Writing a Platinum Tier Argumentative Essay on Air Pollution

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Posted on November 22, 2016

There are certain situations when writing an essay could be fun for the writer and the reader. In most of these situations, you either enjoy writing because you have a vested interest in the subject matter to be discussed or you have been given a chance to dispute someone else’s claim by making a superior argument. And writing a platinum tier argumentative essay falls into this category.

In this article, the best way to go about writing an argumentative essay will be discussed to help you fine-tune your arguments using a clear and precise format to get your message across. To do this, four steps will be used to explain the process required to excellently go from introduction to your concluding paragraphs with professionalism your essay deserves.

The Introduction

When writing an argumentative essay, your introduction serves as a window into your thought process as well as what you plan to discuss in your entire body of work. Therefore, it is important to suck your readers into your world by using language a reader can identify with. If writing on air pollution, an interesting introduction could be ‘Do you believe the earth belongs to you? For those who do, I have just one question for you. Why do you keep harming what belongs to you?’ from here, you can then proceed to discussing how humans create pollutants, their effect on the ecosystem and were you stand concerning air pollution.

Developing Your Argument

Now, your reader knows what you intend to talk about and your stance on that topic. The next step from here is developing your arguments by making claims you have the evidence needed to back-up your claims. A claim is simply a statement made in support of an argument, while the evidence you provide must include empirical facts that are results from credible researches and studies. For a topic such as air pollution, facts on the health implications of a polluted atmosphere in China, California and Italy can be used to support your claims.

Refuting Contrary Views

It just isn’t enough to simply state your claims and provide data to support them. When writing an argumentative essay, you must also take on views contrary to yours and ensure that you poke holes into their way of reasoning. Here, you have to remember that it’s your word against theirs which makes it important to also include hard facts that support your words while refuting contrary views. The use of facts to paint an air pollution essay where contamination is rampant and its effect is what makes your essay worth reading and believable to a reader.

Conclude Your Argument

A brilliant essay body also requires an excellent conclusion. Therefore, it is important that you restate your case, summarize the body of your essay and discuss your stance on the argument you made. This summary reinforces your entire argument in the mind of the reader and goes a long way in convincing people with opposing min sets to come-around to your way of thinking.

If you are interested in learning more about using facts in argumentative essays on air pollution, reading this article on 10 argumentative essay facts on air pollution will help. If you are also looking for some ideas, check out these 20 argumentative essay topics on air pollution.

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