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Noah V.
Noah V.
BA Historian
Cultural and Ethnic Studies History Geography
Case study, essay, assignment
98% satisfaction rate 98% On time rate 8h+ delivery
James M.
James M.
BA Programmer
Computer science IT, Web Technology
Article, assignment, coding
99% satisfaction rate 100% on time rate 5h+ delivery
Jasmine L.
Jasmine L.
Ph.D College tutor
Psychology Philosophy Education
Assignment, essay, research paper
99% satisfaction rate 100% on time rate 4h+ delivery
John A.
John A.
MA Sales manager
Business Studies Finance Management
Article, assignment, report
97% satisfaction rate 100% on time rate 6h+ delivery
Amanda O.
Amanda O.
BA Psychologist
Health Care English 101 Psychology
Assignment, essay, presentation/PPT
99% satisfaction rate 100% on time rate 4h+ delivery
Newton S.
Newton S.
MBA Project manager
Marketing Management Business Studies
Assignment, article, presentation/PPT
98% satisfaction rate 99% on time rate 6h+ delivery

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Our hiring process involves English proficiency tests, sample analysis, and doc checks, so the most skilled experts join our team.
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Our service offers the advantages of seasoned expertise, reliability, and practical solutions.
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Our dedication to uncompromising quality is highly appreciated
Customer ID: 67944281
I loved that the expert completed the order exactly as I asked. All my instructions were taken into account, and the whole process was fast and easy. The expert demonstrated an individual approach and was always easy to reach when I had questions. Highly recommended!
Customer ID: 67945873
Best expert I ever worked with! Thanks so much for all the help!!
Customer ID: 76931749
What I love the most about ordering from this service is how easy it is to customize my order. I can ask their team to help me only with the parts I find problematic. Moreover, I can track the order progress and contact the expert if necessary. Very handy!
Customer ID: 80527916
Thank you for urgent help with my assignment. Couldn’t do it without you!
Customer ID: 82753915
I was so impressed with the quality of my order. The expert working on my task demonstrated how deep their knowledge in the field of management is and delivered a truly outstanding assignment. I certainly wouldn’t be able to produce such a work on my own. I’m so glad I came across your service!
Customer ID: 28094751
Excellent quality, timely delivery and super friendly customer support.What more could I possibly want?
Customer ID: 74082671
I was so stressed about my assignment that I honestly thought I would be able to come up with anything meaningful. It was hard for me to start because I couldn’t quite figure out what I was supposed to do. My friend recommended this service, and I decided that I had nothing to lose. I’m so happy he did cause now I have a reliable assistant on hand, available 24/7. The ordering process takes a few minutes, and there’s a variety of experts to choose from.
Customer ID: 41963068
My favorite service to order from: user-friendly website, simple order form. Just a few clicks and voila!
Customer ID: 95150874
The first thing that I paid attention to when reviewing this service is how long they’ve been working in this field. 19+ years of experience means their experts know how to do their job perfectly. The helper I worked with totally proved it when I got my order. I had zero complaints and was genuinely impressed with how well-crafted my project was.
Customer ID: 32061578
Such attention to detail and a genuine desire to help. Never ordered from such a service before. Positive experience. Thanks!!
Customer ID: 50489317
You wouldn’t want to use any other service when you receive your first order because these guys are the definition of a customized approach to each assignment. Whatever you need to do, no matter how complex it sounds - they’ve got you. I had a list of rather unusual instructions but the expert I worked with managed to do everything I asked for. Besides, the option to customize my order request in any way I want helped as well. Good job!
Customer ID: 29047649
This service is a perfect find for everyone regularly struggling with complex tasks. They will help you in no time!

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Type of service
Price starts from $10 per page Pay in 2 parts service available
Any price includes:
  • Title page $3.99Free
  • Bibliography page $3.99Free
  • Formatting (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian)
  • AI & Plagiarism check $3.99Free
  • Revisions $5.99Free

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Frequently asked questions

How do you write an assignment?

We complete each assignment from scratch and ensure that all our customers’ instructions are taken into account. The expert working on your task makes sure to fully understand the requirements, conducts research, and gathers all the necessary materials. Then, they outline their ideas and get to work. Before delivering the order, the expert checks it a few times, ensuring that they’ve edited it for clarity and correctness.

What is the format for writing an assignment?

A typical assignment structure includes a title page, a table of contents, an introduction, a main body, a conclusion, and references. The citation style you need to use for formatting your assignment is specified in your task’s instructions. Our team can format your assignment according to any citation style. Just provide us with detailed instructions, and we’ll ensure that your assignment is formatted correctly.

Why do customers choose us?

Over the years, we’ve proven that getting assignment assistance from us is worth every cent. Our seasoned expertise, combined with a primary focus on achieving the best result, has helped us deliver excellent MBA assignment writing services for over 19 years. We are an all-in-one assistant ready to tackle any difficulty and provide a working solution faster than you expect. Let us show you what we’ve got to offer.

Do you use AI?

