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Students' lives are not the easiest, and often, challenges come from homework. Written assignments are among the most problematic, and students may need help from time to time. Limited time, being overloaded with tasks, procrastination, or unforeseen circumstances can become obstacles that prevent students from finishing homework.

Our writing service provides a working solution, letting you address any last-minute essay writing issue with professional authors. Ordering help from us can be a way out of a stressful situation. We work for you every day and never sleep. We help students online and are ready to face any challenge. Our authors can handle any task and meet short deadlines.

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Last minute college essay assistance 24/7

One of the problems students often face when searching for last minute essay help is the need to order ASAP. We work for you without breaks. You can count on effective customer assistance anytime.

If you are located in another part of the globe, our team will stay in touch even at night, 24/7, answering your questions. Freely address your questions to our responsible managers, who will give you prompt feedback. The easiest way to reach our customer service representative is by dropping us a message within our site's chat. Feel free to ask questions about payments and prices, specify the terms and conditions, or request updates. You can reach out to a customer manager to get information about the status of your paper or ask for money back.

Last minute essay writers will solve any problem

If you have never tried ordering help from a writing service and think your situation is not typical, you are wrong. We can handle any task and deal with complicated cases. Our team is packed with writers who know all academic standards and can craft customized papers.

We help students in various circumstances. However, it does not matter to our writing specialists why you decided to get assistance. We can share why some students ask for help so you will see that the situations are different.

Students are asking us for help for specific reasons:

Poor knowledge

Some college disciplines are harder to learn than others. In such situations, students often ask for help from their relatives, classmates, or tutors. If you do not have a person to trust or cannot find a tutor ASAP, ordering help is a great option. Dealing with us when you lack knowledge in a specific area of study is an effective solution for any homework.

We have specialists whose experience and education level allow them to write a paper on any topic. Our authors are experts in such college disciplines as philosophy, history, psychology, ethics, social studies, English literature, and more. Requesting last-minute essay writing assistance because of poor knowledge of the complicated discipline is a valuable reason to turn to us.

Too many papers

If one has to write too many written assignments at once, and all these tasks are written on different topics, it can more likely become a mess. Concentrating on one case is crucial to create a meaningful paper. If you are overloaded with several essays to write, if these papers are complicated and very large, or if you must spend too much time researching the topic, you can ask us for help.

It is obvious that students can get overloaded with papers from time to time. You will not be alone if you have too many papers to write. Ask us for help anytime.

Need for relaxation

From time to time, students must find ways to recharge batteries and distract themselves from their studies and struggles. If a vacation is not near, but you feel overwhelmed, our help will be a great solution.

While our professional authors will work on your assignments, you can do something that brings you joy and physical rest. For example, you can go for a weekend to your parents' house in case you live on campus. Many students dedicate time to friends, going to the cinema, spending time in the gym, or doing their favorite sports. If you have a hobby that requires time, it is your chance to get positive emotions doing what you like.

Combining work and studies

Many students combine work with getting a college education. You might need money for life or wish to help your family. Some students attend a job to gain work experience and contribute to future careers. Your reasons to work and study simultaneously may be different. If you are a working student, you will need help with homework. For example, you may face a difficult situation at work or need to stay for additional hours. As you know, overload may influence your mental and physical condition. Let us assist you while you dedicate time to your work duties.

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Why do clients choose us?

Our team provides numerous guarantees and benefits that customers highly appreciate. Each time a student orders our services requesting last-minute essay help, we ask for feedback and get genuine reviews. By reading and analyzing the customer feedback, we can become better. Among the main benefits our customers appreciate are the following:

Great prices

Many clients choose us because we offer reasonable rates. We do our best to offer affordable rates as we realize that most of our clients are students. Making it easy and possible for a student to afford professional essay writing help is one of our missions.

We also offer a perfect balance between prices and the quality of essays we send to customers. By reading the reviews of our clients, we can see that some of them compare our service to others. Customers admit that our papers are perfect and worth the money paid for them. Moreover, the price we offer is not the highest on the market.

Clear conditions

Cooperation with our service will be clear thanks to transparent terms and conditions that are obligatory for each party. On our site, you can find and read the details about the terms of our cooperation with customers. For example, you will find out the details about the ordering and payment process. Also, you can read about cooperation with customer managers, asking for updates on essays, due dates, or speedy ordering when a student requests last minute essay writing and wants us to write a paper ASAP. Terms and conditions define the possibility of changing the initial order details and how it can influence the price. Before a customer starts working with our service, he or she must assign and agree to our terms.

Fast delivery

Students who know about the speed of our service do not think twice about where to get help with last minute essay writing. Many clients choose us as we are the fastest writing service they have ever dreamed of. When you are getting close to the deadline and panic that you will not make it on time, our help is on its way. Ask us for assistance, and we will deal with your complicated task, providing you with essays from scratch.

For vast and voluminous papers, we recommend you order beforehand. If the paper's size is large, our writer will need more time to finish working on the order.

What customers say about us

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How are we different from others?

Our clients appreciate our responsible approach and the guarantees we provide when providing last-minute essay writing assistance.

