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Posted on December 27, 2021

Let’s start with a simple question: “What is SAT?” This is a kind of exam, the purpose of which is assessment. You will be given only 50 minutes to write an essay, while the entire exam lasts exactly three hours. Today we will focus on the written part and sat writing topics. The inspectors will appreciate your ability to analyze the arguments of a particular author and your ability to express your thoughts in general. In order for your essay to be complete and look perfect, you need to practice. This article introduces a topic by writing which you can prepare for the SAT.

Sat Essay Topics List

Here is a list of essays that will definitely help you prepare for the exam:

  1. Docterman’s arguments for early technology exposure.
  2. Why did America participate in the Vietnam War? Was it really necessary, and what does Martin Luther King say about it?
  3. The balance of light and darkness from the point of view of Bogard.
  4. An air conditioner is a superfluous device in a person’s life, or as Klinenberg explains the problem of air purity in America.
  5. The national treasure of Greece is sculptures. How does Hitchens explain why they need to be returned?
  6. The importance of city libraries, or why they should exist from Smith’s point of view.
  7. The road to space, or why America should spend billions on the development of the space industry from Brown’s point of view.
  8. Where to rest for the elderly? Why do parks and nature reserves need to be preserved? Give the arguments Davidson used.
  9. The less you work, the more you get. Schiffman principle.
  10. Is our body positivity dangerous? Frankam’s opinion.
  11. Jason Momoa on the issue of feminism. Do you need it?
  12. Martin Luther King on the protection of citizens’ rights. The problem of racism in civilized countries.

Grading System

Despite the fact that there will be only one written assignment, that is, an essay, all writers will receive different points. The grading system is as follows:
If you’ve learned a lesson 6 and above, you don’t have to worry – this is a great result.

  • A score from 3 to 5 is considered average, that is, it is far from a bad result, but it does not even reach a good one. The essay in all tests will be the same.
  • Finally, a score of 0-2 is considered bad. This means that you have not shown any analytical skills and, in general, your essay is not very good.
  • To get the highest score, read the article below.

SAT preparation tips

  • The first thing you should do is understand the grading system. See how many points you can get the most.
  • Explore the examples of essays on the Internet, so it will be easier for you to write.
  • If you do not have enough resources to prepare, contact a professional agency. They can help you write a test essay on a particular topic, or simply help you find useful sources.
  • On the day of the exam, skim through everything that was written earlier. This will help you concentrate.
  • On the day before the exam, do not do anything related to them. Relax: hang out with friends or watch a movie.
  • While writing the test, try to give answers to all the questions of the essay, so you will score more points.


Today we covered such a topic as sat essay topics. They covered both the topics themselves and a list of what will help you on the exam.

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