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Posted on January 15, 2019

Writing a term paper is a significant part of the scientific work the student can perform during the process of studying. This kind of paper develops critical thinking and facilitates further explorations towards the specific problem. Due to the realization of differences between the essay, term and research paper on physics will provide the writer with the opportunity to create the works of the high quality.

The Differences between the Essay, Term and Research Papers on Physics

The physics essay is short in length one-three pages work, which purpose is to demonstrate the personal opinion towards the studying information. The essay is considered to be the easiest type of work as it does not require a comprehensive understanding of the particular problem. It consists of the personal opinion and the summary of the scientific facts, the combination of which aims to clarify the subject.

The research paper on physics demands a writer to investigate the problem that is not well explored. It is usually an extensive work of more than five pages. This kind of paper requires the holistic understanding of the issue, the background of its appearance, the ways of its development, impact, and aftermaths it produces on the humankind, and the appropriate steps for its solution.

The physics term paper targets to cover the issue studied during the course. In some cases, the term paper can be compared to the research considering their primary aims of investigations. The fundamental distinction of the term paper is based on the writer’s representation of the material. In this kind of work, it is possible to analyze the scholar sources combining with the personal feeling and ideas towards the theme of exploration. While based on the previous scholar explorations, the research paper targets to elaborate the solution of the physics issue, the term paper combines the analysis and evaluation of the scientific resources and the personal comprehension of the subject. A term paper can be a work of any length, from two pages up to eight and more.

To elaborate a decent term paper on Physics, the writer should follow certain steps:

  • Determine the topic of his/her investigation;
  • Select the resources basis;
  • Create an outline;
  • Adhere to the structure of the term paper;
  • Proofread the work.

The Common Topics for a Physics Term Paper

  • The Quantum Mechanics –The work which includes the analysis of Einstein’s theory of relativity and its correlation with the other fundamental theories of physics. The clarification of their interaction with classical mechanics leads to the explanations of the quantum mechanics appearance, its topicality, differences, and significance in contemporary physics.
  • Newtonian Space-Time – The paper with the primary aim to explain the interaction between the Newtonian theory and the classical mathematical timing is highly appreciated. Due to the consideration that the scientist’s space-timing influences the physical laws of the external world, the paper declares that the space energy adheres to its unique nature that cannot be compared to the external one.
  • The Astronomical Theories during the Time of Copernicus. The paper investigates the reasons for the alteration of the astronomical systems and the transition from the calendar methods of navigation. Basing on the inaccuracy and the desuetude of the traditional approaches, the explorations of Copernicus and other scholars promote the heliocentric system of Earth.
  • Fluid Flows. The term paper which aims to analyze the Pascal’s Law and its correlation and evaluation of the pressurized water. The second point is based on the construction of the appropriate flow systems, considering the scholar’s law.

The Inappropriate Topics for the Term Paper on Physics:

  • The Effects of Friction;
  • Beautiful Atmosphere;
  • Electronic Circuit Theory;
  • Kinetic Energy in Culture.

These themes can undermine the student’s grade as they demand the more thorough and meticulous attitude towards the investigation.

The Scholar Sources for the Term Papers on Physics

The Additional Sources of Information on:

The Quantum Mechanics:

Newtonian Space-time:

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Absolute and Relational Theories of Space and Motion”
  • Kyoto University, “Neo-Newtonian Spacetime”
  • Incandescence, “Deriving Newtonian Spacetime Geometry”

The Astronomical Theories during the Time of Copernicus:

Fluid Flows:

An Outline of a Term Paper in Physics: Key Ideas from Our Writers

The complexity of the selected topic on Physics can puzzle and confuse the writer. Face the same stumble stone to start writing a term paper? Hence, to avoid the misinterpretation, it is important to elaborate on the outline, which aims to facilitate the process of investigation, due to its schematic structure:

  • The denotation of the audience and purpose of the work;
  • The thesis statement around which a term paper goes;
  • The organization: an abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion, list of references.

The Structure of the Term Paper on Physics


The purpose of the abstract is to represent the major topics of the exploration. It must be concise and indicate only the main information related to the theme of the investigation. It consists of the introductory sentence which leads to the key points of the investigation and the closing.

For instance, the abstract for the Gravity Waves theme: ‘Doubtless, that the gravity waves have a significant impact on both the human organisms and the nature in a whole’ (introductory sentence). The paper provides a brief analysis of the reasons for the gravity waves appearance and the new methodology of their detection. The paper deals with three experimental groups: LISA, VIRGO, LIGO (key points). The implementation of this methodology will alter the persona perception and comprehension of the gravity waves less than in generation (closing).


