Research Paper: “Economics Issues” – 20 Topics and Ideas to Debate and Research

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Posted on March 13, 2019

Nowadays, economics is one of the most developed social sciences that has a straightforward relation to almost all the spheres of modern life. This science studies statistics, different types of calculations, and various data types related to production and distribution of products and services, and their consumption by people from all over the world. Therefore, economics provides a significant number of topics to research, including a prediction of different economic processes, statistical observations, and generally developed analyses on the point. Because the economy is usually known as a system of manufacturing and distributing a great range of products and services, you may also discover the basic rules of production and chains of distribution, changes in production trends, basic requirements of the customers, business cycles, and even sophisticated business strategies.

You should remember that the economic research paper must be written according to the requirements of the professor and provide valuable claims supported by facts and pieces of evidence. In order to develop a good paper, use only reliable sources that may be found in libraries, specialized books, and peer-reviewed articles on economics.

Topic and Ideas for Economics Research Paper

Below you can find examples of topics for economics research paper:

1. The History of Economics and Its Development Today

The social science of economics has a long and rich history that dates back to the times of Ancient Greece, China, and India. At those times, people were interested in defining basic rules of economics and wrote numerous works on economic thoughts and principles. Therefore, the history of economics is a great topic to research, as it allows evaluating early economic policies and exploring their development to modern times. All the supporting materials on the point may be found in historical libraries and books on the history of economics.

2. Twentieth-Century Economic Methodology

In this research paper, you may provide an overview of the methodology applied for economics, social sciences, and political economy, evaluate it thoroughly, and discuss the main representatives and significant economists of that time. In addition, you may discuss the hegemony of neoclassical economics, explore valuable suggestions of Paul Samuelson, and make valuable conclusions about the economic methodology of the last century. The information on the topic may be found in related books and scholarly articles on economic methodology.

3. Main Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior in Developing Countries

Nowadays, there is a significant difference between consumer behavior in developed and developing countries as the residents of these countries are motivated by various factors that usually include prices and quality. Because the markets and manufacturing facilities in such countries like Albania, Argentina, and others develop rapidly, it is necessary to research main factors that influence consumer behavior in these countries and evaluate the perspectives of their domestic markets. The supporting material on the point may be found in official reports provided by the governments of the developing countries and previous research on consumer behavior.

4. Labor Markets in Developed Countries

In this research paper, you may evaluate labor markets in such countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, and many other applying a theory of labor market allocation, research labor demand in different regions and their relation to economic development within these regions, define main labor supply trends, and explore difference in salaries across various occupations. The information on labor markets in developed countries may be found in official reports provided by the special departments of the developed countries and peer-reviewed articles about labor demand within the discussed regions.

5. The Influence of Labor Unions on Labor Markets in European Countries

Researching this captivating topic, you may define the reasons for the formation of labor unions by employees and their main functions. Thus, because these unions help workers to obtain various compensations, provide them with benefits, and allow improving working conditions, in this way, protecting the interests of employees considerably. For that reason, the influence of Labor Unions on Labor markets in European countries is significant, as it helps to increase labor demand and protects the interests of ordinary workers. The supporting information on the point may be obtained from articles in specialized journals and books on Labor markets.

6. Macroeconomic Models, Their Advantages and Disadvantages

In this research paper, you may discuss different macroeconomic models and their distinguishing features that distinguish them from the other models. You may start from the critique of traditional economic approaches by Keynes, evaluate Keynesian Economics, explore the development of Macroeconomics from the 1960s until the 2010s, and mention peculiarities of Monetarism, Real Business Cycle Theory, and other widespread models. The valuable information to support the provided claims may be obtained from specialized databases and journals on macroeconomics.

7. The Influence of Macroeconomic Policies on Economic Instability

To research this topic properly, you may discuss different elements of the business cycle and evaluate the influence of inflation rates, changes in GDP, and unemployment rates on Economic Instability. Besides, you may research the great inflation in the 1970s, stagflation, recession in 2007, and possible future perspectives of macroeconomic policies. Finally, you may provide a valuable conclusion on the influence of macroeconomic policies on economic stability and define cyclical features of economic instability. The related information may be found in books on macroeconomic policies and peer-reviewed articles on economics.

8. International Trade and Its Main Restrictions

International trade and its main restrictions may be researched from the point of economic theories and models as each of them may explain challenging economic and trading relations between world states. To discuss sophisticated trade relations, you may apply the Ricardian Model of Comparative Advantage, Ricardo-Viner Model, Heckscher-Ohlin Model, and others, in this way, explaining major patterns and rules of the international trade relations. The supporting facts and pieces of evidence may be found in books on international trade, articles on trade relations between particular world states, and official economic reports of these countries.