Never. Our experts possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to craft original orders from scratch. We ensure that each order is completed according to all the specified instructions and meets the highest standards. Our commitment is to deliver unique and customized solutions, reflecting our focus on quality and reliability.

How do you check the quality of the provided services?

Ensuring the highest quality standards is at the core of everything we do. Our comprehensive quality control systems allows us to track every order and oversee each aspect to ensure customers are satisfied. Moreover, we’ve implemented expert coaching to guarantee that everyone on the team has the necessary skills to deliver high-quality work. A selective hiring process enables us to find the most qualified and motivated candidates, with only the top 6% joining our team.

Can I customize my order?

Absolutely! Our order form is designed to offer you maximum flexibility. Feel free to tailor your order request to meet your specific needs. From selecting the task’s complexity to specifying the desired English language proficiency level, our order form allows you to customize your order request in any way you want. We understand that every project is unique, and offering you a maximum level of flexibility ensures your complete satisfaction with the final result.

What is assignment writing?

Assignment writing is the process of completing tasks aimed at helping students expand their analytical, research, and writing skills. Moreover, it offers students a platform to show their understanding of core issues and materials covered during the course of their studies.

What are the steps to completing an assignment successfully?

Completing an assignment comprises several steps. They include:

Analyzing the topic

Analyzing the topic helps students understand the assignment and its objectives clearly. If any of the requirements are unclear, it’s much better to figure it all out at the beginning and have enough time to contact your instructor so they can provide a more detailed explanation.


This aspect helps to identify core aspects of the research and develop possible ideas that you will further analyze in your paper. Developing a concept map is a perfect way to capture all the ideas that will arise during brainstorming.


Allocate enough time to find all the necessary information and materials on the topic in question. Make sure that all the sources are credible. Take notes during the research process to quickly find the publication you might need later on.

Writing the first draft

Once you have all the information you need, get down to writing. Use all the information you’ve gathered to write a strong introduction, main body, and conclusion. Don’t forget to use references and support all your findings with evidence.

Editing, rewriting, and proofreading

No matter how great your assignment writing skills are, editing and proofreading are essential elements of the process. Once you are finished writing, make sure your piece is clear and easy to read. It should be structured logically and make sense from a reader’s point of view. If you are able to ask for feedback from your friend or classmate, don’t hesitate to do so. They might point out mistakes you haven’t noticed.

The main challenges of assignment writing

Assignment writing may seem easy at first. However, pitfalls and challenges are unavoidable. It’s no wonder so many students have started looking for assignment writing services in Dubai. Having an expert on hand improves one’s chances of completing the task successfully. Here’s what students have to face on a regular basis:

  • A lack of time. Juggling multiple assignments does not allow students to focus on each of them properly. As a result, students face a complex choice—demonstrate average skills but submit each assignment on time or submit only a few tasks but complete them perfectly.
  • Writer’s block. Sometimes, the inability to submit the paper on time has nothing to do with limited time. When you don’t feel like writing, it doesn’t matter how much time you have. Writer’s block is the worst enemy because it forbids students from showing excellent results and crafting impressive papers.
  • Complex topics. This is another common problem students often face. When an issue is difficult to understand, students require more time to figure it out or reach out to their teachers for an additional explanation. Moreover, sometimes, even these actions don’t help much, and students have to allocate even more time to conducting research.
  • Poor structure and weak organizational skills. If you don’t know how to organize all your ideas logically, the final result will be weak. Organization and structure matter because they give your work coherence and clarity. Your text becomes easier to understand. Moreover, each assignment follows a set of specific guidelines, and adhering to it is of paramount importance. If you are unable to present all your findings clearly, it will be hard for the readers to decipher them.

How do students complete assignments?

The approaches that students choose to complete assignments are different. It depends on the amount of time they can invest, their desire to do everything themselves, and how motivated they feel. Here are the most common paths to completing an assignment.

Doing assignments on their own. Many students aspire to complete each task themselves, no matter how difficult or how long it takes. This approach is the most frustrating because students typically encounter numerous problems, and solving them on their own can be quite challenging.

Asking friends for help. Yet another popular approach to completing assignments. If your friends have time and a deep understanding of the subject, they will likely do their best to help you. However, you can’t always rely on someone else, no matter how productive studying with a friend is. Unfortunately, this option won’t always work.

Relying on AI. Using AI to complete assignments is getting more and more common these days. While AI constantly progresses, and you can see how the algorithm changes and improves, the quality of such assistance is questionable. Surely, AI can create an outline for your paper or help you brainstorm ideas. However, you’ll be disappointed with the final result when you ask AI to complete an assignment on an under-researched topic.

Hiring tutors. This option is more or less reliable. Many tutors truly have vast knowledge that they are eager to share. Moreover, they have years of experience assisting students, allowing them to help students improve their writing skills and teach them how to get better at completing assignments. However, this option is expensive, and it requires students to allocate a lot of time until they notice visible results.

