20 English 101 Essay Topics That Are Well-Thought Out

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Posted on March 23, 2018

In this post, we will explore different ideas on writing a college English 101 essay and they can serve as a means of inspiration to you when writing your own English 101 paper. To simplify the task of drafting your paper, the second half of this post will contain an English 101 essay sample which should serve as a tutorial or a road map for your own writings.

20 Well-Thought Out Topics on International Student Migration for an English 101 Essay

  1. Analysing the Lure of Western Environments to Educationists
  2. Western Education and Student Migration: The Importance of Quality Education and Its Role in Student Migration
  3. Non-European Students and the Rush for Higher Learning Opportunities in Western Countries: A Case Study
  4. Taking Advantage of Educational Opportunities: How Foreign Students See International Migration
  5. International Student Migration and Finance: The Role of Increased Earning Power on Student Migration
  6. The World’s Growing Middle-Class, Excellent Education and the Role of Available Finances in Spreading Student Migration in Europe
  7. Analysis the Triggers for the International Graduates’ Success Based on the Degrees International Students Pursue Most as a Case Study
  8. A Look at the Top 10 Courses Migrating Students Participate In
  9. Scrutinising the Top Colleges International Students Choose to Attend and the Diverse Incentives that Make These Institutions Attractive to Them
  10. Are the Top Schools for International Students in the West the Best? An Analysis of International Students’ Migration Policies
  11. Scrutinising the Reason why STEM-related Study Fields Lure more Foreign Students than their Contemporaries
  12. Population Indexes and Student Migration: Analyse the Connection Between a Non-EU Nation’s Population and the Number Of Foreign Students it Creates
  13. Examining the Impact of International Students from Asia and Africa on Western Societies and their Corresponding Environment
  14. Discussing the Attraction of Western Metropolitan Cities to International Student Migrating to the US, Canada and the UK
  15. Examining Why Metropolitan Societies Are the Best Options for International Students Schooling in a Foreign Country
  16. Scrutinising the Different Visa Laws In the US and Their Effect on Students
  17. Examining the Discrepancies with the Number of Graduating Professionals and Those Granted with H-1 B Visas to Work in the US
  18. The Visa Crises: Why Graduating International Students Are Restrained from Actively Seeking Jobs in EU Countries and the US
  19. The Importance of Migrating Students to Western Educational Systems
  20. Scrutinising Diverse Migration Policies and How They Can Help International Students Seek Employment in the Host Countries

Here we come to the end of the promised topics for writing your own English 101 essay samples. You can either lift off a topic from this post or modify one to simply begin your English 101 essay outline.

English 101 Sample Essay

The Visa Crisis: Why Graduating Students Are Restrained from Seeking Jobs in the EU and the US

Research from the National Office of Statistics shows that approximately 670,000 students are legally allowed to school in the United States while 193,000 are also given visas into the UK. The research also goes further to show that less than a 10th of these students are provided with working visas to seek employment as professionals in both countries. Why is this so?

The purpose of this essay is to highlight these discrepancies while also attempting to answer the question raised in the above paragraph. In order to do this, I intend to quote some facts from the US immigration office which states that approximately 19,500 individuals schooled in the US are given H-1B visas annually. Putting this figure against the 600 thousand getting an F-1 visa for study tells its own tales.

First, it is important to state that the poor acceptance rate of skilled professionals has little or nothing to do with a candidate’s intelligence or competence as some may think. This is because a far larger portion of international students actually do very well academically in US schools but are still deemed in-equipped for work.

Secondly, it also has next to nothing to do with them posing security threats for the average foreign student spends 3 years in the US without going against the laws. It means the issues are rather political and money-related.

To back up my claim, let’s take a look at the H-1B visa admittance process. According to immigration statistics, more than a 100,000 professionals apply each year to become recipients of this working visa, and only a fraction of people are successful. You should remember that the process isn’t cheap as the participants must pay a particular amount before their applications can even be considered.

Therefore, I believe the underlying factor here is a revenue generation. This is why F-1 visas are readily available to students bringing money into the country’s coffers while H-1B visas are more like unicorns.

Finally, I believe it is important for countries to be upfront to students coming in to study, so the most perspective of them can accurately consider their options. In the modern society inventions are the key to the country’s success, and it shouldn’t matter if they are made by the former international students or by the local ones

Here we come to the end of the English 101 essay covering the issue of migrating students.

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