Music Research Paper Ideas and Trendy Topics in 2022

As different cultures have their own music preferences, it is important to realize how certain traditions have influenced art from various perspectives. Besides, one should realize that music, as an art, has evolved during history and attained peculiar features. Therefore, writing about music encompasses the ability to understand its core principles, realize its social and cultural concepts, and do in-depth research.

Even though music research may be challenging, it could be done in an interesting way. For instance, you can focus on specific topics that are of your highest concern. As there are various aspects of this particular art field, you can choose, for example, the history of music development, a person, or a genre as the main subject of your research paper. Thus, it is crucial to take into account all social, historical, and cultural peculiarities of a specific topic. When it comes to sources, you should define the references according to the type of research you do. For instance, if your research paper is about a famous musician, relevant references should be his or her works, notes, and information about specific working and living conditions.

Topics & Ideas for Research Paper Topics on Music Education

Music research paper topics must be both unique and catchy. A target audience should be willing to read it. Music is a discipline that can be researched through the prism of other disciplines. Below, one can see examples of good research paper topics on music education, history, and other related factors. Moreover, each topic has hints from professionals who explain what to write to get a good grade.

Live Music Shows as a Kind of Therapy

TV shows were created to entertain people. People like to relax when listening to unbelievable voices and unique song presentations. Your task is to enumerate music live shows and tell about their ratings. Then, it is necessary to learn more about their positive effect on the audience and compare them to other music therapies such as song creation, playing the instruments, etc. Research on such a topic helps people learn more about voice types, music styles, song alterations (covers), and the role of TV shows in the psychological well-being of the audience.

Music and Gaming Industries: Transformation inside the iGaming World

It is not a secret that music is used almost everywhere. Today, both children and adults play computer and app games. Game providers use music to stimulate the activity of gamers. How does it happen? What sounds and music usually fail? What music improves the engagement of gamers? If you answer these questions, you will learn the secret to the success of many game providers. For example, you can discuss “The Witcher” and songs that became famous thanks to this game.

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Music and Video Games Synchronization: Opportunities for Two Big Industries

Today, many songs are synched with e-games. Such a decision is very beneficial for both industries. Online casinos get a chance to involve more bets, while musicians can spread their products effectively. You can analyze two industries. For example, you can explore the job of Riot Music Group’s project called “the Rise”, which had great success as a live performance supported by animated music videos.

Folk Music as a Reflection of Human Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs

Folk music reflects the history of a concrete nation. All folk songs have religious, political, geographic, tribal, or ethnic boundaries. One should not speak about different folks in one dissertation or essay. It is better to select one and base research on it. For example, one can choose Ukraine to represent European folk music and analyze its Eurovision song “Shum” by Go_A.

Musicology in France: Music for Everyone

Musicology is a science that investigates history, society, art, performance, and theories of music. You can explore new books about French music to learn more about its history, music education, and other significant aspects. For example, you can research “The Creative Labor of Music Patronage in Interwar France” by Louis K. Epstein and reflect it in your paper. If you happen to lack the skills needed to discuss the topic of music, ask competent writers of a research paper writing service to enrich your knowledge and provide professional help.

Why is Music Support Essential in Education?

It is not a secret that music stimulates brain activity and helps students memorize and understand education topics better. What is the secret? Look for reliable sources to make your research paper informative and credible.

Pikasso Guitar: The History of the Unique Musical Instrument

There are many unique instruments that have impressive looks and sounding. One of such instruments is the Pikasso guitar with 42 strings. Who invented the device? What for? Try to answer these questions and find interesting facts to create a catchy paper.

Paul Stanley: a Man who Became Famous Despite Microtia

Today, it is great to write about disabled people who managed to succeed in their lives despite health or mental problems. When students write about such individuals, they win a teacher’s appreciation because they show their tolerance.

How Does the Internet Affect the Income of the Music Industry?

Today, it is not a problem to download a song for free or listen to it on online websites. If students decide to discuss this topic, they will show that they can combine their awareness of the music industry and connect it with finances and business factors.

Is There Any Method or Path for Becoming a Famous Musician?

Many talented people try to become famous. Some of them win the hearts of millions and are full of creative musical ideas. They reflect them in their songs and melodies. Other performers are gifted but fail to become recognized or die forgotten after the first successful song. Is there any formula that helps to become an idol of millions? Research the topic from various angles. Involve such disciplines as History, Business, Psychology, and Sociology.

Useful links
All educators have their requirements concerning academic writing. 100% of recommendations ask students to back up information. These five sources can help you support your ideas with dependable facts.

  1. International Music Score Library Project
  2. Bibliolore: the RILM blog
  3. Deceptive Cadence
  4. Harvard Business School: Baker Library Music Links
  5. Music Theory Examples by Women

Note! One should not forget to mention the cited sources in the bibliography or footnotes. Otherwise, one risks getting blamed for plagiarism.

Conclusion: Tips to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Music History Research Paper

The selection of music history research paper topics must be well-considered. It is a bad idea to select a theme that has nothing to do with reality and is not interesting to the target reader. One should remember three tips from experts to get a decent topic:

  • research is the first and the most significant step because it helps to learn the urgent problems and the latest news in the area;
  • make sure that you have enough information to write an essay, a dissertation, or a thesis paper;
  • investigate only dependable sources such as scientific periodicals, encyclopedias, trustworthy news, etc.

Sometimes, it is hard to find a topic that purely relates to music. As a rule, an average topic about music is connected with other disciplines such as Psychology, History, Philosophy, Biology, and others. That is why Music can be researched not only by students who want to become musicians.

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