How Essay Extender Works and How You Can Boost Your Essay Writing with It

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Posted on November 15, 2023

Has your teacher ever specified requirements for the word count in your essay? If so, you definitely know how complicated it is to extend your text when you lack ideas and understanding of what can be added to your content to meet the instructions and get the highest score. However, don’t worry; there are many tools and recommendations that will help you make your essay longer. Let’s analyze how essay extender works and examine the most effective methods to increase the word count in your paper to meet essay requirements.

Why Is It Important to Make Essay Longer, and What Challenges May You Face When Trying to Achieve the Standards?

If your instructions provide no specific requirements concerning the word count, you can write as much as you want. Your primary goal is to answer all the questions thoroughly and in detail to meet the academic standards. However, if the instructions specify the exact number of words you must write, your task is to ensure that the requirements have been followed to receive the highest grade for your efforts.

  1. Word count is the first aspect teachers check

The word count of an essay is frequently the first aspect most teachers check when they start reading a student’s paper, proving that if the text doesn follow the provided standards, your final grade will be much lower than if you tried to use essay expander to make the essay longer. The answer to your question, “Why do I need to add more words to my essay?” is obvious: increasing the word count is needed to meet the requirements provided by your teacher and explain your thoughts and ideas in detail.

  1. A longer essay enables a more extensive research

Moreover, making your essay longer is necessary to show that you have conducted extensive research and can provide detailed information on the topic you explore. Remember that repeating the same ideas throughout your text isn’t a good solution since wordiness and discussing the same thoughts in the paragraphs may adversely affect the quality of your paper.

  1. A longer essay makes room for a few more supporting details and sources

A lack of ideas, a narrow topic, the absence of understanding of the causes and effects of your issue, and a lack of inspiration and time are the primary challenges students face when aiming to realize how to add more words to an essay. The best solution to increase the length of your essay is to explore at least 3-5 sources to understand the topic better, make your own opinion about the issue you are writing about, analyze what aspects you haven’t discussed in your content yet, and make your essay longer by adding the parts not mentioned in your paper before.

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The common problem in essay writing is balancing formal requirements and the content. I recommend outlining these cases. You can write down the number of words you need and evenly distribute them between paragraphs. This way, you will know where and how to place your ideas through the text.

How to Use Essay Lengthener to Increase the Word Count of Your Text

What an essay lengthener is?

Modern technologies solve most problems people face, while the impact of technological progress on students’ academic experiences is significant. AI development enables learners to simplify their learning process and face fewer difficulties when working on their writing assignments. Specifically, the appearance of an essay extender has allowed students to spend less time on making the essay longer. They just need to use the most appropriate and helpful tool to provide the content they have already written and ask AI to make the text longer. An essay lengthener allows you to get a few original ideas that may be implemented in your paper to make your essay longer and meet the standards your teacher has provided.

A quick guide on using an essay lengthener and two more bonus services

  • Use the tool to convert the number of pages to the number of words

Many students face difficulties when calculating the number of words and pages they have already written in their paper. You may use a free tool, a words to pages converter from CustomWritings, to determine whether your word count meets the established requirements. If you know the exact number of words you have already written, you need to specify this number in the section “number of words,” and the tool will help you see the number of pages that correspond to this word count.

  • Keep a record of your words

However, if you cannot specify the exact number of words in your paper, the tool gives you the best option: you may enter your content into the section “Paste text,” and the result provided by the application will let you see not only the word count of your essay but also the number of pages that complies with this number of words. The length of the essay also depends on font family, font size, and spacing. The tool allows you to choose any parameters that fit your paper, while the final result you can see on your screen depends on the options you have selected.

  • Use word count service in tandem with other essay writing tools

To use the essay extender tool, you need to paste the content you have written to the appropriate section, specify the expected length of the paper, and wait a few minutes to let the essay lengthener make your essay longer. This process will considerably save you time, making essay writing easier for you.

  • Always check your final results for plagiarism and AI rate

Remember that essay extenders are the products of AI, proving that the parts created by such a tool may be highlighted as AI-generated content. Moreover, it’s essential to check whether the text provided by the essay lengthener isn’t plagiarized to prevent academic integrity violations.

Essay Tools to Make Essay Longer

How to Expand My Essay Without the Essay Extender Tool

You may wonder, “How do I make my essay longer without essay extenders?” Undoubtedly, an essay lengthener tool simplifies the process of writing an essay and making the content longer. However, the best idea is to analyze your text and determine what content can be added on your own. Writing an essay in this way will make your paper more logical, coherent, and smooth. Nobody can make your content better than you using your writing skills, inspiration, and perseverance. Let’s focus on some practical tips to make an essay longer without an essay extender tool.

