Writing a Research Paper on Walt Disney

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Posted on March 17, 2017

I believe by now, we all know that the word ‘research’ is gotten from the French word ‘recherché’ which means to search. So in this article, we intend to go deeper into what it takes to draft a solid research paper on Walt Disney as well as any other topics. To do this, several tips will be provided below to help you structure your paper with ease.

  1. Start with choosing a terrific topic. A research paper is one that involves the use of your research abilities to seek out facts, figures and data that support the subject matter you are writing about. The first step to take before drawing up a questionnaire or even opening a word document, is selecting a topic designed to help you organize your thoughts. The tip for selecting a good topic is by first understanding your subject and for Walt Disney, a simple Wikipedia search will tell you about his inspirations and diverse aspects of his life. This knowledge then arms you with the required information to choose a topic covering his interests in trains or storytelling and the effect it had on his work. You can also check this article on 20 Disney research paper topics if choosing a topic still remains difficult.
  2. Research through a repertoire of tools. Although the internet has made the world a ‘global village’, it is still recommended that you go an extra mile when seeking information to include in your research paper. There are multiple ways beyond the World Wide Web to pay attention to and some of them include: making use of questionnaires, flyers, visiting your local library and word of mouth to discover more information covering your research topic. Armed with these tools, you will definitely have more references to call upon than the average student.
  3. Track progress with a to-do list. It is the best way to keep track of information you have collected, the facts you intend to include in your paper and your writing schedule. The reason to keep track of your progress is the fact that when too much information or data has been collected in the research phase, you might end up confused on which data to make use of when referencing or making a point in your paper. Therefore, if you intend to write about Disney’s war propaganda films, your to-do list should point at watching these films and reading books covering them instead of browsing without purpose.
  4. Write with wisdom. A research paper is a serious piece of work grounded by guidelines. Every research assignment usually comes with what is expected of you in terms of word count, writing style and referencing pattern. Therefore, it is important that you stick to the provided template and follow the provided guidelines for this ensures that you receive the top marks that you deserve.

These guidelines are supporting information to a couple of articles covering the writing of research papers. So it is recommended that you read these papers covering 10 facts for a research paper on Walt Disney and 20 Disney research paper topics. Happy reading.

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