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Posted on February 21, 2019

An informative essay is a specific kind of writing that focuses on giving information that may be interesting and useful for readers. The audience wants to gain priceless knowledge from an informative essay sample. Hence, the student must make a considerable contribution to the development of the main idea. There are many topics and useful tips to start the process. First of all, the chosen subject must be focused and meaningful. Secondly, the key to the creation of a successful essay is personal interest as well as the performer’s desire to share insights.

Possible Informative Essay Topics

1. The Opioid Epidemic in Florida

In the U.S. media, the information about the opioid epidemic in Florida appears frequently. This topic is interesting to analyze in the social context. For example, a student may explore causes, scopes, and problem’s effects on society. Besides, the essay should present relevant data and discuss government reactions to the issue. “Opioid Overdose Deaths and Florida’s Crackdown on Pill Mills” by Kennedy-Hendricks et al. is a valuable source; articles from credible news agencies, such as NPR and others, may be helpful as well.

2. How Deaf People Talk with Emotion

Unfortunately, deafness is a serious health disorder that affects the ability to hear any sounds. It can be interesting for people who are working in this area. It is important to include the studies of the psychologists that proved that deaf people express their emotions by gesticulation. The student can mention facial emotion as it is a key element for individuals with such disorders. This source “The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education” may be extremely helpful.

3. Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia are very limited in their actions. They are forbidden to do the most common things. The reason lies in cultural differences. This topic is interesting because the majority of women from other nations do not have such restrictions. The student may mention the reasons why Arabian women cannot participate in activism, and why they are not allowed to make any decisions without their husbands. Besides, it will be informative to write about reforms that were applied to Saudi Arabia women. The credible source “Torture, reform and women’s rights in Saudi Arabia” by Hana Al-Khamri can be analyzed.

4. Anorexia Nervosa Cases among Young Girls

Nowadays, it has become popular to follow the lifestyle of Instagram girls and models who are extremely slim. Anorexia Nervosa is a serious disorder connected with regular eating. This theme must be actual because Anorexia Nervosa is the problem of the modern generation. The student must note the main features of this chronic disorder. The NCBI informs that one teenager had a powerful fear of obesity and becoming fat that she began to suffer from anorexia. The writer can properly describe this case and do thorough research on Anorexia Nervosa by NCBI can be prompt.

5. The Pros and Cons of Teaching Students Three Languages in School

Nowadays, the majority of schools have a difficult education system that includes several foreign languages. This topic can help people confirm or even change their opinion regarding the theme. The brain of school student cannot withstand a lot of mental stresses. It means that all moments must be properly analyzed in order not to harm a student. There are many studies about the Multilingual Children’s Association, and Veronica Hunt perfectly describes one of them.

6. Europe Architecture Style

European architectural style can be recognized immediately, as it is extremely rational and practical. The studies that analyze this style may bring many positive emotions and aesthetic pleasure. This style was formed by the connection of particular places and time of their building. Also, the European style needs many decorations and the article “10 Key Architecture Styles And Their Defining Characteristics” can be a perfect source regarding this topic.

7. Is FBI Useful against Criminal Authorities?

Of course, the FBI is a powerful organization, and it is useful against criminal authorities. Many people are deeply interested in the process of its work. The student may include many investigations and cases when the FBI successfully solved the crime. However, according to the mass shooting and kills in different corners of the world, it was proved that the FBI is not as influential as it was in the past. Unfortunately, many serious criminal cases were missed, and the FBI announced many false statements. The article “How the FBI Works” by Ed Grabianowski can be helpful for writing.

8. Diabetes and Its Treatment

Diabetes is a common non-infectious chronic disease. The student must tell about the signs of the disease and its stages. For example, in the first stages, the patient may not feel serious ailment, except for increased fatigue, dry mouth, increased thirst, and appetite. Diabetes is a disease that requires long and persistent therapy. The student should focus on the techniques that are divided into three groups: taking medication, diet, and changing lifestyle. Ebenezer A. Nyenwe in her article “Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Evolving Strategies for the Treatment of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes” demonstrated priceless knowledge that can be helpful.

9. The Role of Libraries in the Digital Age

This era is famous for digital availability. However, the role of libraries must not be neglected because libraries are the history and carry a historical moment. This informative essay topic is interesting and educational because very often, people compare books and online reading. Many years ago, society got intellectual resources from books sitting in libraries. Hence, they must be thankful for the priceless knowledge and places that help society made considerable technological improvements. The role of libraries in the digital age is highly appreciated even though libraries are not in great demand. The website Debating Europe, and the post “What Is the Role of Libraries in the Digital Age?” can be used during writing.

