What Are Bob Jones University Crazy Rules?

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Coming to Bob Jones University (BJU) feels like entering a unique world of educational standards. It is a world with its own set of rules and traditions. As a private Christian university in Greenville, South Carolina, BJU boasts a small but vibrant community. With 2,285 undergraduate students, this institution prioritizes values and religious education. Initially, there were 10 Bob Jones University crazy rules, but today, there are 40. Let’s explore them together.

Getting Acquainted: Freshers’ Glimpse

  • Known for its steadfast principles.
  • Maintains a 100% acceptance rate.
  • Offers popular majors such as business, nursing, and accounting.
  • Graduates leave with a strong foundation, with 65% starting their careers with an average salary of $28,400.
  • Ranked 3rd most conservative college in America, 23rd for culinary arts, and 59th best Christian college.
  • Available for a $25 application fee.

The university has seven colleges and schools that offer more than 60 undergraduate majors, including fourteen associate degree programs. The university occupies 205 acres on the eastern edge of the city of Greenville.

History Behind Bob Jones University Crazy Rules

As a distinctively Christian liberal arts university, BJU strives to live according to the Bible’s doctrinal, moral, and ethical requirements. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Bob Jones University (BJU) has created a rich history since its founding in 1927. This private Christian institution emphasizes religious education and has become a true beacon of tradition. Over the decades, BJU’s fundamentalist policies have changed to reflect changes in society but have steadfastly adhered to core values. As for the university’s policy history, it refused to admit African-American students until 1975. The founders believed that the races should not be mixed. They worshiped the Scriptures and believed that they served for racial segregation. Later, black students could only attend college if they were married and financially stable.

In 2011, the university became a member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS). In March 2017, the university regained its federal tax exemption following a complex restructuring. In June 2017, it received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

A list of general requirements for women’s dress code

Source – Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University’s Rules Have Changed

Campus life restrictions include so many rules that it’s hard to remember them all the first time. The university handbook supports the idea that God created all living things. After all, the crazy rules of Bob Jones University contradict all the other theories taught in many other universities. Bob Jones educators view all theories of evolution as unreliable, unsupportable, and wrong.

This guide contains Bob Jones University fundamentalist policies that have changed since the first edition. Yet, all rules comply with the following principles:

  • dress code
  • no gadgets used without university internet filters
  • lack of uncontrolled mass media
  • round-the-clock monitoring of the student’s discipline
  • numerous racial controversies
  • limited entertainment
  • observing almost all of the relationships between students

There are too many restrictions on student conduct. Yet, students are forced to memorize them as the university issues reprimand and probation to those who violate these rules. Disobedient students are despised. Some of them experience despair, suicide, and depression, and they decide to leave the university.

Bob Jones University Crazy Rules’ Impact on Students’ Culture

The rules of the university help students to follow God’s laws and become decent people and Christians. Students of this university behave better than students in other educational institutions. Extreme supervision and control exist, but such rules are not for everyone. Therefore, there is much disapproval of the cultural impact of the university’s rules and handbook, which are full of Christian principles that sometimes do not respect human rights. The Bob Jones community still takes its voice to the city council, county board, and school board whenever it sees groups moving away from the more conservative Bob Jones philosophy. Non-denominational, BJU is the backbone of a network of independent separatist fundamentalist congregations, many of whose pastors are university graduates. Radio station WMUU has expanded the university’s reach and further united those within BJU’s orbit.

Understanding Bob Jones University Regulations

Regarding the university dress code, for example, all students must be properly dressed. Girls must wear skirts and dresses that must be knee length. The dress code for men includes pants, jeans, shirts, and other elements of a business casual wardrobe.

What has changed:

  • Recently, women were allowed to wear pants, but not too tight. Men are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts during outdoor activities. Clothing should not be audacious and transparent. Students should not see each other’s underwear. Jewelry or piercings are also not allowed. In general, clothing for men and women should be neat and modest.
  • Also, websites and social media platforms are monitored 24/7. The university uses filters to track a student’s every move online. In addition, students are not allowed to listen to music such as rock and metal. Movies should be rated “G” and video games should be rated E10.

