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Posted on April 5, 2020

The world of Fashion is a vast arena and encompasses every sphere of your life and your activities. Fashion today has taken a front seat and is of topmost priority to every individual from every age group. The word “fashion” in itself covers a wide arena from clothing to your mode of education, to your way of communication. For instance, everything today holds a prefix to it in the form of ‘out of’ or ‘in’ fashion. Though the impact of fashion is more visible in the lives of youngsters – from the teenagers to the working professionals – it’s not that the others are left out.

All that we do today has got to be fashionable and the latest to the list is whether you are tech savvy, the way you communicate, the way you present yourself everything ought to be fashionable today. Though in the past, fashion predominantly was related to the designer wear – clothing, footwear, accessories and other similar items, the scope of the word has increased gradually and now it covers everything that you can name of. From the kind of furniture, the kind of cellphone, the kind of clothing, the kind of jewelry, the format of your letter writing, the language you use in your email, the kind of cars, the way you wear make-up, the shades you use for your clothes and your make-up to the way you place your furniture in your house – everything now evolves around fashion.
All the above mentioned things have their own fashion brands, and some of them have their own reputation, especially when it comes to the international brands like Versace, Calvin Klein, Woodland, Nike, Giorgio Armani, Durian. The list just goes on and on. When people choose the outfits with world-famous labels, they actually decode the role of fashion in their life and show a particular status they have in this or that society.

Fashion is known as one of the most dynamic phenomena. Every year, world-famous couturiers tend to change the dominant colors and patterns. More often than not, these changes and innovations are so unexpected and radical that it is hard to come up with a positive idea of a new product. What is more, psychologists point out those individuals who prefer wearing “challenging” clothes never take into consideration what everyone else thinks. They choose to put on extraordinary and loud fashionable clothes due to the reason that they can afford it and besides, they don’t really care about the opinion of the third people. These are confident, self-motivated, self-sufficient and what they want out of life.

Youngsters today are more prone in imitating their role models. In most cases, it is the silver screen heroes that become the fashion icons to their dresses and other trendsetting activities like some punch line or any other. When it comes to the way you set up your house or design your furniture, in most cases you’re going to check and follow the trends set by some interior decorators. Today, it is a natural habit of almost every person to follow a set of patterns that most of the time is very new and contemporary. Besides, people give their preference to the patterns that are laid out by a certain individual or a group of people, and are known as the “in-thing,” meaning that this is “in fashion.” The term “fashion” has become so very predominant these days that even the restaurants or fast food centers you choose are also termed as fashionable or out of fashion now. For instance, eating at Mc Donald’s is fashionable, but eating in an equally good road side ordinary restaurant is out of fashion. However, sometimes it is also the other way round, when people eat in the roadside restaurants just because that is in fashion, but they don’t even consider important factors of food and service quality that the two different places will have. However, this itself is a debatable topic.

Youngsters today get into the habit of smoking and boozing. The reason is that due to their immature thinking ability, they feel that this is in fashion. They truly believe that everyone must follow anything that is in fashion. Today, a lot of teenagers in India watch only English movies and listen to the songs in English since that is in fashion. Knowing too little about their own motherland’s culture, they are more knowledgeable in the

English culture, which by the whole world is considered as one of the richest and valuable cultural societies.
However, the reality is that knowing only the English culture is a negative aspect, while knowing your own culture is equally important. Nevertheless, fortunately or unfortunately, that is not in fashion for now.

The fact to be accepted here is that following fashion trends might be certainly beneficial at times. Nonetheless, sometimes it is also the other way round. The truth is that we are to decide whether we should take up the positives or the negatives from what is in fashion today. After all, fashion provides us with an amazing opportunity to express artistically what is inside! Besides, fashion has that stunning power to transform people into new, different personalities. Without a doubt, most of the existing fashion styles are aimed at teenagers. The latter are always longing for something new to stand out in a crowd. Therefore, more and more lines of fashions trends are being created in different areas to help teens keep their own identity high.

Last but not the least, the colorful world of fashion is so amazing that it ultimately takes everybody in its span, including the older generation that gets overwhelmed by the trend setting fashionable ways and items.

After all, fashion is one of the issues that actually connect like-minded individuals. It is so fun to get together with the other people who have the same taste in music or outfit style, and are aware of the latest trends. In other words, fashions helps us find new friends and become more social.
Among all the differences that exist between different countries and provinces, fashion trends are possibly the only mantra the whole world chants in unison today. Nearly every culture, region, and religion has its unique fashion soul. Many designers and music makers tend to work with the cultural designs and add a hooking twist to it to reflect their culture properly.
Are you willing to express your personality in the most exciting way? Fashion is the answer. What you wear or listen tells a lot about your inner world, your beliefs, principles, and mood. Not just your personality, but what people you would like to attract and communicate with is also revealed with the clothes you prefer and your current playlist.

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