20 Narrative Essay Topics on Arranged Marriages in India

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Posted on December 11, 2015

If you are tasked with writing a narrative essay on arranged marriages in India, then you might be looking for a prompt, or topic, that you can use to make your writing piece the best piece possible.
If so, there are twenty useful topics below on the idea of arranged marriages:

  1. Why Divorce Rates Are Lower Among Contractual Marriages in India
  2. How Loving Indian Parents Should Evaluate Potential Matches In a Marriage
  3. A Time When You Had to Fulfill Your Parents Wishes And You Found That In Doing So You Were Much Happier
  4. A Personal Story Which Exemplifies How Respect and Trust You Had For Someone Else Transformed Into Love
  5. A Time When You Realized the Foundation for Love Was Not Just Feelings
  6. It Takes a Lifetime to Learn How to Love Someone in Indian Arranged Marriages
  7. Explain Why Brides Need a Dowry in India
  8. The Theme of Commitment Involved in Arranged Marriages in India
  9. A Time You Made a True Commitment to Something, With No Visible Exit Strategy
  10. A Story About a Time You Challenged What Your Parents Wanted For You
  11. An Event in Your Life Where You Were Considered an Embarrassment in Your Social Circles For Choosing Something
  12. A Time In Your Life Where You Made a Decision Based on a Commitment and Not on Feelings
  13. A Time When You Were Encouraged By Individuals or Society to Seek the Approval of A Potential Mate Above All Else
  14. A Time When Your Parents Were Responsible for Making a Large Life Decision For You, Similar to An Arranged Marriage in Terms of the Life Impact It Has
  15. A Special Celebration or Tradition In Your Family Where Blessings Are Bestowed Upon the People for Whom the Party is Thrown
  16. A Time When You Were Asked to Make a Life Altering Decision But You Learned New Information About The Decision After It Was Made
  17. An Event Where You Witnessed Real Love Growing or Dying Between Two People
  18. What Traits You Were Taught Were Important In Order for You To Become a Successful Adult, Taught When You Were a Child
  19. A Time When You Felt Forced to Make a Decision You Did Not Want
  20. A Time or Event In Your Life Where You Learned Something New About Someone You Had Lukewarm Feelings For

Sample Narrative Essay on the Foundation for Love

I never realized. How was I so blind? Steven was there, always there. I was foolish, young, and full of the spirit of adventure. Not wanting to sit still, and certainly not wanting to listen to my parents, I let my young whims and desires run away with me, so to speak. I had my best friend nearby, sure, but he was there to lend a hand in picking up the pieces after I had been broken, or to fill in the dead air when no other plans were made. I was not yet cognizant of the unfairness with which he was treated, or that I had viewed him incorrectly the entire time.

To me, love was a silly notion, something that was used as an excuse for people who had religion on their side to get in between the sheets without the fiery wrath of their god or their parents. But I understand and appreciated many of the Greek words for love, such that they presented delineation between the love we feel for family members, for friends, and for those with whom we are intimately involved. I appreciated this thought, as it offered an explanation for the different feelings I had for different people in my life, rather than lumping them all together under one title.

Broken, yet again, and sitting alone, there was no second thought about who to call. There was only one person I could stand to see and that one person was the perfect mixture of support, structure, and mutual trust. I was able to rely upon the one person to make me laugh. He never had to ask if I was not feeling well, or if something was wrong. He always knew how to make me laugh. He would say the perfect thing no matter the situation.

Suddenly I was quite sick. I was taken over by a serious infection, something the doctors couldn’t diagnose. Multiple hospital visits, countless needles and blood, and restless days spent in bed were only made better by the regular, unasked for visits by my best friend. Never was I only subjected to hospital pillows and food, for he brought me both. Soon enough, a feeling of appreciation developed. I was appreciative for his kind acts. His refusal to leave the bedside, and to always care for me thereafter turned into something stronger. He stood up for what he believed in one day, against all manner of harassment, not backing down from his religion or his love of books. Witnessing this turned my feelings of appreciation into respect. I respected him for his convictions. This level of respect, over the course of many years converted itself into adoration and liking him. I liked him, wanted to be near him, and never wanted to be apart. But with time, this feeling too converted itself into love. But this love was much stronger than any other love felt before and was unique in its foundation.

It had taken me years, multiple years of trials and tribulations before I realized that there were feelings there which were much more important and significant than what many people foolishly considered “love”. Searching for that one person to make everything right, searching for that one person who was there without even being asked.

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