IEEE Referencing Example: Is Virtual Reality More Than Just for Fun?

Posted on March 29, 2022

Sometimes it is not enough for one to read an IEEE citation example to understand the peculiarities of IEEE format. The main difference between an IEEE referencing example and other references is the presentation of a bibliography. When students write a paper, they have to support the main idea with a fact. To avoid the blame for plagiarism, they must reference the source at the end of writing. As a rule, a reference page consists of the used literature that is given in alphabetical order. IEEE citation style demands the presentation of sources in chronological order, one by one, as they are introduced in the paper. The first paraphrasing or citation in the text will have the first number in the bibliography. Besides, it has Times New Roman 10 and a single space, unlike the traditional 12-font and double-space.

IEEE Reference Format Example: Is Virtual Reality More Than Just for Fun?


Technology has become part of our daily life. We use smartphones to contact others, communicate with people, and search for information. Progress never stops. Today, one can hear a lot about the use of augmented and virtual reality. According to Marxent 3D Commerce, VR is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. First, people regarded it as an entertainment method. People could play their favorite games as if they were real. Today, VR is a powerful tool. It helps to succeed in different life areas such as medicine, military affairs, education, engineering, cooking, building, and science. Its significance is indisputable because it leads humanity to a better future.

Medicine is the first life sphere that benefits from VR. Doctors use it to teach practitioners to do the surgery, identify tumors and find the way for their removal, transplant organs, and do other important healthcare experiments. Thanks to VR, it is possible to see all body organs in the smallest detail. Some medical universities add augmented reality to guarantee the best learning opportunities. Due to that, a college does not need to buy tools for experiments. For example, students can perform virtual surgeries before doing a real one. Such testing shows whether a young surgeon is ready for the first operation or not. Moreover, VR is tested on patients who suffer from severe and chronic pain. Physicians use VR to distract patients from their tortures and let them relax without morphine, relaxants, and sedatives.
It is hard to imagine a comfortable trip without transport. Besides, every trip must be safe. That is why it is essential to find a defect before creating a car, a plane, or a bike. A creator can see a 3D model of a machine. Testing prevents malfunctions and accidents. VR lets a manufacturer see how the machine will function and correct the mistakes if there are any. VR also helps to provide detailed diagnostics of the vehicle and find the best solution to the problem.

It is so great to live in a perfect house. VR lets a designer and an architect create a house and see how the design will fit. Together, they can see all the pros and cons of the chosen colors, position of windows, possible problems of sanitary facilities, and solutions to them. The same one can say about the modeling of any other detail, construction, object, building, and equipment. Due to that, the device can function well without dozens of unsuccessful tests.

VR is a great tool for speech development. Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is a quite common problem for people. They cannot read a text or give a speech in front of an audience. The reason can be different. As a rule, individuals are afraid to make a mistake and be laughed at. VR glasses can come to their rescue. The glasses will simulate the audience, and a person’s job is to experiment with approaches such as relaxation techniques and cognitive-behavioral therapy to prevent the use of medicines or achieve success with their help.

How much time does a person need to visit all historical places around the globe? How much does it cost to go to a museum and examine artworks? All these things can be easily done together with virtual glasses. Moreover, a teacher or an art expert can guide many students simultaneously. There is no necessity to hire a bus and take responsibility for students’ safety anymore. Besides, PPT presentations and pictures do not let students get 3D parameters of the studied art examples.

VR is a precious tool for education. Millions of students feel bored when reading dull books about historical events or watching videos that fail to convey the real atmosphere of a battle. Due to VR glasses, a student can observe and even participate in a battle, elections of a president, lab experiments without danger and harm for one’s health, investigate space and the Earth, research flora and fauna on different continents, and try personal efforts in referencing and paraphrasing without getting “D” or “E”. The biggest advantage of VR is that a person does not waste time on attempts to master something. Thanks to that, people know exactly what and how to do to get the desired result.

Courts, police stations, and other different legislative and executive branches can use VR to maintain law and order. For instance, criminalists can simulate a crime. Judges and juries can evaluate not only photos but witness the crime. They will see whether the crime was possible due to exact trajectories of bullets, time frames, or the position of a body and evidence. Researchers of Zurich University managed to reconstruct the crime scene. It let the juries and judges evaluate the whole situation and punish the guilty person.

When people learn to cook, they will surely make mistakes. They can forget to buy some kitchen tools or products, and fail to prepare pasta and sauce simultaneously. VR allows them to test their cooking talents without product waste. First, they practice, and then buy everything required and proceed to cook.
Finally, VR helps to prepare soldiers for military services. It is dangerous to practice the use of bombs, grenades, mines, and different types of guns. Sometimes, a person forgets what to do in hot spots and critical situations. A police officer must know that he can kill when it is necessary. A soldier must know how to develop a battle strategy and what weapon to use to guarantee the best outcome without severe losses. The same one can say about firemen training. They will be ready for any case if they will be able to practice, having simulations of various fires.

To conclude, VR is more than just fun. Lucky Palmer once said, “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself”. Indeed, many things are hard to explain and figure out without a decent visualization. VR can do that. Hospitals, police stations, fire stations, educational institutions, and various organizations will function better thanks to such useful technology.


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