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Fast and precise AI detector for any need

Use our AI checker to be sure if any part of a text was AI-generated.


What types of data can the AI detector analyze?

The AI writing check tool is ideal for text analysis. You can paste a text into the checker’s window or download the document in formats like DOC, TXT, PDF, and more. The detector is also able to analyze PowerPoint presentations, PPTs, and other formats. AI detector checker is useful for academic works, SEO texts, and documentation. It is also offered as a browser extension so you can check content directly from a web page.

What are some common challenges or limitations of AI detectors?

The main challenge for an AI checker is to define with 100% accuracy if a text was written by a person or generated. One thing that makes things trickier is that sometimes people can adopt a style of writing that is similar to AI-writing. They may use tools to help with grammar and punctuation, which can suggest changes to sentence structure that can be perceived as AI-generated. However, with a large enough text, at least starting with the average academic page (275 words), the chances of our AI paper detector accurately determining if a text was AI-generated is very good.

How are data privacy and security addressed when using AI detectors?

It depends on the particular AI detector for essays and other texts. Responsible organizations such as ours will ensure that their AI detectors are secure to use, as well as their site or extension. They can assure that only you (or someone to whom you provide credentials for your account) have access to the text you input. In addition, AI checkers require payment, so the safety of your wallet also depends on choosing a service that offers reliable payment methods. Hence, privacy and security depend on those providing the AI detection service.

Are AI detectors capable of learning and improving their performance over time?

In contrast to AI itself, AI detector essay services do not develop or learn from the activity they carry out. However, the developers who stand behind these useful tools definitely can learn, update their product, and make it more effective. Developers with proper skills and understanding of their products understand that the pace of technical development is currently extremely rapid. Hence, even though the models can’t self-educate, developers like ours are constantly working on them, providing regular updates, and making our AI checker useful for rapidly developing artificial intelligence systems.

Can AI detectors be used for real-time monitoring?

It depends on the type of AI detectors and the information that must be checked by using them. An AI essay detector free is “free of cost.” Usually, it only offers an option to check the text that’s pasted into a window on the site. However, more developed AI checkers might offer an application for browsers. In these cases, you will be able to monitor the content of a site in real time.

Why AI detector is needed?

Different kinds of AI, including popular ones like ChatGPT that don’t require anything but registration, help develop the field of AI and its applications in different spheres. However, content generated by AI can include mistakes and inaccuracies that would not be made by a human.

Naturally, many tasks are more suited to a human than Chat GPT or a similar tool. For example, an academic essay or test task for a desired job position. In a case like this, the potential employer will want to verify that the work was created by a person versus generated by AI.

The need for an AI detector that can determine if a text or any of its elements were generated is easily met. You can simply google something like “AI generated text detector”
“AI generated checker” and find various tools like Сrossplag and others that can help in the detection of traces of AI. And of course, there’s our tool.

AI content detector and plagiarism question

One of the difficult questions nowadays is whether AI-generated text is plagiarism. On the one hand, there’s no other human who could claim authorship. On the other hand, the text provided will not have been written by the one who submits it.

Plagiarism is defined as providing someone else’s work without giving proper credit. Even though a person might take part by formulating a request, the results of the work are not done wholly, or even mostly, by the person using the AI tool.

One of the primary goals of academic work is to show the results of one’s education, not one’s ability to use AI. The aim of writing a text is to show the skills a person has.

That’s the reason academic institutions and other enterprises need an AI content checker. AI check will show the compliance between the actual knowledge and skills desired of the candidate and what the person displays when using AI assistance.

Revealing the secret of AI plagiarism checker creation

Currently, there are two ways that an AI generator detector can be developed. In the first, a large amount of text is generated with AI. After, a program model uses this text to become familiar with AI-generated text. Then, specialists work with the model and correct it.

The second way is when a model is trained with prepared patterns, meaning sentence formulas, typical connections, and multiple combinations of words. None of these methods is false or better than the other, they’re simply different approaches.

In the end, what matters is not the primary approach, but the level of team members’ skills and knowledge, as well as how accurate and detail-oriented they are in their work. Those factors define if the AI paper checker is effective.

How does СhatGPT plagiarism checker work?

Let’s consider the practical use of AI detection essay services using the example of TraceGPT AI detector. This platform requires you to register, but the process is fast and it can be useful to get access to the results of your previous checks in the future.

After registration, you can upload the file you want to check or simply copy and paste it in the appropriate window. Then you’ll wait a few seconds and get the results of your check. In practice, it means that near the window you’ll see the percentage of potentially AI-generated text in your material.

You’ll see highlights in the text with two different colors, which define if a particular part of a text was “likely” or “highly likely” AI-generated. You’ll be able to download AI detector writing results in PDF format and then rate the tool.

Prices for AI checker essay

You can find many free AI detector services on the web, but there are often problems. First, the quality of these detectors is often questionable. For this article, we tried the first few free tools found on Google when we input the search query “free AI detector.” Two of the three showed a high percentage (over 50%) of AI generation for a text that was 100% human-written.

The second problem is, when an AI detector is free, it mostly means that it’s free up to a certain number of words. Hence, what’s represented as an AI essay checker free service is simply a trial version of the full service.
One more problem is that free AI generators are not detailed in their reports. They simply show the suggested percentage of AI-generated context, without highlighting the particular parts. The positives of these checkers end with their free use, so for your confidence and security, it seems better to use the tools that at least ask for registration.

AI essay checker for better writing performance

We have some tips for writers choosing to use our essay checker AI.

AI checker for better style

It’s understood that good texts in all languages are usually the result of creativity. Even though AI can write quite human-like texts, they still are far from mastering the skills of a true writer. That’s the reason why specific sentences defined as AI-generated (even if they are not) are better rewritten or perhaps even generic quotes, paraphrased. You can use AI to help you learn how to write by understanding in what ways your writing appears generic.

AI essay detector for problems with plagiarism

AI checkers are often offered with plagiarism checkers. Plagiarism checkers are a good way to check content across web pages and see how original they are. Obviously, plagiarism is a serious issue in academic writing. However, it’s also an issue in creative writing and in other texts. So checking for AI across the web can be quite useful.

AI writing checker to reduce stress

AI-detection services may determine that texts were generated even when texts were totally human-created. It’s never impossible for an AI detector to incorrectly determine that parts of a text are AI-generated. To avoid issues, it’s useful to check your text yourself with an AI detector and change the parts that the detector finds suspicious. Or, if there are no false results, you can simply turn in your report, proud in the knowledge that the paper is uniquely the result of your own creativity.

Tips for using AI without problems with AI writing detector tool

We’re glad to offer a few useful tips for you to use AI and avoid problems with Al-generated content detection.

  • Use for ideas

    When you’re feeling out of ideas, it can be helpful to use another’s “intelligence” – even artificial – to get the inspiration you seek. But produce the ultimate results yourself, without simply copying the AI-generated work.

  • Use as an example

    Let’s imagine that AI has generated an ideal text for you. It can be tempting to use as is, but if you know that the consequences of this solution will be negative, it’s better not to. Use the text as an example instead and write a genuine text taking the generated text as a base.

  • Check manually

    Even though AI has its uses, sometimes it can provide incorrect information. You’ll need to check the generated data manually before using it. AI can provide you with some interesting ideas and facts, but if they’re untrue, they’re useless. Better to check everything to avoid a multiplicity of unpleasant issues.

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