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Styles in Citations and in Fashion

Styles in Citations and in FashionCitations for academic papers and fashion are not spheres we usually juxtapose and compare. Yet, the styles of these two have more in common than you could think.

The citation means giving necessary credits to those whose works you have consulted while performing your research. Different citation styles tell us which of the information (like the author name, date and place of publication, etc.) takes precedence while giving the due credit. Similarly, in fashion, the styles of different brands and their integrity are the factors that attract us to them. In that light, let’s discuss some top citation styles with fashion brands in mind.

MLA and Louboutin

The MLA citation style, created by the Modern Language Association, is popularly used in humanities, arts and literature. The in-text references of MLA include the name of an author and a page number of the cited reference. MLA is quite common and arguably the most used. You could think of it as Louboutin of citations. Louboutin shoes are widely loved by women around the world not only for the elegance of the design, but also for the way the shoes make women look and feel. A person wearing Louboutin is certainly one who cares about their style, and the same can be said about the users of the MLA citation.

APA and Dior

Created by the American Psychological Association, APA is widely accepted and also used in fields other than psychology, such as education and social sciences. It focuses more on the author and the publication year instead of fussing over the page number in in-text citations. In that light, APA can be comparable to Dior. Be it the dresses or the perfumes, Dior is known for its sensuality, and signifies confident and independent people of the modern times. APA has similar features in the citation.

Harvard and Lagerfeld

The Harvard style is like Lagerfeld. Similar to APA, Harvard emphasizes the author and publication date. It is popularly used outside the USA in countries like the UK and Australia. It is used for humanities and scientific papers, thus is universal, just like Lagerfeld bags and accessories that are known worldwide for defining the looks of women wearing them.

Chicago and Chanel

The Chicago citation style is quite different from the others. While other styles use parenthesis to indicate the author name, date and/or page numbers as in-text citations, Chicago style uses footnotes and endnotes numbered properly. Footnotes are placed at the bottom of the page where the reference is used, and endnotes go at the end of the chapter. While Chicago is used for history and economics referencing, the Turabian, which is a spin-off of the Chicago, is used by college students for almost all subjects. Evidently, Chicago is different from the others, and, thus, stands out, as does Chanel in the fashion industry. People wearing Chanel can be easily noticed in the crowd. The Chicago styled citation gives that same sense of individuality to the paper that Chanel gives to its owners.

As you can see, fashion and citation have quite a bit in common. For those who find it difficult to grasp citation styles, just think of them in terms of fashion statements; you will surely find them easier to understand!

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