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Posted on January 3, 2019

A tourism term paper is a paper that is written at the end of an academic term when you get the knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Despite the fact that this field may seem to be easy to study, it requires a thoughtful examination and analysis. This type of writing is intended to describe an issue, event, or argue a point based on in-depth research. However, it should be mentioned that a topic of a term paper has to be covered during the semester to provide students with basic knowledge about it. In general, a term paper should be several typed pages in length to present a detailed outline of the selected subject. As a result, tourism term paper writing should demonstrate and analyze the tourism sphere of a particular area within a country from various perspectives, such as economic, social, or geographical ones.

Furthermore, a tourism term paper is considered to be a significant student’s work that influences the grade. It requires personal thoughts, critical analysis of a matter, and factual information. Due to the fact that the tourism industry is closely connected with various sectors, such as the economy, sociology, and international relations, you can conduct precise research through the prism of those disciplines. Therefore, to start writing your tourism term paper, you should get familiar with this tourism term paper writing guide to direct yourself in the right way of tourism research paper writing.

5 Types of Term Paper Writing to Deal with

Before starting to write your term paper on tourism, you should consider the type of term paper you are asked to deal with. Sometimes, it is written in an assignment given to you by your instructor. That’s why it is always useful to look through all the assignments attentively. Having understood their key requirements, you will be able to write a paper successfully. If there is no notification of what type of writing you need to come up with, use the following information to choose the most appropriate one.

1. Argumentative Term Paper

An argumentative type of writing presents some strong arguments on both sides of the selected issue to portray it accurately. Moreover, if you choose this type of a term paper, you have to analyze all distinct aspects of each argument and support those arguments with valid evidence from the well-known researchers’ studies. At the end of the argumentative term paper, you have to favor one side in the argument. But at the same time, you should be careful to remain unbiased. For example, you can discuss whether the tourism sphere contributes to the country’s development or not by presenting the relevant facts about it.

2. Definitive Term Paper

This type of term paper is intended just to present the information on a selected topic. You cannot present any analysis or own thoughts in the definition term paper. You should just demonstrate the facts from the selected research studies. However, the definition term paper can be utilized in the further investigation of the selected topic. Consequently, it is reasonable to suppose that you can use this term paper as a basis for your future examinations. For instance, you can examine the current situation of the tourism sphere in the Caribbean islands.

3. Compare and Contrast Term Paper

If you choose this type of term paper, you will have to choose either two different aspects of the tourism sphere or two different areas, such as different countries, cities, or states. Therefore, you should find some features they have in common and also different features in two objects of investigation and then compare them. In this type of the term paper, you will be required to provide a topic statement and then support it with the help of various reliable sources. For compare and contrast term papers, you may address the impact of the tourism sphere in two different cities from the perspective of the environment, sociology, and economics.

4. Analytical Term Paper

This type of term paper writing is very close to the argumentative one due to the fact that both papers provide various viewpoints of different researchers on a certain topic. However, the analytical term paper focuses on factual information rather than personal points of view. Therefore, you should concentrate on the methodology the researcher utilized while investigating the issue or describing his or her findings from a factual point of view. As an example, you may study the impact of the tourism sector on the country’s economic status.

5. Interpretive Term Paper

The interpretive term paper presents your critical thinking skills. Therefore, you may be required to discuss some issues related to the tourism sphere or provide some solutions to the selected issue. In general, this type of paper requires a demonstration of your knowledge about the topic. However, the same as the other types of term papers, the interpretive term paper should contain some supporting points from the reliable sources. For example, you can investigate the improvements of the tourism sphere in the developing countries.

10 Tourism Term Paper Topics: Know How to Choose a Topic

When you are familiar with the type of term paper writing you’re required to follow in your own writing, you should select an appropriate topic for it. As it was mentioned before, a tourism sphere is connected with various fields, but you have to choose only one to make your paper more precise. If your professor did not provide you with the list of acceptable topics for your term paper, you could choose it on your own. The beneficial point of selecting the topic on your own is that you are allowed to choose the one that is interesting for you. Develop and update tourism industry knowledge by compulsive work.

Nevertheless, there is a probability that the professor may consider your topic to be inappropriate for the term paper. Therefore, you should be careful with this choice. So you have to consider the relevance and breadth of the topic selected on your own. If your topic is narrow and obsolete, you may face the difficulty in finding reliable sources and meeting the word count. The following topics may help you to create your own topic:

  • The Importance of the Tourism Sphere;
  • Leading International Organisation in Travel and Tourism;
  • The Government Involvement in the Tourism Industry;
  • New Trends in the Tourism Industry: What Promotes Them Today?
  • Factors that May Affect Tourism;
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fast Development of Tourism;
  • The Degree of Control over the Tourism Business in Today’s World;
  • Supporting Key Tourism Interests During a Financial Crisis;
  • Top Advances in Technology That Simplify the Way of Traveling;
  • 10 Tourism Services That Are Available Today and That Will Be Available in 20 Years.

