How to Strike a Good Compare and Contrast Essay on Social Psychology and Affluenza

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Posted on October 13, 2016

The purpose of writing an essay tasked with comparing and contrasting two thought patterns or different sides of a coin, is to analyze the pros and cons of both sides. An excellent compare and contrast essay on social psychology and affluenza should make a solid argument for both concepts being compared in order to help your audience understand the differences and similarities they exhibit. Although writing such an essay can be time consuming and difficult for occasional writers, there are some tips anyone can use to draft something really good.

These tips will be provided here and broken down into simple concepts using examples that will make them easy to understand. So here are some important tips:

Formulate Your Argument

The first step is formulating an argument and this is done by picking two subject matters that can actually be compared and contrasted against one another. If writing about social psychology and affluenza, your two subject matters could put the effects of affluenza on the wealthy against its effects on low income earners. Here, we chose two subject matters that do have much in common but it is also okay to mix up how your subjects relate to one another. You could also pick two objects with obvious differences or two subjects that appear to be quite similar but subtle differences can be found.

Understand Your Topic

The possibility of discussing something intelligently you know little about are little to none. Therefore, once you have developed subject matters for your argument, the next step is to read up informative articles on both factors you intend to compare and contrast. For an essay on social psychology and affluenza, a visit to government psychiatric libraries and educational platforms that cover these topics will help you obtain an in-depth understanding of your subject matter.

Consider the Argument Points

Practically, it will be impossible for you to compare and contrast every point on how affluenza affects both the rich and the poor due to the amount of material to be covered and the allotted time you will be provided. Therefore, it is imperative that you select certain points that cut across both topics and use them as the pivot to intelligently steer the conversation.

Develop Your Essay

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the subject and have identified the points to elucidate on, the next step is developing a structure for your essay. The structure to follow is of introducing what you intend to argue on in the beginning paragraphs. Next, you explain the points in which your arguments will be hinged on and finally you can proceed to comparing and contrasting both subject matters using the outlined points.

Include a Conclusion

Your audience or readers should know that your conclusion is on its way, for it should ease them into making a decision or get them to take sides with your argument. The conclusion is the total summary of every point made and how it ties into your argument.

This is the last article in the series covering social psychology and affluenza. Reading the preceding articles — 10 facts for a compare and contrast essay on social psychology and affluenza, and the 20 social psychology essay topics on affluenza — and following these steps will provide you with the skill-sets to strike the perfect balance when comparing and contrasting ideas on the subject of social psychology and affluenza.

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