More rules Bob Jones University crazy rules:

  • Students are not allowed to attend parties, various concerts, and even sports events. They should not read magazines such as Playboy, newspapers, or other inappropriate literature. Gambling, dyed hair, long beards, and tattoos are also taboo.
  • Men and women should not be alone in the same classroom or meet without the dean’s approval. They should not go to bars. All relationships are monitored.
Students walking around the Bob Jones University campus

Source – Reddit

Faith and education influence on BJU policies

Christian faith is not just a part of students’ lives – it is the basis of who they are and everything they do. This truth is the foundation for the opportunities students have at BJU.

Students are surrounded by fellow believers who also respect the Gospel. Therefore, it is very important to deepen their faith. Education, in particular the education of various subjects not related to faith, is still based on Christian teachings and history. Therefore, students help each other, and teachers try to ensure peace and harmony in the classroom, even when the rules must be followed.

BJU’s racial policy transformations

Historical context: the university had a strict racial policy, but that has now changed. The university regrets its past mistakes on the racial controversies. In 2000, Bob Jones III, who served as the university’s president until 2005, said that BJU had made a mistake by not admitting African-American students until 1971. This was common practice in both public and private universities in the years leading up to that time. He also announced policy evolution against interracial dating. Bob Jones University currently enrolls students from all 50 states and nearly 50 countries representing diverse ethnicities and cultures.

Bob Jones University crazy rules’ impact beyond campus

In 1950, the president of the university created Unusual Films at the School of Fine Arts. Unusual Films has released seven feature films, each with an emphasis on evangelism. Although this studio is not very popular, it contributes to the spread of Christian culture among students. BJU Press was born out of a need for textbooks for the Christian school movement. BJU Press publishes a full line of K–12 textbooks. The university is home to the Bob Jones Academy, where students from preschool through 12th grade can study, and they also need to comply with the rules.

However, the university has so many rules. In addition to good things, it was also caught in sexual abuse problems and other issues. In August 2020, the university’s inappropriate handling of sexual violence in the past came to light again. A student filed a lawsuit against Bob Jones University and Furman University, alleging that both administrations ignored the sexual assault report and expelled the student for drinking.

The university also encourages church cultivation in areas of the United States that need it. Bob Jones III also encouraged non-clerical students not to follow their career plans but to become leaders of small churches. Students participate in Missions Advance, an organization that prays for missionaries and tries to stimulate campus life interest in global evangelism. During the summer and Christmas holidays, students participate in the promotion of Christian missions around the world.

Bob Jones University crazy rules: Top 3 FAQs

1. What are some of the unique rules at Bob Jones University? BJU rules cover various aspects, including dress code, social interactions, and behavioral expectations. Also, students cannot watch PG-13 movies; girls must wear skirts and dresses below the knee. Moreover, it is forbidden to hold hands or leave the campus without permission. In total, students must adhere to 40 rules, which are defined by university policy.

2. How have Bob Jones University’s policies evolved over time? From an original set of 10 rules, BJU’s fundamentalist policies have evolved to the current 40. This evolution demonstrates the university’s response to societal change while maintaining its founding principles. Moreover, the university became more loyal to racial minorities. If African Americans were forbidden to study at this institution at the beginning of its existence, now the university has many such students.

3. What controversies have arisen from BJU’s policies? BJU has faced controversy, especially related to racial politics, gender inequality, and social outrage. Moreover, the university also had problems with sexual abuse. Recognizing these challenges, the university underwent institutional changes to address and correct past mistakes. The history of the university is not perfect, just as there is still a lot of controversy over the appropriateness of all the rules. Many consider this university to be wrong and should not exist. However, supporters of the university remain, including former students.

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