8 citations demonstrates your authority in academic writing and enhances the credibility of your work by properly acknowledging the work of other authors.

If you have challenges using MLA 8th edition citation, you can use our citation machine MLA 8 to help you avoid plagiarism-related concerns. Mastering the key aspects of the formatting style will help you understand how to easily be accountable to your source material and avoid using accidentally uncredited sources in your work.

How to use our MLA 8 citation generator

A citation or reference generator refers to modern innovative software that helps you to automatically generate MLA8 in-text citation as well as the works cited MLA 8th edition style. All you need to do is provide relevant information such as the title of the book (or books), the edition, the URL of a website, and a journal title among others, and produce in-text citations and references that meet MLA requirements. By appropriately using the MLA8 citation generator, you are sure to avoid common mistakes that could impact the quality of your paper.

Who can use the MLA 8 citation machine?

Anyone who wants to create flawless papers can use the MLA 8th edition citation tool freely. The best thing about the online 8th edition citation machine is that you can create unlimited references and in-text citations. As a student, you need to include MLA 8 in-text citations in your body paragraphs to support your arguments. To ensure that you do it correctly, you can use the 8th edition citation tool for the works cited page and in-text citations.

Authors can also utilize the MLA 8 cite generator in their work, since they depend on the work of others to support their points of view. Our MLA 8 format generator provides writers with not only the author’s details but also the name of the publisher. Whether you know the publisher or not, the MLA 8th edition will automatically provide you with the name.

Professionals such as lawyers or even doctors will use MLA 8 formatting 8th edition in their work when they cite cases or case studies. When presenting their work, such as reports or medical research, they don’t want to submit something in erroneous MLA8 citation format.

Key features of MLA 8th edition format

Being an update of its previous edition, the MLA 8th edition has several distinguishing features you should master to become an expert in MLA 8.

  • Standardized for all sources: One of the main differences between MLA 8 format citation and other editions is that you can use it for any source. Previously, you were required to use a specific format for each source type.
  • Include a “Container” in your reference: Another notable difference is that in works cited MLA 8, you must include a “container.” For example, if you watch a video from YouTube, then the container is “YouTube.” That is, YouTube is holding the source.
  • Use of pseudo in place of the author name: MLA 8 edition allows you to use handles used in networking platforms as the author’s name. Even when the handle includes numbers, it will still be acceptable in MLA 8 edition citations. This is something that wouldn’t have been possible in previous versions of MLA.
  • Volume and Numbers in Journals and Magazines: When using the MLA 8 generator, you will notice an additional vol. and no. when referencing journals and magazines. For instance, in MLA 7, a journal’s volume 6 number 2 would be 6.2, but with MLA 8, it will be vol. 6 no. 2.
  • Inclusion of URLs: In other versions of MLA, URLs were not often used, since it was under the discretion of the professor whether or not one could use them. However, you should include them in MLA8 format. When you have a full citation with a URL, it will be easier to trace the information obtained from the web from older links. When including URLs, omit the “https://” part.
  • Omission of the publisher’s name: In some cases, the name of the publisher of a periodical or the website may match. MLA 8 allows you to omit the publisher’s name in such cases. For periodicals, the citation format doesn’t require the name of a periodical’s publisher.
  • Omission of the city of publication: In MLA 8, you don’t have to include the city where the publisher is located, since it no longer serves any significant purpose. The only time you could include the city of publication is when the version differs when published in another region.

Considerations when using MLA 8 in-text citation

In-text citation applies in body paragraphs. Here are the main considerations you shouldn’t forget.

  • Every citation you give must correspond with the reference provided on the Works Cited page.
  • Include the author’s last rather than their first name and page number or numbers where you source the information
  • You can have the author’s name as part of a sentence or put it in parentheses at the end of the paraphrased text.
  • Page numbers should be put in parentheses at the end of the sentence.

What has remained the same in MLA 8th edition formatting

  • How to position in-text citation MLA 8 isn’t different from prior editions.
  • No MLA 8 header levels have changed in MLA 8.
  • Citation and referencing help in avoiding plagiarism.

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