10. The Significance of Recycling Waste Materials

The topic is interesting because the issue of recycling is of global importance. It is necessary to find all the new methods of replenishing or replacing consumed resources in order to preserve the ecological system. Besides, the importance of waste management has both environmental and resource-saving reasons. Many materials in nature are limited, and their time for their completion considerably exceeds the lifetimes of several generations of people. The accumulation of waste pollutes the environment. The website Ecomena can be helpful.

11. Hypnosis and Its Common Use

Hypnosis is a temporary state of consciousness characterized by narrowing its volume and sharp focus on the content of suggestion, which is associated with a change in the function of individual control and self-consciousness. The topic is interesting enough as there are many exciting and fantastic information regarding it. The student may describe the state of hypnosis, and when it occurs. The article “What Is Hypnosis?” by Kendra Cherry may be used during writing.

12. Effective Stress Relief Techniques

Oriental practitioners teach: “If you want to get rid of sadness, move 27 things in the house.” It is believed that it frees space for energy, which can smoothly slide in the right direction. Try this method, and make sure that it helps the brain to switch, get away from problems, and relax. The article “Best Stress Relievers for All Types of People” by Elizabeth Scott can be helpful as it includes priceless knowledge of the writer.

13. The Christian Attitude Towards Tattoo

People need to determine whether they can ask God sincerely, with a clear conscience, to bless and use their actions for their purposes. Nowadays, this topic is widely discussed all over the world. The student may include information about important principles with regard to issues that the Bible does not specifically address. If there is the slightest doubt in human actions, it is better to abandon them in order to be God blessed. The article “Learn What the Bible Says about Tattoos” by Mary Fairchild brightly describes the main points about Christian attitude towards the tattoo.

14. About Procrastination and How to Overcome It

Very often, people postpone important things. Also, they are unable to explain why they are doing this. After that, individuals are tormented by feelings of guilt because of the torn deadlines and the fact that someone has been let down again. The topic can be useful for students because it can improve their productivity. The author of the book “Beat Procrastination” was convinced of the perfidy of procrastination, comprehensively studied the problem, determined the causes of its occurrence, and suggested several simple and effective ways of dealing with it.

15. Pros and Cons of Gun Control Legislation

The majority of the mass shootings in the USA are done with the legally bought weapon. The rate of violence will be increased due to gun control. At the same time, gun control legislation will make people sell the weapon on the black market. This theme can be interesting for many readers because there are many controversial moments. The article “Pros and Cons of Gun Control Laws in the US” by Paul Goodman can be helpful.

16. The Importance of Business Strategy

Business strategy is an essential element of any developing organization. It allows the company to grow economically and concentrate on the real needs of the company. Business strategy is a powerful tool that helps an organization to reach long-term profits. The topic can be interesting as it covers a lot of important business information. The student may be focused on various business strategy, and find the most appropriate for oneself. Mendoza College of Business introduces the importance of a good business strategy for any organization.

17. About the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry was actively developing after the technical revolution. The modern generation is interested in this area, and a student may use various resources while writing an essay. The development of computer games has become a whole industry with a lot of directions. Moreover, the number of fans of digital entertainment are millions. Besides, there are numerous competitions in cybersport that are held, and this trend continues to grow. The CEO of Cobx Gaming shared credible information in his article “The Future of Gaming Industry.”

18. The Role of Formal Education in Building a Successful Career

This particular topic is extremely important for understanding among the current generation. Formal education is an essential attribute of a modern individual because it gives significant opportunities for building a successful career. Formal education gives a priceless basis required for future development including professional area. The student may use different studies that proved the importance of formal education. For instance, the article “Formal Education Is Important” by Ratna Komala Dewi can be helpful.

19. National Parks and Their Importance

The majority of people deeply admire the beauty of nature. There are many fantastic National Parks all over the world. The student may describe the rare animals as well as plants that are protected there. Besides, National Parks provide them with complete safety. Both the water and air are absolutely clean there. The NPA website and “Why Are National Parks Important” post can be used while writing an essay.

20. About Starbucks Coffee Marketing Strategies

Starbucks coffee is known all over the world. However, not everyone knows about the structure of this company. Hence, the student may include such information into an essay. Starbucks Company follows a mix of several marketing strategies. Such an approach makes Starbucks extremely successful and profitable. The mix of marketing aspects allows the company to experience the most appropriate managing way. The article “Marketing Strategy of Starbucks” by Hitesh Bhasin may be applied to this topic.

Overall, informative essay educates readers on the described topic. The leading purpose of an informative essay is to present and respond to the main idea of the writing. As a rule, an informative essay can define the suggested term or show the significance of the raised idea. The structure of information essay is traditional; thus, a student should remember about an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

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