MLA vs APA: Optimus Prime vs Megatron

MLA vs APA citation style

If you are given a choice of citation format, it is significantly easier to use MLA. There are many reasons why, but below you will find the top five reasons to go with MLA over APA any day.

Reason #1: Simple Title Page
The title page is not a separate entity and is simple to fill out. For MLA, you must include your name, the name of your course, the name of your teacher, and the date you submit the work in the upper left hand corner of the first page. The document needs a page number in the upper right hand side with your last name directly before each number. The line after the date is where you place your title, centered on the page. With MLA you should use Times New Roman font, size 12, and use double spacing.

Reason # 2: No Running Head
There is no need to fret over the awful business of separating the header “running head” from the rest of the pages, which is something that brings with it many tears and screams from students trying to use APA.

Reason #3: No Individual Sections
With MLA, there are no required sections within the body of your work which is why it is often the preferred citation style for more creative pieces. You can simply incorporate any style of writing into the body and if you require citations, you need not include anything more than the last name of the author, the page number you are citing, and the year the source was published inside of the parenthesis at the end of the corresponding sentence. This means that you don’t have to worry about bold typeface for different sections.

Reason #4: No Abstract
Many students struggle with the abstract because it is meant to be a comprehensive and stand-alone aspect to the APA format, but one which is severely limited in its word count making economy and diction two imperative elements. But with MLA, you can avoid the struggle over an abstract altogether.

Reason #5: Simple Citation
The citations are a breeze. With MLA citations in your text, you refer to the parenthetical citation method whereby you include relevant information inside of the parentheses which in this case is often the last name of the author, the date the content was published, and the page number. The way you cite your sources at the end of your work is based upon the type of source it is and the number of authors. Because of this convolution, it is best to refer to the Modern Language Association handbook for specific guidance. For the works cited page at the end, you want to start listing the sources on a separate page beneath the centered title of “Works Cited”. The sources should be listed in alphabetical order.

As you can see, in this fight, there is one clear winner, and that is the MLA format! But if you need to format your paper in APA or any other citation style, use our Free Citation Generator right now!

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