The Structure of the Tourism Term Paper That Looks Coherent

Each academic paper has a certain structure that students should follow to make their paper coherent and cohesive. Moreover, if your paper is well-organized, it will be easier to convince the reader. In general, all academic papers start with the title, and accordingly, it should be compelling to attract the reader. Look at the last topic from the list mentioned above. Will it be interesting to know what suggestions are given concerning the future development of tourism services?


The next point you usually see after the title is an introduction. To start with, this part of the paper is the most significant because it is supposed to demonstrate the entire work you do. Usually, the introduction consists of the background information you want your readers to know. Besides, include an opening statement and thesis statement. If you have chosen the first topic from the list mentioned before, you may present the general role of the tourism sphere in the world. Then, you can demonstrate the primary functions of the tourism in the developing and developed countries. Furthermore, you should create a precise thesis statement as it is the central idea of your paper that will be further expanded. The thesis statement should be only one sentence long. But at the same, it has to be long enough to present your side of the matter.


Without any doubt, you realize the importance of this part in your term paper. Unlike the other parts of the paper, this one should contain at least 3 main parts that are connected logically. For the argumentative type of the essay that is chosen as an example, it should be mentioned that all possible arguments and counterarguments are presented in separate parts of writing. Moreover, you should use some in-text citations to support your points and persuade the reader that you do extensive research beforehand. The usual structure of the paragraphs contains a topic sentence, evidence, and concluding sentence. As a result, one have to state that the main body should be informative enough to convince the reader.


In the conclusion section, you have to summarize all the points mentioned in the main body and restate your thesis statement. Therefore, this part of the paper is the last chance to convince the professor about the significant role of your research paper in the tourism industry. Use neither citations nor present new information. Therefore, the conclusion has to resemble a smaller version of the main body.

Our Writers Know Best: 3 Ways of Referring to the Information Sources Correctly

In general, tourism term papers are written in an APA style. Sometimes, some instructors modify the paper requirements, “Write a term paper in MLA”. Therefore, you may find some information on the internet to enhance confidence in the correct formatting your term paper. However, if you are still required to utilize the APA style of referencing, you may follow the tourism term paper writing tips presented below.


1. In-Text Citations

The in-text citations are used to support the points mentioned in the main body. You need to use in-text citations properly to avoid any plagiarism issue. You should use quotation marks to insert some direct citations and mention all the required information on a source. Usually, it is the last name of an author and number of the page in the brackets if you follow MLA style. Therefore, it should look like this: According to the survey, it has been noticed that “people tend to form two approaches to choosing a hotel, which is divided into attitudes-towards-hotel-brand and attitude-toward-the ad” (Author’s last name page number).

2. Paraphrasing

Some in-text citations can be paraphrased. Therefore, it has to be also cited correctly. For example, It can be assumed that the involvement of Artificial Intelligence creates the prospects for the development of the hospitality industry and provides the platform for scientific improvements of the technology market (Author’s last name page number).

3. Reference List

Before you start writing the term paper, you should compile a reference list. This list contains all the sources that you are going to use. The reference list should be created on the separate page. If you utilize an MLA style of referencing, this page should be named ‘Works Cited’. If you choose an APA style, it should be named ‘References’. For example, the reference in APA looks like this: Last name, Initials, & Last name, Initials (year of publication). Name of the work. Publisher, pages.

Proofreading Is Essential for Good Term Paper Writing

The process of proofreading is significant because you can recognize whether the paper lacks some points in its organization or correct writing. Therefore, there are different ways of how to perform proofreading:

  • You can read your term paper out loud. It will help you to spot run-on sentences. Reread your paper as many times as possible. But you should do it on different days. Basically, it looks like: today you finish writing → tomorrow you’ll read a term paper to correct some possible issues → the day after tomorrow you’ll reread a paper once again to make sure that everything is correct.
  • You can ask someone to read your work instead of you. Keep in mind that this someone should be quite experienced to recognize some weaknesses in your writing.
  • You can utilize some computer spelling checkers to ensure that the paper does not have any spelling mistakes that you may make accidentally.

We are sure that if you follow all our tourism term paper writing prompts mentioned earlier, your tourism term paper will receive the highest possible mark. You deserve to be highly appreciated. Just take the crucial steps for successful academic writing.

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