We have professional writers

One of our core unique advantages is that we cooperate with highly-rated authors. Each writer who deals with our team has enough skills and can write an essay on any topic. We work with authors whose level of knowledge is high and approved by our quality control managers.

We create original papers

We create quality papers and write them from scratch. Each author from our team provides research before crafting an essay for a customer. The essay you receive will never be plagiarized. If needed, you can check the originality of the paper to ensure that the content is original.

We provide free revisions

Customers can request free updates when we create papers for them. When you get an order after we finish providing you with last minute essay help, go through the paper and ensure you are satisfied. If you think that a writer did not follow the initial order details, you can request a free revision. Please note that if you want to change initial order details, you need to pay for changes.

Let us help you relieve the stress of essay writing!

Our experience is the key to your success

Working with outstanding authors with vast experience is one of our main benefits.

What a professional writer will do to write an essay for you:

Following the order details

We assure you that our professional authors will do their best to meet your expectations and follow the instructions you provide. Your interaction with our website will start once you register in our system. Provide brief details and email to reach you.

  • We will kindly ask you to fill out the form for your order so we know exactly what type of essay you need–for example, argumentative, explanatory, cause and effect, narrative, or admission essay. If you need help with another type of paper, mention the one you require. We can write a research paper, a speech, a thesis paper, or even a vast dissertation for you.
  • Feel free to provide the topic and the name of the discipline. If the topic is not ready and the task of the writer is to formulate it, let us know in the order form. Our authors can brainstorm and generate a topic that will be appropriate.
  • Point out the level of author you want to engage in the process. Choose high school, undergraduate, master's, or another level.
  • Provide the requirements on the formatting style (MLA, Chicago/Turabian, APA) and the number of pages.
  • Obligatorily set the deadline and consider that the price for our assistance will depend on the due date. Ordering last minute essay help often means spending more than if you ordered our services beforehand.
  • If you want to add files that will help your author write a paper, feel free to do it while ordering. For example, you can attach drafts, samples, add links to sources recommended by a teacher, and other materials.

Our ordering process is very suitable, and any student will easily manage it. You will not lose any detail.

Moreover, our form is a great instrument for requesting last-minute essay writing as it saves you time by ordering quickly.

Generating ideas

One of the benefits we guarantee to our customers is dedicated and creative authors. Our writers approach topics and main statements as if they are supposed to create something new. Our specialists are well-trained and experienced, enough to think out of the box even when the case is trivial at first sight.

We are ready to help you when you experience writer's block. Nevertheless, you might be good at writing, but from time to time, you may lack inspiration or motivation to generate ideas. Ask us for last-minute essay help, and even in the short term, we will find a suitable case for you.

Brainstorming on a topic is not the only one of the ways to use our authors' creativity. We also encourage writers from our team to use rare sources and find actual facts on each case.

Research on the topic

Thorough research is one of the ways to gain relevant data for essays. Our experienced authors know exactly what the differences are between the main types of sources for research: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Defining what source to use for specific papers and what its type is can be tricky. The information below will help to determine a source's type:

  • Primary sources

    These sources contain information about events as they are first described or created without adding commentaries or descriptions. Information in primary sources is from the first hand, and usually, it is original material. Primary sources expose original events, new discoveries, and other fresh facts.

    Examples: poems, letters, photos, government reports, interviews, diaries, correspondence, diaries, artworks, speeches, conference proceedings, scholarly articles, and others.

  • Secondary sources

    These sources restate the ideas from primary sources. They can contain analyses and commentaries on primary sources that describe and explain them. Interpretation, summary, and ways that add value to primary sources are the purpose of secondary sources.

    Examples: research works' reviews, biographies, reviews of legislation, textbooks, political commentaries, and edited works.

  • Tertiary sources

    These sources are compilations of other sources. Their purpose is to list ideas or materials without interpreting them. Tertiary sources repack ideas and usually serve as additional ones.

    Examples: almanacs, encyclopedias, bibliographies, handbooks, guides, Wikipedia, and dictionaries (note some of these may be secondary as well).

Thoughtful outlining

Even if an essay or other college paper is original and contains creative ideas, without a strong structure, it will not be readable. The outline of an essay serves several specific purposes.

First, an outline arranges a writer's thoughts and helps to organize information, even in large papers like dissertations. Second, an essay with a good structure is easy to read and cite. Third, readers will most likely agree with an author's ideas and statements if they are logically arranged. Thoughtful outlining will help you to focus on the paper's core ideas, as when it comes to last-minute essay writing, focus becomes crucial.

Here is how our experienced authors create effective outlines for essays:

Organizing ideas

When students start writing outlines, not all their ideas are finalized. At this point, outlining becomes another stage of organizing your material and brainstorming. Ensure that you already have at least a title and some information from relevant sources.

Defining groups of statements

Create categories for information to easily arrange your thoughts and speed up the structuring process. Ideas, arguments, statements, quotes, and other types of materials must relate to various themes you raise in a paper. For a standard essay, you will need at least three themes that support the main statement. Arrange all materials in groups related to specific themes. For example, if you are writing an essay on history, you can create categories depending on different periods.