9. Monetary Union and Its Main Advantages

A monetary union means the involvement of two or more countries in sharing the same currency. This approach is usually applied to obtain a range of particular advantages that include the reduction of transaction costs, the creation of a single developed market, the prevention of currency devaluation, and many others. The valuable information to support the claims on the point may be found in scholarly articles on monetary union and related books.

10. Racial Identity and Its Relation to Economics in the USA

In this research paper, you may discuss some statistical facts on wages, level of education, occupation on white people and African Americans in the USA. To explain the significant differences between whites and people of color, you may apply theories of discrimination, evaluate recent research on discrimination of people of color, and provide a conclusion on how racial identity influences people of color and their economic status in the USA, explore their employment opportunities and analyze differences in wages. The paper may be grounded in previous research on the topic and peer-reviewed articles on racial and economic discrimination.

11. Peculiarities of East Asian Economies

Recently, the economies of East Asian countries have developed significantly. Therefore, peculiarities of East Asian economies is a great topic to research, as it allows to define the most important features of economic development in China, South Korea, and other East Asian countries that include the reformation of production and labor markets. The information on the point may be found in scholarly articles on East Asian economies and books on the economic development in Asia.

12. Agricultural Economics in the USA

Agricultural economics in the USA is another interesting topic to research. You may evaluate the economics in the food sector and discuss fiber manufacturing as well, providing theoretical explanations on the point and outlining quantitative tools applied. The information may be found in books and peer-reviewed articles on agricultural economics in the USA.

13. Migration and its Influence on Economics

In this research paper, you may research the impact of migration on the economies of the USA, Canada, the UK, and other countries popular among immigrants. Here, you can apply various micro and macroeconomic models to define the impact of inner and international migration on the economies of these countries. The supporting information may be found in official reports provided by the International Organization of migration and in peer-reviewed articles on migration in developed and developing countries.

14. Ethics and Modern Economics

Nowadays, market relations and market interactions between different countries usually cannot be distinguished as ethical. Because modern market approaches limit opportunities of customers to choose from a variety of goods and services and struggle to maintain a monopoly, it is important to discuss ethical decisions in modern economics, as well as ethical decisions of the customers in different countries. The information about ethics and its relation to modern economics may be found in numerous articles in scientific journals and books on modern economics.

15. The Importance of Neuroeconomics in Approaching International Markets

Neuroeconomics deals with theoretical and methodological approaches to economics, customer behavior, and decision theory, having a straightforward relation to customer approaches. By researching neuroeconomics and its efficiency in approaching international markets, you may predict the decisions of the customers in different countries and define how they make their choices and decisions. The information on the point may be found in peer-reviewed articles on neuroeconomics and previous research on approaching international markets.

16. Experimental Economics Today

In this research paper, you may evaluate new economic theories and examine their influence on scientific progress and economic development. Here, you can discuss game theory, new macroeconomic approaches, and other subjects. The supporting information on the point may be found in articles on experimental economics and previous research on game theory.

17. Purchasing Capacity and Its Influence on Prices

Purchasing capacity of the average customer is one of the most important features for traders, as it allows defining the target audience, setting affordable prices, and attracting new customers. Therefore, purchasing capacity and its influence on prices is a great topic to research and evaluate modern markets and their basic principles. The information about prices and their relation to the purchasing capacity of customers may be found in official economic reports and strategies of different trading companies and articles on economics.

18. Globalization and Its Effects on the Development of International Economics

Nowadays, globalization provides a range of opportunities for manufacturers, traders, and customers. To research this topic, it is necessary to define theadvantages and disadvantages of globalization, evaluate its positive features and their impact on the international economy, and provide a thorough examination of possible future trends. The information on the topic may be found in articles on international economics and previous research on globalization and its positive and negative features.

19. Level of Unemployment in the Different World States

Unemployment rates have a significant influence on the economic development of particular countries and their certain regions. Therefore, this topic provides a great chance to conduct research on the level of unemployment in different world states and define the relation of employment rates to economic development in particular regions.

This topic allows researching the recent trends in marketing and their influence on sales. The paper may be based on previous research on the latest trends and their comparison to the new approaches to the customers. The supporting information may be found in official reports of trading companies and articles on trends in marketing and sales.


Today, economics appears to be one of the most developed sciences that continues to introduce innovative approaches and has a significant impact on different spheres of human lives in different countries. It has a relation to statistics, various types of calculations, production, distribution, and other vast fields. Thus, a range of economic processes, numerous statistical observations, and analyses of markets and economic approaches are the inherent part of everyday life, allowing people to buy and sell different goods and provide various services. Therefore, you may choose from many different topics to research, exploring and evaluating challenging and captivating subjects on the point.

However, ensure to focus on the requirements of the professor and arrange the researched information according to the provided instructions. All your claims should be supported with facts and pieces of evidence found in reliable sources and cited according to the required format of the paper. In this way, your paper will obtain the highest possible grade, providing the ground for numerous researches in the future.

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