15 Narrative Essay Ideas That Let Students Impress Their Teachers

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Posted on December 10, 2021

Students often have to write narrations. These assignments resemble descriptive writing a bit and sound like a story. Learners usually prepare short stories and viewpoint narratives. It could be a 3 or 5 paragraph composition that tells about events, personalities, and attitudes of people towards something or someone. One of the most difficult tasks is to find catchy ideas for narrative papers.

The best way to comprehend the meaning of narration is to search for top-level examples and examine them. This article will help you find a decent topic for your narrative essay quickly. It provides hints for a successful topic selection.

Top Best Narrative Topics for School and College Papers

Stories have different angles. Educators typically mention the perspective in requirements. Below, one can find titles for narrative essays that must present information from different views.

The 1st person narrative essay describes events from the author’s perspective and is a bit personal. Below, one can find 5 topics to fit such narratives.

  1. The day I will never forget
  2. How a pandemic has changed my life
  3. The best trip of my life
  4. Music that inspires me
  5. My parents are the best example to follow

2nd person narrative essays involve the target reader in the plot. A student uses ‘you’ when speaking about something. For example, “I know that you are afraid of Covid-19, but it mustn’t paralyze you. Life has many sides, and one can deal with different things to kill fears and enjoy life.” These five prompts might help you select a good topic for the 2nd person essay.

  1. How can you manage your fears?
  2. Nobody can stop you on your way to your dream.
  3. Why should you eat healthily?
  4. What you should never do when giving a speech
  5. What is the role of mass media in your life?

3rd person essays are the most common and usually objective. These are some narrative writing topics.

  1. Is literacy important in the epoch of T9 and smart keyboards?
  2. Can digital devices replace humans?
  3. How to keep a secret?
  4. Why friendship is significant?
  5. Life experience to remember and to forget

How to Select a Worthy Essay Topic

Professional writers never write about something unimportant. They always focus on the target audience. What do my readers want to find in my next book? Students should also ask such questions. What ideas will be interesting for other students and my teacher?

To find a worthy topic, one needs to interview people (friends, relatives, parents, students, educators, etc.) or find an essay writing helper with professional skills. Another option is to investigate various periodicals and learn the news. Google Scholar is a good sample of a website that has many articles in various fields. Even blogs and the yellow press will be helpful. They discuss rumors and news that students can refute. For example, Once I read a story about a man with two heads and decided to investigate the case to find out the truth.

NOTE! Before you start writing, make sure that you understand narrative essay meaning. It differs from argumentative, expository, and descriptive essays.

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