Essay Sample on Teacher Indentity: Who Am I?

Posted on September 19, 2011

Sample essay on Teacher Indentity:
I am a 24 year old white female from a middle class family. I hail from a family of six siblings and I am the youngest. I have always had a passion for teaching ever since I was in high school. This is the time I realized that my future was really in teaching. During my early school years, I would not tell what my career would be. This is the time whereby if you ask any student, they would probably tell you that they would love to pursue medicine, engineering or since these are the most prestigious courses around. Likewise, I would not tell what I wanted to do at this time as I was too young to understand what careers meant. Immediately I stepped into high school education, my mind was broad now and I would tell that my future lay in teaching. During my high school years, I interacted with many teachers who gave me insight into this career. My teachers really encouraged me to follow my passion as one is only able to succeed by following his/her interest. Apart from this, I attended many career talks during my high school years which gave more knowledge concerning career choices.

My race as a white would influence my teaching because I intend to work in a white dominated region of this country. As a result of this, I would not have any problem adjusting due to possible constrains that may come as a result of racial discrimination. Being from another race in the region would be challenging for anyone who is beginning to teach as there are no constrains due to racial prejudice. My being white would also enable me fit well in the area I intend to teach in the sense that I will be teaching children who do not have diverse cultures. Teaching becomes especially challenging when one meets students of various cultures and as a result of this, it becomes important to alter teaching methods so as to accommodate all cultures.

My female gender is also a bonus in teaching since in nature; the feminine gender is regarded as being the one with a calm, kind and patient nature as compared to the masculine gender. As a female, I would be patient and accommodating when it comes to the handling of student affairs. This is a bonus in the teaching process since handling of student affairs requires patience and understanding. As a female also, there are motherly instincts in me which would ensure that I treat all students like my own children. By so doing, it would be possible to address all student affairs effectively to the satisfaction of students.

By hailing from a middle class family, it has assisted me in my career as I have not lacked any resources for pursuing my career in teaching. There are many people who aspire to be the best teachers but the limitedness or inadequacy of resources has hindered them from pursuing the career effectively. My fee has always paid my fees in time and I have received the necessary academic books and documentations that has enabled me study with ease. Besides, I have been able to attend all academic trips and workshops concerning teaching ever since I was in high school. By having the necessary financial and emotional support from my family members, I have been able to acquire a potent teacher identity as I have not studied with any difficulties or distractions. Besides, my mother and father have always been there to answer all my questions concerning teaching and in cases where I have faced challenges, they have managed to guide me and advise me well. I am, therefore, equipped fully on the expectations of being a teacher and potential challenges.

I do not have much experience in teaching, but I have slight experience from my vacations and post high school years. After my high school, I requested the principal of the nearest school to offer me a chance to teach for free. The 6 month experience I got from this teaching has assisted me by enhancing my confidence. When a friend of mine was absent in her elementary school some years back, I requested to take some of her lessons which has further enhanced my teaching experience. I can, therefore, say that I have noteworthy teaching identity due to the slight experience that I have gained over the years. I would, hence, never, have a difficult time teaching students as I have experienced it before and any jitters that I previously had are no longer there.

I am a courageous, industrious and aggressive character and from these traits, I believe I would succeed in teaching. Effective teachers are courageous because it requires massive courage to stand in front of a mass of students and pass knowledge. Panicking in front of students will not make an effective teacher. Over the years, I have been courageous in my decisions and I believe this attribute would take me far in the teaching profession. My industry would impact on my teaching positively since industry is a recipe for success in any career. Teaching requires extreme industry since the process of dealing with students is a tedious and exhausting venture. Making students pass would further require an industrious teacher, and. I therefore, strongly believe that my attributes would assist me catalyze student success.

I am also a principled character who stands by what I believe without being swayed by public opinion. These traits would assist me in my teaching since teaching requires one to make swift and upright judgment without being influenced. Students would not have a problem with me because my judgment would be impartial without favoring anyone. By being a firm teacher, the management would respect my decisions and opinions. Teachers who are easily swayed by the management do not make efficient tutors since the management can make them support a wrong deed for the well of the school while displeasing parents and pupils alike. I would not want students and parents to have such opinions about me; hence, I would always strive to do deeds that are right without favoring anyone. Therefore, these attributes would spur me to succeed in the teaching profession. My surrounding community is comprised of hardworking and successful people, and this culture over the years has spurred hard work and industry in me. As a result of the culture that I have observed in my community, I, therefore, believe that attributes of success have been instilled in me. Therefore, all these factors will contribute to my succeeding in teaching.

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