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Posted on March 22, 2022

Case Study Topics

While students learn, they face a lot of academic papers. One of them is a case study. You are to conduct a scientific discussion about the topic of your paper to disclose it entirely and provide your readers with the necessary answers and clarifications. Although it is a very interesting piece of writing, it is also challenging. You will need advanced research and writing skills. Your in-depth analysis is also vital. Even MBA experts fail this test sometimes. Some of them are not even able to pick relevant topics.

If you have problems with choosing good case study topics, you may lose a lot of grades. it may happen due to various obstacles. For example, you opt for an irrelevant theme that is not interesting for your audience. Thus, no one will read it. Another example is when you choose a topic that is not interesting for you. You will not be enthusiastic about writing it, and so may not do your best.

If you cannot choose a great topic for a case study, do not worry! We have a simple, but effective solution for you. Here is our list of relevant case study topics for students:

  1. How to recover from post-traumatic disorder?
  2. The power of music therapy and how it helps patients.
  3. The workplace leadership and the complex of Emperor.
  4. The main challenges of learning at home.
  5. Traditional learning vs. distance learning: Which one is better?
  6. Advantages of using technology in learning.
  7. Downsides of using technology in education for students.
  8. Why social media can harm the mental health of children?
  9. How to overcome depression with the help of journaling?
  10. How to motivate children to be more diligent in learning?
  11. The main difficulties for children with disabilities at school.
  12. Is it possible to get a high salary when you are not educated but gifted?
  13. How to increase your chances for a sports scholarship?
  14. Tips to become a successful athlete.
  15. The main difficulties in learning a programming language of any kind.
  16. What is the most prospective job?
  17. What jobs will disappear in the next 10 years?
  18. Is it wise and effective to use drones in police operations?
  19. Can a robot outsmart a human?
  20. Virtual reality and its benefits for students.
  21. How do cell phones affect our bodies?
  22. How to get rid of bad habits?
  23. The main reasons why people have bad habits.
  24. How to overcome alcoholism?
  25. Is it good to be a workaholic?
  26. The common issues in education right now.
  27. How to eliminate bullying in high school?
  28. How can good behavioral examples teach children to behave well?
  29. The best ways to boost all academic skills fast.
  30. The importance of gender equality in schools.

Utilize any of them to have a good issue that requires your solution.

What Makes a Good Topic?

It is necessary to clarify what can make a good topic. Even though you have our list, it may not be enough to understand how to select the right topic ideas. Therefore, we would like to explain what features should belong to the topic. These are as follows:

Feature Details
Relevance Study the current market to be sure you know all the trends. Outline several options and research all of them.
Meaningfulness You should select a topic, which makes sense for potential readers. If it is important for them, they will be willing to read it.
Helpfulness Your readers want to read about the solution of the problem they have. When you research the topic, be sure to find the solution!
Informative Value When you research the topic, be sure you have enough facts to disclose it entirely. Your readers want to know the outcomes.

If the selected topic possesses all these features, you have surely found the right issue to disclose!

Pro tip

There are several things we would like to provide you with. They will help to handle a case study much easier. These are:

  • Create a flexible schedule to control your time and all stages of writing;
  • Utilize at least one grammar checker to quickly identify all mistakes;
  • Write at least 2 drafts before you submit the final copy;
  • Revise your case study 2 or 3 times at least!

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

“When you write any piece of writing, be sure you turn off all your gadgets to avoid distractions”.

We would like to provide you with many useful sources and articles. They are focused on various topics that are disclosed in a case study. Make allowances for the next useful articles:

  1. Religious studies
  2. Family and consumer studies
  3. Human resources
  4. Classic English literature
  5. Film and theater studies

Useful Resources

It is vital to be a constant learner. Try to learn something new every day in any sphere. As you are a student, the knowledge of various things helps to handle all your tasks faster and more precisely. Our case study writers propose 3 great resources that help to boost your academic skills. These are:


In case you cannot generate good case study ideas, do not worry! We can help in various ways. We have provided a great list with outstanding ideas to cover. Besides, you should use tips, articles, and informative sources to boost your knowledge and skills. Thus, you will easily handle all issues to get only the highest grades. It is very easy with our smart help.
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