While defining groups of statements, you can quickly analyze sources and double-check their relevance to the topic.

Components of an outline

The structure of an essay helps to present information in a certain order and expose the core ideas to readers.


This element of an essay serves to engage readers and make them interested in what they will read in the rest of the text. Consider the topic and discipline when mastering an introduction, as context is crucial. In some cases, an epigraph may be appropriate. Also, the author must consider the tone of voice when crafting an introduction, as for some subjects, a catchy joke or anecdote would be suitable. For some subjects, it will be enough to enclose a fitting quote that will illustrate the statement.

One of the main functions of an introduction in an essay is to present the main thesis and explain the topic. After reading the introduction, readers must understand what they will read in the paper.

Main body

This section contains core ideas and statements that relate to and support the main thesis of an essay. The body contains at least three paragraphs.

  • Each paragraph has a certain structure. First, it must provide a topic sentence that prepares readers for the next statements. Such topic sentences must be not more than one for each body paragraph.
  • The second element of a body paragraph is a supporting sentence. The information in these sentences helps to provide supporting ideas for a topic sentence. Authors must add the results of their analyses and consider different types of supporting sentences.
  • The number of supporting sentences in the body depends on the paper size.
  • The third component of an essay's body paragraph would be a concluding sentence. It must refer to the last line of a paragraph and conclude a certain idea. Before moving to the next paragraph, the author underlines the points from the previous one.
  • It is crucial to include in the body of an essay opposite ideas that confront the main thesis. Especially if you are writing a persuasive essay, all counter arguments can be listed in one of the body paragraphs with explanations of why your ideas are stronger. Such a move will help you gain the trust of readers.
  • Write the main body purposefully. Each paragraph must relate to the main topic to support it. All information you add in the essay must be relevant to the case.
  • It is crucial to add cohesive words to each paragraph of the body to ensure light and smooth transitions between paragraphs. For example, use such words as therefore, however, thus, and other.
  • Using paragraph breaks helps an author ensure that readers can follow the points. When you start a new topic, let readers have a pause after the previous idea. Correctly using paragraph breaks will influence the readers' mood and create the right impression.
  • Ensure that all body paragraphs are clear and concise. Check each one separately and remove redundancy if needed.


The art of crafting an effective conclusion is one of the hard skills of our experienced authors. Conclusions are required for all essays, no matter their type. The main purpose of writing a conclusion in an essay is to answer the question 'So what?' In other words, it will wrap up the main idea and core statements of an author, optionally offer ideas for further writing, pop a question for research, etc.

To make a conclusion effective, you need to restate the main thesis and remind the reader about the aims of writing. It is crucial to paraphrase the main thesis. Also, summarize the main ideas from the supporting sentences of the body paragraphs. Recall an introduction and show the connection between the opening and closing statements. Help the reader to gain insights from the essay and focus on your main point. Give solutions, answer questions, or make a call to action. You must give your readers something to think about. A good conclusion leaves readers with a sense of finalization.

Conclusions can have different styles:

  • Editorialization is common for essays that aim to persuade readers by creating an emotional connection with the author. Writers often use personal experience in such conclusions, appeal to politics and beliefs, add anecdotes, comment on cases, and so on.
  • Summarization is a style of conclusion that fits technical and medical topics, as it gives a summary of ideas, repeats definitions, and sounds more like a report. It does not require an author to express a personal attitude to the case and convince readers to agree.
  • Externalization is a style that approaches a part of a complex subject and addresses a specific issue related to this subject. Such conclusions contain ideas for further research, questions for discussion, and topics for new essays.

Writing a comprehensive conclusion for an essay means using the same tone of voice as for the rest of the paper. Avoid beginning a conclusion with redundant words or phrases like 'in summary.' It is not necessary. A conclusion should not provide new ideas on the topic. An effective conclusion ends in a positive tone.

Patient editing

Our experienced authors always take enough time to edit an essay to perfection. Professional authors know that skipping the crucial stage of proofreading and polishing an essay can lead to the need for revisions. However, we guarantee customers the possibility of getting free updates on papers; not all students want to spend time on revisions.

Editing an essay includes reading each section and ensuring that the paper meets the initial order requirements. Our author will check the paper size to provide the required number of words or pages in the essay. While editing, the writer will reduce all errors, typos, and repeated words. If required, the author will use online tools to check the quality of the papers and ensure that the content is original.

Frequently asked questions

Can I write an essay in one night?

Of course, a lot depends on the volume of the essay and the topic. For some essays, one night is enough to finish a paper, and some essays require more time. If you need to do detailed research and check many sources, it will not be easy to write an essay fast.

How do you write a last minute essay?

To write an impressive and meaningful paper, clarify the requirements, word count, and deadline. After collecting information from credible sources, outline the paper. After writing all elements of an essay, it is crucial to proofread it.

Who will write my essay?

Your paper will be in good hands as our service works only with professional authors whose expertise is vetted. You can order papers on any topic and be confident we will handle your task.
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