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Malik S.
Malik S.
Ph.D. Business Coach
Business Studies Management Marketing
Dissertation chapter, research paper
99% satisfaction rate 99% on time rate 48h+ delivery
Chloe G.
Chloe G.
MBA Sales manager
Marketing Economics Business Studies
Dissertation chapter, case study
98% satisfaction rate 99% on time rate 48h+ delivery
Ezra F.
Ezra F.
ML Patent attorney
Law Criminal Law
Dissertation chapter, assignment
99% satisfaction rate 98% on time rate 24h+ delivery
Luna G.
Luna G.
Ph.D. Economist
Business Studies Economics Finance
Dissertation chapter, case study
99% satisfaction rate 97% on time rate 24h+ delivery
Adrian T.
Adrian T.
Ph.D. Project manager
Management Finance Business Studies
Dissertation chapter, Capstone project
98% satisfaction rate 99% on time rate 24h+ delivery
Noah F.
Noah F.
Ph.D. Nurse manager
Health Care Nursing Medicine
Dissertation chapter, case study
99% satisfaction rate 97% on time rate 48h+ delivery
Alice R.
Alice R.
MS Certified nurse
Nursing Medicine Health Care
Dissertation chapter, case study
97% satisfaction rate 99% on time rate 24h+ delivery
Michael G.
Michael G.
Ph.D. Educator
Education Management Communications
Dissertation chapter, research paper
99% satisfaction rate 97% on time rate 48h+ delivery
David W.
David W.
MS Psychologist
Psychology Health Care
Dissertation chapter, case study
98% satisfaction rate 98% on time rate 24h+ delivery

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Frequently asked questions

Can I expect the best quality if I paid someone to write my dissertation?

We cannot speak for any services other than CustomWritings, but we can definitely guarantee you the highest quality possible when it comes to our service. It’s important to understand that only top-level writers and responsible managers can provide you with dissertation assistance of the appropriate quality, so we advise you to choose the services that have these options.

What is dissertation in Ph.D.?

A Ph.D. dissertation is the final task before you receive your degree. This document has multiple chapters since it contains theoretical knowledge and practical research of the highest, most innovative level. All this might sound extremely complex and challenging, but CustomWritings can easily help you with such vital assignments. Our personalized approach, combined with the expertise of our top writers and your own personal manager, guarantee success.

How to choose dissertation topic?

If you aren’t sure what to write about, we recommend that you start by consulting your professor or scientific advisor. To have a productive conversation with them, prepare by identifying your sphere of scientific interest and goals. That way, you’ll be able to formulate the best possible topic for yourself. Don’t worry if the desirable research direction sounds too challenging; CustomWritings can always help you out!

Why do customers choose us?

There are many reasons why so many students choose CustomWritings. For example, only 6% of the specialists who wish to work as our writers pass our rigorous selection process, which means that our experts are the best of the best. Moreover, our quality control system assesses every order and ensures that it’s been done at the top level before delivering it to you. Last but not least, we’ve been helping learners for more than 19 years, so we know how to assist even with the toughest of tasks.

Do you use AI?

No, we never use AI or plagiarize. Our top-level experts simply don’t need digital intelligence tools because they can write fully original and unique texts without such “assistance.” When you choose CustomWritings, you choose AI-free and plagiarism-free dissertations with proper formatting and references to all the materials your expert used. That’s another reason why so many learners prefer our service.

Why so many students need dissertation assistance

More and more learners have been requesting dissertation writing services in Dubai. So, what’s the reason behind this trend? The answer is simple—students are busy and require top-level writing for their most important projects. Of course, there are various factors that influence this tendency. Let’s look at them in more detail.

First and foremost, many learners from the UAE have to work and gain important experience. This strategy helps them secure better positions in the industry, but they might struggle to find time to dedicate to their dissertation. That’s when our writers step in to make sure that your work corresponds to the highest standards and expectations. All you need to do is place an order at CustomWritings.

Secondly, the most important projects require the best quality of writing you can find. That’s why so many learners want their dissertations done by the best writers out there. It’s no wonder that they look for a reputable service that provides full customization and checks every order before sending it to them. If you’re one of those students, CustomWritings is just what you need. Our writers are made up of the top 6% of specialists who apply for the job, so you won’t find any poorly written papers here.

Long story short, there are many reasons why students want professional assistance with their dissertations, and CustomWritings is always there to help.

The perks of having a personal manager for your dissertation

CustomWritings is about providing you with dissertation writing services of the highest quality. This means that we understand that such a large text requires additional coordination and management, and that’s exactly why we provide you with your personal manager! Here are some perks you receive with this feature:

  • You create a personalized delivery schedule together with your manager. Since we deliver dissertations chapter by chapter, you’ll need to instruct your manager on creating a personalized calendar according to which we will proceed until the last chapter is ready. You’ll also need to approve that schedule before we start working. This may sound simple, but it’s also an extremely efficient approach to completing large-scale projects.
  • You can enjoy the result while your manager controls the details. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether your writer will remember important instructions or whether they’ll deliver your chapter on time. All these small but important matters will be under your manager’s control, so you can rest assured that the work is going smoothly.
  • You have full control over the writing process without having to be fully involved in it. We understand that your time is important, so we do everything possible to save it. All the features and steps described above are about granting you full control while also minimizing the time you have to spend on our site to secure a perfect dissertation for yourself.

Key challenges of dissertation writing

It’s no secret that writing dissertations is very hard. After all, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your topic, explain why it’s important, conduct research, describe the results, and so on. Each of these steps is complex and requires slightly different skills. Here’s how that works.

You need to write persuasively and show constructive argumentation. When you explain why your topic is important or advocate for specific approaches, you have to strike a balance between persuasion and tactfulness. Even experienced students may struggle with this task, since what’s obvious to them may be completely new to the people who read their dissertation. That’s why learners often look for dissertation writing services in UAE.

Practical research is challenging and may not be successful on the first try. This is a common issue for many scientists and students who complete large projects. You may have to repeat your experiments several times to get clear results, and that’s a time-consuming, tiresome process. After you spend days or even weeks in the laboratory, you sometimes don’t even have any strength left to start writing.

Theoretical research can be hard to summarize. If you’re writing a dissertation in a field that requires no laboratory experimentation, you might still run into a problem, since it can be a real challenge to explain what you’ve found clearly and concisely. Luckily, you can always get dissertation writing in Dubai from CustomWritings.

Our experts are always ready to help you

If you’re looking for top-level writing services in UAE, you know that the qualifications of writers and their experience are at the core of any reliable website that helps you with your papers. Here’s why we’re sure that our writers are ready to provide top-level assistance:

  • We only hire the best of the best. Our selection process involves practical test tasks, as well as interviews with candidates, and this approach makes it easy for us to hand-pick the best experts. This way, we can rest assured that they’ll write your dissertation at the highest level possible.
  • Every professional working for us avoids AI and plagiarism. Our writers know academic formatting and understand the importance of originality. That’s why they reference every source they use and don’t even think about utilizing AI. After all, digital tools are no match for their professionalism, so they write your papers and dissertations from scratch, personalizing them according to your instructions.
  • We have quality control for every order. In other words, we check every single paper we deliver, whether it’s a 1-page essay or a dissertation chapter. We know how vital top-level quality is for you, so we do everything possible to make each and every order match your highest expectations. After all, we value your trust and peace of mind, making your experience as stress-free as possible.
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