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MLA citation generator to make your writing efficient

How to use our MLA citation generator

Our MLA citation generator is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is enter the main information about your source, including its title, author, publication date, publisher, etc. The tool we offer has text boxes that feature every single element of that sort, so you certainly won’t miss anything. It’s suitable for journal articles, books, internet sources, and videos, and you can even cite a travel guide if you need to.

Like any good MLA format generator, ours can give you a full citation in seconds after you submit the necessary information. However, you need to be extra attentive when filling out all the text boxes. For example, you need to mention the full name of the author if possible. The alternative is to put the first letter of their first name in the corresponding field.

Another important tip is to always check your MLA format citation for correct punctuation and italics. The next section is all about these tricky bits, but our generator covers them, so you’ll only need to preserve these elements. To do that, copy the created reference and paste it directly into your bibliography section. That way, you’re sure to preserve the right MLA citation format in your paper.

The tricky parts of MLA format citation

Any online citation machine MLA will put the information about your source in the right order, but some might miss essential details. Here are some tips for our MLA generator.

  • MLA requires italics for any standalone title. That means that you need to italicize the names of books, movies, and databases. If you need to mention the journal where the article you’re citing was published, the same rule applies. This sounds pretty simple, but students often forget about this rule when they’re in a hurry. That’s why a precise citation generator is a very important tool.
  • You also need italics to create citations for websites. Although not all webpages are credible sources, many of them are. That means you’ll need to mention the author of the entry you’re citing and italicize the name of the website. However, you can also cite websites without an author, especially if they are governmental resources.
  • MLA citations need quotation marks if you’re citing a chapter of a book. The grammar rules are slightly different for academic bibliographies. For example, any good generator will italicize the title of the book and put the chapter name in quotation marks. This signifies that the chapter is a part of a larger work you’ve mentioned.

Let’s look at an MLA format citation example

If you need the assistance of our MLA format citation generator to create your first bibliography, it’s nice to know what the results should look like. The citations are pretty similar for academic sources, Youtube videos, images, and movies. Nevertheless, if you’re citing a popular website, there are differences between the references for the scholarly PDFs and interview articles taken from it. Here’s a made-up citation that illustrates the way you need to approach MLA sources like journal articles:

Frederiks, William. “Creating Perfect Citations for Journal Articles.” The MLA Format Journal, vol. 2, no. 3, 2023, pp. 45-56.

As you can see, the reference is clear and concise. You can also use the DOI number of your article to get the information about it automatically. However, the formatting works a bit differently in citations for websites. Here’s another made-up example:

Kranken, Estelle. “Why You Should Check Automatic References.” The MLA Times, 31 October 2024, (web address link). Accessed 2 November 2024.

Here, the date when you accessed the web source is important, unlike with journal articles or books. Our citation generator MLA is all about digitally “noticing” such details and integrating them into the references you’ll receive. Of course, you can create correct citations without any MLA works cited generator, but that will take much more time and effort than just checking the automatic reference.

What about your MLA format bibliography?

Once you’ve used a works cited generator MLA or an MLA format converter, you need to combine all your citations in one list. This can be a tricky task for a student who is just starting to understand the format. Here are a few tips that can help you with this task:

  • Your list should have a title “Works Cited.” Of course, it should also start on a separate page, and the title should be centered. Although this sounds simple, style guides still mention these basics, since they aren’t obvious to everyone.
  • Your references should be in alphabetical order. That means you’ll have to start with the MLA 9 citation that starts with the letter closest to A in the alphabet, then continue with the one starting with the next closest letter, and so on. If you have two references that start with an A, look at the second letter of each author’s last name and use that to make sure that your works cited entries are in the right order.
  • You need a hanging indent of 0.5 inches. Regardless of whether you’re citing a Hollywood movie that can’t be illegally reproduced or a social ad from Youtube, all your sources should be equally easy to find on the list. That’s why you need to make each author’s name stand out in this way.

Our free MLA citation generator is fast and useful

It’s no secret that there’s more than one MLA citation maker on the internet. From Citation Machine to lesser-known resources, all of them can help you learn more about the format you must use and avoid accidental plagiarism. Moreover, different learners visit our website for different reasons. Some of them only want an MLA format citation example, while others need to create an entire MLA format bibliography. We’re aware of these needs and try to accommodate them as best as we can.

For example, we have specific sets of fields to fill for each source type, such as a website, a book, a journal article, and many more, from films to patents. These fields will change automatically depending on the type of the work you need to cite. You can also change the style if you’ve accidentally selected APA instead of MLA by clicking the “Style Search” button. Another cool feature is that you can cite a book by using an ISBN search instead of entering the data manually.

In short, the bias that only the most popular online citation generators are good is only a bias after all. Everything depends on the amount of effort that went into the tool, and we’ve been perfecting ours for a long time. That’s why it’s worth trying.

How to get in-text citations from our MLA in text citation generator

Let’s imagine that you’ve successfully used our MLA cite generator to create all the references you needed but forgot to copy the in-text references. With our citation generator, the in-texts normally come before the bibliography reference, no matter whether you create citations in MLA, APA, Chicago or any other style. However, it can happen that you forget that you need in-texts when you’re in a hurry.

In such a situation, you don’t need to re-enter all the data for each source. Normally, the in-text from any MLA citation machine will look like this:

(Author’s last name, year of publication). So, for the famous novel “On the Road,” the in-text will be (Kerouac, 1957).

As you can see, you can create citations to put in your essay on your own. However, there’s something you might keep in mind when using our works cited MLA generator to create references. If you paraphrase a quote and start your sentence with a phrase like “Jack Kerouac wrote,” you only need to identify the year of publication in your citation at the end.

Our experts are better than any MLA formatting generator

You can always rely on our free MLA citation generator when you’re creating academic content on your own. However, there are times when you don’t have any strength or time to try and understand the difference between citations for journal articles and those for websites. We know that you’ve got a lot to deal with as a student, so it can be hard to submit your essay before the due date even with the help of a digital machine. Luckily, you can always ask our experts for help, and they’re better than any MLA 9 citation generator will ever be.

These experienced professionals can handle any MLA citation in no time. What’s more, they can create an outline or an entire paper for you to understand your task much better. It’s a great idea to order from our top-level writers, especially if your professor asks for atypical formatting that’s too hard to understand on your own.

It’s also important to understand that while we offer the use of our MLA citation generator free of charge, you’ll need to pay for professional assistance from our writers. The good news is, you can always place your order in advance and save quite a bit of money.

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