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Often have problems writing essays? Dread the idea of endless hours behind the desk with no or next-to-awful results? Hate to hate essays?

It’s OK to feel this way. What’s more, you don’t have to be ashamed - thousands of students experience the same type of problems every day. Just imagine: somewhere there in the dorm, there’s a student just like you – lost, frustrated and exhausted. All of it because of a single writing assignment.

But how comes (s)he appears so relaxed and confident in the public? Ever wondered?

In fact, academic confidence goes hand in hand with professional academic guidance. And when it comes to writing assignments, custom essay writing services – like - swing into action.

How our professional essay service can help you is the leading essay writing service on the market. is a custom essay writing service that takes any academic pains off students' shoulders. Our best professionals will easily tailor the assignment to your needs and deliver it as soon as possible. Over the last 11 years, we’ve delivered thousands of custom essays written from scratch to students worldwide.

What is the use of buying academic essays? Why isn’t it better to use free essays from an online database? Let us explain.

When you place an order with we assign one of our top academic writers to work on your essay. As a result, you receive a custom paper that is not only first-class but also written from scratch according to your specifications. This means that you can freely use it as an example of a paper that not only belongs to the same general type but is written on the same topic, using the same formatting style as the one you are assigned to do.

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Our essay writing service is helpful in a number of ways:

  • You can improve your understanding of the topic without having to dig through a pile of literature on the subject.
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  • You can learn the most important principles of essay structure and arrangement, as well as mimic the writing style with perfect English;
  • Learning formatting styles from textbooks is time-consuming and difficult – an example can be used for quick reference;
  • You can use a sample as a foundation for your own research on the subject;

As you can easily see, using our non-plagiarized essays is a great way to improve your essay writing skills and chances of getting a high grade.

We write all types of essays: fast, cheap and professional is an affordable and trustworthy way of getting genuine essays on the topic of your choosing. Over the years, our writers had to deal with a wide variety of subjects, ranging from history and sociology to economics and business, and today our professional essay writing service can assist you with virtually any task. You don’t have to worry about your task anymore – simply place an order on our site, and your custom essay will be ready fast, in 8 hours for urgent orders to be precise. Moreover, with prices starting at $10/page, this is probably the best value for money you can find among academic essay writing services.

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Why, you may ask? It is very simple – we very much doubt that there is any other essay writing service that pays the same attention to the kind of people it hires. Every person willing to work for should prove that he has a relevant degree in one of the fields related to the subject he intends to write about and then successfully pass a number of tests:

  • English proficiency test. Even if the writer comes from an English-speaking country like US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand he/she has to demonstrate that they know how to use language structures in a proper way, knows enough vocabulary to write in an educated manner, and, in general, has sufficient mastery of language to produce essay writing that doesn’t feel non-English;
  • Formatting knowledge test. There are many formatting styles of relatively equal importance, and a new writer should know how to use them without wasting time leafing through reference books;
  • Writing test. It isn’t exactly true that when we have a choice we always hire the fastest writer even if he isn’t all that smart and good at writing per se, but we certainly pay great attention to the speed at which our employees can produce text.

As you may see, your essay paper will be in safe hands no matter whom we choose to work on it. If you want you may even take part in this choice yourself: for $5 you can get 3 samples of your writer’s writing and decide if it satisfies you.

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When you place your order, consider the size of the essay you want to buy – it is the most important factor defining the sum that will have to be paid for it. Take a look at our additional features: some of them – for example, a progressive delivery feature - may be somewhat costly, but they offer significant benefits when used strategically. You can find the exact cost using the price calculator below.

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When you order essay writing from our service, we guarantee premium-quality for every customer – however, you can improve the likelihood of positive result on your own simply by making sure the instructions you provide are as clear, definite and unambiguous as possible. Our writers are really good, but even they won’t be able to write the paper you need if you give them wrong guidelines. So check your order before placing it and leave the rest to our reliable essay writing service!

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