Business Law Dissertation Topics: 20 Ideas These Days

Business law, otherwise known as commercial law, is the set of laws that govern the rights, relations, and conducts of an individual or an organization engaged in commerce, merchandising, and trade. This makes it one of the more important sets of laws guiding society as we know it. Therefore, writing a dissertation on this subject comes with its own headaches due to the wide scope of things covered under commercial law.

The purpose of this article is to eliminate the bottleneck and difficulties students may encounter when writing a dissertation on business law. This help comes in the shape of very interesting business law dissertation topics you can choose from to set the tone for your dissertation as well as a write-up using one of the topics outlined below. The write-up will follow all the rules and regulations that guide dissertation writing in every institution.

Pro tip

Dissertations never involve the personal viewpoint of their writers. Consequently, such expressions as “I think”, “in my opinion”, and more are not acceptable. The best option is to support the idea with facts and real-life stories. The sources must be reliable. Each name and data should be verified.

20 Conversational Commercial Law Dissertation Topics for You

  1. Alternative reality: what would happen if business law disappears?
    Business law regulates mercantile relations between employers and employees, partners, and other business participants on different legislation levels. What might happen if such a regulation disappears and all of them will use only administrative and criminal laws?
  2. How does commercial law echo administrative law?
    Indeed, these two types of law are often intertwined. Find vivid examples and demonstrate them in your dissertation.
  3. How do the empowered apply the doctrine of separation of powers in trade?
    The best option is to find a case or similar cases and trace the decisions of the three branches, regarding the breach of the business.
  4. What do you think about the principles of ADR?
    What is ADR? How do business partners solve their legal problems with its use? Do these principles correspond to constitutional law principles?
  5. Business law and natural resources: what is the relation?
    Business corporations use natural resources to develop their products. Is it fair and legal to allow them to purchase water for alcohol and energetic beverages when millions die because of thirst and droughts?
  6. Is it possible to recognize and punish a spy when using only business law?
    When a company creates a brand, rivals want to steal the idea, using in-team and cyber spies. How to recognize them? What punishment will they get?
  7. What is the punishment of employees in case a business owner suffers problems of vicarious liability because of them?
    According to vicarious liability, business holders are responsible for the actions of the staff they hire. What can happen to an employee who caused the problem?
  8. Defamation in business and laws that protects the innocent
    Many court cases deal with defamation. How does the law protect the innocent and punish the guilty?
  9. Are the US lawyers good enough to save your business in case of force-majeure?
    Commercial law is only a branch, but a decent lawyer must be aware of all its secrets and pitfalls. Are there enough commercial lawyers in the US? How many of them win cases?
  10. How do lawyers solve commercial disputes if business partners represent different countries?
    American businesspeople follow their law while their oversea partners stick to theirs. How do companies solve disputes?
  11. Does technology help or affect the regulating system?
    It is impossible to find at least one life area that has not involved technology. Does it hurt commercial law?
  12. Should lawyers of employees participate in the creation of a contract for a company?
    The contract is a document that binds employees and employers with duties and responsibilities. Will it be more business-sufficient if lawyers of the staff contribute their regulations to the contract creation?
  13. How to recognize pitfalls in the business contract?
    Commercial contracts are usually tricky. How to read between the lines?
  14. Unusual cases of contract breaches in the US business history
    Many businessmen, celebrities, and employees breach contracts. Were there some unusual cases or resolutions?
  15. Who is responsible for a tort performed by a chatbot in order processing?
    Client-oriented chatbots help to process and systematize data of orders faster. Who is responsible for their failures?
  16. What will happen if brands start copying the innovations of generics?
    Pharmacies use the invented brand formula to develop generics. They usually add something new (new flavors, release forms, etc.) to make their products differ from the original. What legal decision will be made if the brand steals these ideas?
  17. Natural law and legal positivism in the business
    How are these two laws reflected in commercial relations?
  18. What law should guarantee a peaceful environment in the workplace?
    Team-building often fails legally. Is there any law that helps to create favorable working conditions?
  19. What are the pros and cons of unions of countries and business companies in trade?
    Businesspeople find partners to sell or buy products. Are there any negative sides to such unions?
  20. Juridical consequences of hidden amendments in business
    How the court solves disputes if business holders or their partners change contracts without letting the staff be aware of that.

Except for seeking business law dissertation topics, a student must be ready to structure, format, and proofread a paper. It is impossible to do without decent guides and samples. The list below will let you become paper-oriented and succeed in writing.

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A top-level commercial law dissertation should contain evidence only from dependable sources. Some of them are:

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Before you decide to evidence some topic, it will be necessary to get permission. I got into trouble when I mentioned secret data. If the information is not available to the wide public, you should better use nicknames or Mr. X or Ms. X of case participants.

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