3-Paragraph Essay Ideas to Stand Out of Others

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Posted on December 27, 2021

A three-paragraph essay might be different. There are many essay types such as argumentative, compare and contrast, descriptive, and others. All of them might have only three paragraphs to discuss the target topic. A student has no problems with its structure because everything is simple.

1st paragraph – introduction (a presentation of the idea)
2nd paragraph – body (topic promotion and presentation of supporting facts)
3rd paragraph – conclusion (summarizing of the essay value)

What about 3-paragraph essay topics? They also vary, and this article proves that. Besides, it shows what each type requires. Before one selects a worthy topic, it is important to read college requirements and details about a concrete essay type.

These 3-paragraph essay ideas highlight essential problems of nowadays. To learn more about the peculiarities of this paper, a student should find a sample on educational websites or get custom essay writings from professional services.

Decent Topics to Discuss in Different Essay Types

Descriptive. The last day before the lockdown cancellation
Students describe a day before they were allowed to leave their homes without masks and take a breath of fresh air. One should involve all five senses to convey feelings, emotions, and expectations. Due to that, a reader manages to understand the author and imagine everything in detail.

Narrative. A funny story that happened to me in my childhood
A student creates a funny story about an event that happened many years ago using different stylistic devices.

Process. How to research a paper
It is necessary to provide a step-by-step guide that explains how to research and write an essay, a thesis, or a dissertation.

Argumentative. Education is not important on a way to success
Students write an argument and prove that education is not important by providing striking facts about such outstanding personalities as Walt Disney, Albert Frankenstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others. Moreover, one should say what helped them to succeed.

Compare and Contrast. Our life before and after the innovation of mobile phones
A student shows how people and their preferences changed after they got smartphones. It is necessary not to make allegations, and support each point of comparison with facts and life samples.

Expository. The best place to have a rest in your town
A student explains the choice and gives strong evidence that shows deep research of the topic.

Classification. Ways to cope with Covid-19
Students investigate scientific articles to learn more about the topic. Afterward, they classify treatment approaches (for example, traditional and non-traditional) and give examples of their efficiency in statistics.

Cause and Effect. Results of insufficient preparations for exams
One describes the consequences of a student’s indifference to preparation for examinations.

Definition. What is a vaccine?
A student roughly defines the key term and types of vaccinations and the differences between them.

Persuasion. Teachers of elementary schools have zero chances for promotional opportunities
A student’s job is to convince the target reader that educators who work in primary schools cannot enjoy the process of career growth.

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