The primary aim of an introduction is to provide the reader with the background of the explored topic and to indicate the paper’s objectives. The introduction section consists of the leading sentence and the thesis statement, which includes one-two sentences and reveals the purpose of the paper.

  • The example of the lead-in: ‘The contemporary explorers Dr. Vladimir B. Braginsky and Dr. Joseph Weber’s have stated that the gravity waves have a close connection with the theory of relativity. Thus the mentioned theory does not represent the holistic representation of the mentioned phenomena, but it indicates the sources and reasons for their appearance in nature.’
  • The correct thesis statement: ‘By considering the mentioned investigations, the paper reveals the further alteration of the gravity waves significance within the humankind. The implementation of the LISA, VIRGO, and LIGO groups assists in the indication of the contemporary positive and negative aspects of the gravity waves.’
  • The academic writing style is the next point worth consideration. The introduced examples reflect a high level of the writer’ language acquisition. For instance, such words as implementation, to analyze, to clarify, indication, contemporary are applicable for the academic writing.
  • The wrong thesis statement: ‘As you can see, the paper tells about the gravity waves and their impact on the humankind. Also, due to the involvement of three organizational groups, I aim to prove that the gravity waves term will lose its significance in the next decade.’ This thesis is incorrect as it represents the noncompliance with the basic rules of the academic writing. Considering the studying level and the paper’s significance, the writer must avoid using the personal pronouns like I, you, we. The compulsory element of both, term or research paper is the indication of the scholar investigations in the thesis statement. In this sample, the author provided the readers with the general idea of the paper without regarding the academic basis of the work.

The Main Body

The main body aims at providing the reader with the explanation of the conducted investigation. The writer is required to involve an abundant amount of explorations and to cite them. Moreover, due to the obtained knowledge from the course, the writer has to represent the personal evaluation of the explored issue. He/she can either support or deny the statements of the sources. The number of paragraphs in the main body can vary distinctly considering the number of pages required. The writer has to follow a specific structure to elaborate the compelling analysis of the issue.

Each paragraph includes the leading sentence, which indicates the starting point of the theme clarification. Then it develops into the explanation of the chief information including scientific information and personal reflections towards the theme. The last point is the transition sentence, which aims to conclude the represented information and to direct the reader’s attention to the next paragraph.

  • The example of the body paragraph. The gravitation wave is an altered mass of energy which appears from the core of the galaxy, and due to its chemical structure produces the significant impact on the surface of the Earth (the introductory sentence). Supporting Einstein’s theory of relativity, the gravity waves can reach the speed of light and cause the alterations in the magnetic field of Earth. Therefore, the correlation between the gravity waves and the space-time proves that the atmosphere faces the temporal modifications like the magnetic storms which can deteriorate the physical state of the people (chief information). The space-time can alter its trajectory under the influence of the gravity waves. The last phenomenon deals with the alteration in the matter movement caused by the space-time. This synergetic correlation demands the specific tools for the issue analysis (transition sentence).


The conclusion reflects the results of the term paper. The writer has to provide a brief list of achievements (not summary), without the detailed explanation of the whole paper. Considering the length of the paper, the amount of the sentences can vary in the conclusion. Due to the adherence to the basic rules of the academic writing, the minimal paragraph has to include at least three sentences and cover four full lines.

  • The example of the conclusion. ‘While talking about the interaction between the time-space and the gravity waves, the paper reflects the phenomenon like alteration in the matter and the time movement. Einstein’s theory of relativity denotes that the gravity waves can move with the speed of the light and affect the surface of Earth which affects the human’s organism negatively. The implementation of the LIGO, LISA, and VIRGO experimental groups prove the possible alteration in the comprehension of the gravity waves within the next decade.’

The List of References

The writer has to create the references list considering the formatting style required in the instructions. The most common are the MLA and APA formats.

  • The APA reference example: Ciufolini, I., Gorini, V., & Moschella, U. (n.d.). Gravitational Waves. Retrieved from the online source.
  • MLA reference example: Ciufolini, Ignazio, Gorini, Vitorrio, and Moschella, Ugo. Gravitational Waves. Taylor & Francis Group, 2001.

Additional Physics Term Paper Tips on Proofreading

After finishing the term paper in Physics, you as its author are obliged to check the accuracy of the information presented. This process includes the correct grammar: tense, verb and noun forms; the stylistics: the appropriateness of the compound words; punctuation: the correct use of commas, semicolons. In addition, it is essential to check the paper for plagiarism. In this way, you will avoid any misunderstanding or inaccuracy connected with the task.

That’s the moment when you’re ready to write a term paper in Physics. Despite this work can seem to be too challenging, you’ll be able to pick the fruit of work – a high mark for academic writing. Sounds wonderful? Try out the way of good term paper writing given in this physics term paper writing guide to get quality physics homework help from experts!

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