4 Essay Types and How to Distinguish Them

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Posted on January 20, 2021

Today, students are assigned a number of writing papers at colleges and universities that they have to accomplish meeting a particular deadline. At times, assignments look quite simple, but there are also some kinds of paper that need much attention.

As professors do not pay much attention to the explanation, students have to learn the peculiarities of the paper on their own.
In this article, we are going to figure out the main differences between the four types of essays – the narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essay, and persuasive essay.

4 essay types

1. Narrative Essay

This is a real-life story where you tell about the experience you got. It is okay to use ‘I’ in such a paper. You have to make your narration as vivid as possible to hook your audience and make them listen to you. Moreover, in this paper, creative language is your best weapon to be remembered, but do not overdo it – too complicated words can just screw your essay up. Be careful!

2. Descriptive Essay

In this essay, you are going to show through words. This kind of essay is targeted at the description of a person, place, or event. Here, you are to use all five sense organs of your readers to deliver your thoughts.
You start your essay by introducing the object you are going to describe, and you end the paper with an overall picture of it.

3. Expository Essay

This essay is an analysis of a topic. In this kind of writing, you are going to disclose the main issue through the facts and statistics.
You have to mind that this paper is NOT based on your personal feelings, but you have to only present facts. This paper has to be written in the third person, and no ‘I’ – sentences are allowed.
This paper is to show how familiar you are with the issue and how you convey information. In the introduction, you present the topics, then, you give facts and details, and, in the conclusion, you summarize all the information given.

4. Persuasive Essay

In this paper, you have to convince the reader that they have to accept your point of view, and it is the right one to follow. Here, you have to be armed with strong arguments so a reader has no other way to act.

Keep in mind that you have to research the issue to the fullest to show your readers that you are familiar with the problem, and you know what to do next.

The level of your expertise in the question will definitely form the basis of your persuasive essay.

There are so many kinds of essays, but we are sure that from now on, you will have no problem with them. When you are embarrassed, have a look at the table above and make sure you are on the right way to a successful paper.

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