  • Add examples. Imagine that you have discussed all the ideas you have generated in your essay but realize that the content should be longer. You may ask, “How do I add words to my essay to make it sound logical and avoid wordiness and repeating the same ideas?” The best way to make my paragraph longer is to add as many examples as possible. Check the arguments you have added to your text: are there parts that additional examples may support? You need to use real-life cases to help your reader understand the topic better.
  • Use more citations. Can I expand my essay using references and supporting evidence? Yes! It’s probably the best solution to make an essay longer: using citations and mentioning other authors’ ideas will not only help you ensure that content meets the word count requirements but also make your reader see that you have explored the topic thoroughly, conducted extensive research, and can share your opinion about the issue you are writing about. Undoubtedly, adding paraphrasing and direct quotations to the text is the best way to make my essay longer.
  • Use adverbs. For example, the word “best” can be replaced with longer phrases such as “the most appropriate,” “the most suitable,” “the most effective,” and others. Moreover, you may add adverbs to make your words and sentences stronger and emphasize specific parts. For instance, you can write, “We need considerably more time” instead of “We need more time” to make an essay longer.
  • Add some transition words. Don’t forget to use transitional words and phrases, including “moreover,” “however,” “in addition,” “firstly,” “secondly,” “finally,” “nevertheless,” and others. Adding transitional words to your content will help increase the length of your paragraph and overall essay, making the text smooth, coherent, and easy to understand, which will positively influence the overall quality of your essay.
  • Seek feedback. Ask someone to read your essay and share their opinion about the content with you. Another person’s thoughts can shed light on the parts of the text that need additional explanation. Your ideas are clear to you, but other people may face difficulties when aiming to understand your thoughts. Therefore, another person’s feedback can help you realize what examples and evidence to add to let your reader get your point correctly.
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Here is how I expand my essays if I run out of ideas too fast. I think of the essay structure as the fancy house. For instance, the essay has three paragraphs, which are “three houses floors”. Do I have enough windows for each floor? Does it look functional and aesthetic? When I visualize my essay this way, I see the overdecorated places and those that lack details.

How to Use Words Expander to Increase the Length of the Content. A Few More Valuable Tips

Expanding the essay is balancing on the edge of three key points:

  1. Point one. You need to expand an essay to meet the requirements

Remember to use a word extender to ensure that the length of your content meets the requirements. If you use the words expander effectively, you’ll notice that the length of your text significantly increases. The word count significantly influences your score since it allows your teacher to see whether you have followed the requirements.

  1. Point two. You must keep your content strong, coherent, and cohesive.

You may think, “I must make my essay longer to get the highest grade for my writing.” However, avoid mindlessly adding words or phrases to your content since there is no need to make an essay longer if extra terms adversely affect the text quality.

  1. Point three. You must balance the length and the quality.

Nevertheless, your desire to “make my essay longer” should have no negative effect on the meaning and value of your text. Essay extender, text inflator, or any other tool can ensure that you have met the required word count, while your task is to check whether you are going to submit high quality writing without grammar or punctuation errors that answers all the questions provided in the instructions.

Let’s sum up the most critical tips that will help you use essay expander free correctly or enable you to increase the length of your text similarly to an essay extender tool.

How to add more words to an essay if I lack ideas and cannot meet the word count requirement

You can always use an increase word count generator to check what various tools offer you to add to your writing. Analyzing the content provided by make essay longer generator can help you create your own ideas on how to get a longer essay and what parts may be added to your paper to make your content sound logical and coherent. Remember that it’s better to avoid mindlessly adding words to your essay since you can harm the paper quality this way, though the word count will be met.

Can AI help me make my paragraph longer?

Yes, you can try to search “make my essay longer generator free” on the Internet, and Google will give you a list of free tools that will answer your question, “How to make my essay longer?” You’ll need to enter the essay you have already written, specify the expected length of your writing, and spend a little time waiting for the result. However, remember that AI-generated content is detectable, proving that it’s better to avoid simply copying and pasting the text provided by an essay extender tool. Have a look at the ideas the essay inflator offers and try to extend your writing on your own. Consider an essay extender as a source of inspiration rather than a tool that will complete your essay for you.

How do I add more words to my essay without an essay extender tool?

As mentioned earlier, make my paragraph longer generator can cause particular parts of your essay to appear as AI-generated content. Therefore, it’s better to focus on brainstorming or ask another person to read your writing to see what parts lack examples or evidence. Add more real-life cases to explain your arguments, include paraphrasing or direct quotations to support your ideas with relevant sources, use transitional words and phrases, and describe everything in detail. You can get a considerably longer essay this way, so don’t hesitate to be as detailed as possible. This approach will ensure a high quality paper and fewer parts highlighted as AI-generated content, while your essay will meet all the academic requirements.

Is it safe to use essay-extending tools?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to use an essay inflator or another similar tool to make an essay longer. Such a tool includes larger words and phrases to your text, repeats some parts of the sentences you have written, and adds adjectives and verbs to your content. Specifically, you need to paste your essay or a piece of your writing to the necessary section, and the essay inflator will make your essay longer due to the increased number and length of words.

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