Assignment writing services in UAE. Addressing your writing request to a trustworthy assignment writing service is a smart option because it allows you to save money and worry less. Deadlines don’t have to weigh you down. You can ask a specialist to assist you when you need help or lack time to complete the assignment on your own. Our company offers such assistance, and we are always eager to help. Just let us know the assignment details and provide all the necessary instructions. We’ll take care of the rest.

Custom assignment writing services: what we offer

We don’t believe in generic solutions and strive to provide each customer with a customized solution to their writing problem. With so many years of experience behind us, we learned what it takes to deliver an original and impressive order despite all the challenges. Here’s what we can offer you:

  1. A customized approach. You can customize your order request in any way you want to receive exactly what you’re looking for. We will complete your assignment according to all specified instructions and find a working solution to a complex writing problem you’ve been struggling with. Our order form allows maximum flexibility and personalization, ensuring that your highest standards will be met.
  2. Unmatched quality. We’re proud of how far we’ve come in terms of paper writing assistance. It took us a while to gather such a dedicated team of experts eager to get to work the second you are done placing your order. Moreover, our rigorous approach to hiring only the best enables us to guarantee excellent quality, no matter how little time the expert has to complete your assignment. We work hard to ensure that our accounting assignment writing services really stand out.
  3. Originality. We craft each assignment from scratch and check for plagiarism and AI to guarantee authenticity. You won’t come across any pre-written tasks from us because it’s simply not how we operate. We focus on delivering superb results and offering uncompromising quality so our customers are satisfied with the quality of assignment writing services we deliver.
  4. Timely delivery. Don’t let deadlines weigh you down. Stop worrying about a lack of time. Rely on us and forget all about missed deadlines and feeling frustrated about your task being due soon. We’ve got you covered. Our experts have extensive experience in this field, allowing them to complete assignments faster than you expect. Moreover, they are always eager to help you with urgent tasks. Don’t worry; we have all it takes to solve your assignment writing problems.
  5. Easy order monitoring. Stay in touch with the helper throughout the whole process. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or suggestions. Reach out to them directly if your order needs minor changes. Your personal account allows you to do all of the above. We’ve made sure that order tracking is fast and easy for every customer.
  6. Enhanced learning experience. Working with us allows you to enrich your learning experience and learn from the best experts within the field. By collaborating with one of our assignment helpers on your project, you can gain additional knowledge and familiarize yourself with a few tips and tricks of assignment writing.

How we perfected our assignment help service

What sets CustomWritings apart is our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with first-class service. To do so, we worked tirelessly to find the most skilled and motivated experts to join our growing team. It took time and effort to gather so many helpers and coach them every step of the way. Yet, we can pride ourselves on providing excellent MBA assignment help Dubai whenever our customers require qualified writing assistance.

Our multi-step hiring process allows us to hire experts with diplomas who are eager to help you succeed. The process involves tough entry tests, including an English proficiency test, a major discipline test, a trial writing task, and a background check. We need to be 100% sure the candidate meets all the criteria before they get the job. Such an approach helps us to ensure that our CIPD assignment writing services stand out.

Our service gives customers peace of mind and confidence that everything will be taken care of. They can rely on the expert to complete the task exactly as specified. All students have to do is provide their instructions and pay a fixed price. We’ll find a suitable expert to do all the hard work.

Apart from that, we perform regular quality checks to make sure that everyone on the team adheres to the highest writing standards. It also allows us to keep track of performance and offer a helping hand whenever necessary. Moreover, experienced mentors help new members of the team get the gist and keep their writing quality at the top level. With only the top 6% of the experts getting onto our team, we can guarantee that our service is all about quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We are your universal assignment writing assistant when completing your task turns into a struggle. Rely on us, and you won’t face writing difficulties ever again.

Top-quality assignment help on time, every time

We understand that each assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained over the years. Therefore, our personalized approach is aimed at ensuring you get exactly what you ask for. “C” stands for custom, allowing you to tailor your order request according to the specific needs and requirements. Putting customers first and offering a spectrum of services are the basics of our CIPD assignment help Dubai. We work hard so you don’t have to.

Our dedication to consistently offering uncompromised quality in assignment writing has helped us reach new heights and become one of the most trustworthy assignment writing companies on the market. We provide top-tier writing services that are easily accessible to every student. The quality of the services provided will be high because we hire only the best. At CustomWritings, we firmly believe that writing assistance should be accessible to everyone because it empowers students to perform well and strive for excellence. We are more than happy to offer such assistance all year round.

Get a custom solution to your assignment writing problem from one of our 500 qualified experts. Provide your instructions, and we’ll deliver an order tailored to your needs. Our service combines excellent quality and a customized approach so you can leave your task to us and go live your life. With us, you’ll never miss a deadline, no matter how little time you have. Let us guide you through the complex world of assignment writing and offer a practical solution to your problem. Being your reliable assistant is an honor and a huge responsibility for us. We promise to do everything we can to make assignment writing a fascinating and trouble-free learning experience.

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