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Posted on February 7, 2022


While students learn, they have to face a lot of challenges. These are passing IELTS, preparing speeches and presentations, reading multiple books, as well as writing all kinds of essays. The success of their writing is hugely dependent on the academic direction. Many students adore writing about traveling and tourism. Nonetheless, some of them have problems with choosing good tourism essay topics.

Of course, it’s a big problem because you won’t get high grades when you cover a boring topic. The importance of tourism essay is huge because it determines your academic score. You may face the tourism essay IELTS and if you aren’t able to dwell upon something important, you will fail the test. Luckily, we have a good solution for you! This informative guide offers a wide range of great tourism essay topics that suit various situations.

If you want to withstand the task topic selection perfectly, consider the next ideas:

  1. 5 reasons why you should start traveling.
  2. The importance of international tourism.
  3. The global tourism problems.
  4. My perfect short trip.
  5. The reasons I like to travel.
  6. Is it profitable to work as a touristic operator?
  7. What are the most marvelous countries in Asia?
  8. Isn’t it risky to travel to Africa?
  9. How do travel bloggers manage to earn so much money?
  10. How to become a successful travel blogger?
  11. The cons of “dark” tourism.
  12. The beauty and dangers of exotic countries.
  13. What is the political value of global tourism?
  14. Why cannot tourism exist without attractions?
  15. The impact of culture on tourists.
  16. How to avoid cultural shock when going to a foreign country.
  17. The main “must-haves” for travelers.
  18. Tourism as a perfect medium for breaking borders.
  19. What should we learn when we go to another country?
  20. How often should people go abroad?
  21. The importance of education tourism.
  22. The value of medical tourism.
  23. Traveling can teach people a lot.
  24. My first journey abroad.
  25. Should be sex tourism forbidden?
  26. The top-5 countries to visit.
  27. Why is it dangerous to go to a foreign country?
  28. Tourism helps to bring people closer.

The top-7 things you should never do when you are in a foreign country.
What are the most popular tourist trends?
You are free to use any or even all the ideas we have mentioned in the list above. They all are relevant because they focus on important issues in the tourism industry. You may also craft similar concepts by using our ideas. You may also write about the top-5 places to visit and explain why they are worth our time and attention.

Attraction Place
Eiffel Tower Paris, France
The Colosseum Rome, Italy
Statue of Liberty New York City, the USA
Machu Picchu Peru
The Acropolis Athens, Greece

Common Mistakes When Choosing a Topic

Many students cannot select the right topic due to certain mistakes. At times, students do not even realize they made something wrong. That is why we want to mention those drawbacks to avoid them in the future. Make allowances for the next 3 points:

  1. Not checking the demands. Before you start to research any essay type, be sure to check the guidelines. It’s a golden rule, but many folks seem to ignore it. Every essay type and its discipline has certain goals and so differs from others. Students may look for the wrong facts and thus select an inappropriate topic.
  2. Poor research. Another common mistake is to do only shallow research. Youngsters check about 3-4 sources that are offered by the search engine and think that it is enough. Unfortunately, they may read some blogs on other non-official sources. Moreover, even 3-4 authoritative sources may be insufficient to disclose the main question properly.
  3. A too broad topic. Many students select too “big” topics. They are overly general and involve too many details, long timeframes, etc. They will take a lot of space and a 500-word essay will never have a chance to mention them all and explain. That is why you should narrow the selected idea. For example, a global tourism essay should be narrowed to a certain issue. It may be formed like this – The Meaning of Global Tourism for Developing Countries.

When you select a topic for your tourism essay, make sure to review our list. It is quite short but focuses on 3 common errors. Avoid them, and you will surely select a great issue to cover!
We would like to provide you with a few more writing prompts about tourism. You may write about the most visited countries in 2021 because it’s too early to write about 2022. Try to explain why these 5 countries attracted so many visitors. Such an essay will be interesting to read, and your readers may get good ideas about what country to visit in 2022.

Country The number of tourists
France 90.0 million
Spain 83.7 million
United States 79.3 million
China 65.7 million
Italy 64.5 million

Get More Data

You should also look for other sources of information related to the topic selection. Surf the Internet to find topic lists similar to ours. Besides, you may always count on the professional help of custom writing agencies. Their experts can tackle any learning issue, and the selection of a topic is one of their common skills. They may easily generate various ideas for tourism, as well as for any other academic direction. Besides, the cost is commonly quite cheap.

The Bottom Line

It is not always easy to pick a good topic for every discipline. Even if you are enthusiastic about it, you may have problems with defining what is relevant and readable for your readers. Luckily, you may always take a look at the topic lists similar to ours. They show relevant ideas for any academic direction. Thus, you will be armed with the right data to generate the best essay topics about tourism.

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