How to Write an Expository Essay in Public Administration: Checkout This Guide

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Posted on April 4, 2021

Just think about how many essays students have to write throughout the entire period of education. The numbers can be terrifying. However, not only this is horrifying, but the essay writing process itself. For many students, such assignments are like torture, and the one thought of such an assignment brings a bad mood.

Do you know why? Because you do not know how to organize the task performance. But we know! We are ready to share our secret so that you no longer have a problem with writing an expository essay.

How to Write an Expository Essay in Public Administration: Let’s Start the Guide!

You realize what public administration is, but since you have to write an essay on this discipline, let’s look at the key points in this direction. This discipline explains the decision-making process at the state level and how and with what tools it is possible to successfully manage projects to achieve the desired goals.
If your future activities will be related to society, then you must achieve high results in this discipline. An expository essay on public administration is a good task with the help of which you will gain a lot of necessary skills for future professional activities.
During the education, you performed many different essays, but if you are faced with the expository essays for the first time or it seems to you extremely difficult, then do not despair. We will help to decompose the process of writing an essay from a to z.

What Is the Essence of This Task?

The core of this task is that it is necessary to consider the issue from all possible angles without using the first person. Note, that it should be done in an objective manner but taking into account the sequence. For example, if you consider such an essay in the framework of the discipline of public administration, then you will need to write what it is, how it works and how it differs in each country. In this case, you do not need to convince anyone or incline the reader to a certain point of view.

Topics Ideas That You Can Use

If you have freedom in topic selection for your essay, it still may not be a stress-free task, as many people think. How quickly and simply you complete the task depends on the choice of topic. For example, a topic that is not interesting for you can drag out the whole process. And the direction of the topic that interests you will provide not only a fascinating but also a useful pastime. If you have no ideas on topics, then we have prepared some for you:

  • Public Administration: Concept and Scientific Basis;
  • Tools of Public Administration in the Interaction Between the People and the Government Bodies;
  • Public Administration as a Legal Category;
  • Public Administration Mechanisms to Achieve National Identity;
  • Public Administration as a Systemic Phenomenon in Society.

Pay attention that these are just ideas that can push you in the right direction in the context of choosing a topic.

Tips You Need to Follow Before Start Writing

Now it’s time to start the draft creation. But first, you need to familiarize yourself with the hints that will help you organize the time of completing the task. As you know, doing an essay the day before the deadline is not a good idea. In order not to risk getting a bad mark, follow our advice.

Organize Your Time

The first thing to start is to organize time. If you want to complete the task easy then stock up 2-3 days. Further, you will understand why such a number of days is optimal. The whole procedure of completing an essay can be divided into three stages:

  • Selecting a topic, selecting sources and creating notes.
  • Writing a draft, writing and checking an essay.
  • Proofreading the text.

This approach will help to simply complete the task efficiently. It is enough to allocate a couple of hours for each process and write the text without stress.

Pick a Relevant Topic

Choose a topic carefully if you have been given the chance to select any within the discipline. Check if there are enough material and research on your topic. And of course, give preference to those that interest you and come in handy in life.

Gather Sources

This type of essay involves presenting facts without a personal touch on the topic. And this means that you will need to select high-quality textbooks and sources. For this type of essay, give preference to scientific articles and textbooks to complete the task. Also, do not forget to immediately enter the sources in the list of references so as not to forget anything later.

Make Notes

When you start working with sources, you should have a sheet of paper on which you will take notes. You liked some definitions, but there are 5 more books ahead of you? Write down the title of the book and page number on a piece of paper. Do the same with all the sources and when you analyze all the sources, you can return to the points that you may like without any problems.
P.S. Use this approach whenever you need to create a list of references. With the help of such notes, you will not spend hours searching for a page from where you got statistics and so on.

Consider Requirements

Each task has its own specific requirements. Most likely your professor has given you recommendations regarding the assignment and style. Read them several times, usually, the task itself has all the answers.
Also, it’s worth immediately doing everything in accordance with the desired format so as not to waste time on this when your text is ready.

Here Is Everything You Need to Know Regarding the Structure

Now let’s move on to the main part of the work on the essay, namely its structure. In fact, if you wrote an essay before, then you will not be surprised at the structure. It is unchanged for an essay, regardless of its type.

  • Introduction. Start by presenting your topic and of course the thesis. Try to make sentences short and clear. Please note that the thesis in this type of essay implies an explanation of what you will write about and why it is important.
  • Main part. In the main part, you should have three points of view, respectively three paragraphs. These should not be your own feelings, but opinions, points of view or topics that are directly related to your main topic. The reader must follow the sequence with the key idea.
  • Conclusion. In conclusion, you should summarize what you talked about and once again note the significance of your topic. You can offer further research. But, no new facts and topics in conclusion!

As you can see, the structure remains unchanged and everything is not as complicated as it might have seemed before. Isn’t it? Next, you will find a skeleton that you can use as a cheat sheet.

The Tips and Outline That Will Ease Essay Writing

Now it’s time to work on your draft. But, we have prepared several recommendations and a template that will help you do the text correctly.

  • Write to a third party. This type of essay does not imply the phrase ‘I think,’ ‘I know,’ and so on. This one phrase will cross out all your work in vain. Use he, she, it or they and phrases of the type ‘It is customary to consider’, ‘Most scientists note’ and so on.
  • Make the text fresh. This type of essay can make your text callous and bland like a cracker. To smooth out a lot of terminology and academic words a bit, use the transition words.
  • Use statistics. Fact and real data, research is what you need in your essay. Therefore, do not forget to back up your every subtopic (Body 1-3) with statistical data and facts.

The Essay-Skeleton

Here is a model that will come in handy when you work on your draft:

  • Introduction: No more than 5 sentences. You need to make a wow effect for readers, explain what you will write about and why this topic is important. You can back up this part with statistics that will be directly related to the topic.
  • Body 1. The first example\fact\point of view and the clarification of the thesis.
  • Body 2. The second example\fact\point of view and the clarification of the thesis.
  • Body 3. The third example\fact\point of view and the clarification of the thesis.
  • Conclusion: No more than 5 sentences. The conclusion should be concise and meaningful. Do not add new ideas or topics.

Checking Tips to Make an Essay Ideal

When your essay is ready, you must go to the third process that we mentioned earlier. That is, you need to check what you wrote. This part of the work is no less significant than the previous ones. This is similar to how a jeweler creates a cut for a diamond so that the stone sparkles with light. Therefore, take your text and imagine that you are a jeweler, follow our recommendations.

Make Pause

Before you start checking and editing the text, relax. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, but you must postpone your essay for at least half an hour. By the way, the longer your pause is, the better.
Only after a pause can you notice all the mistakes, typos, and so on. And if you start checking right away, there is a risk that you will miss a lot. But your professor will not miss it! So it’s better not to risk it and wait at least half an hour.

Mistakes Detection

Read your text and check for grammatical or punctuation mistakes. If you doubt your abilities and knowledge, then you can use free tools.

  • For instance, Grammarly will detect mistakes in your text. The free version is enough to get rid of mistakes, punctuation and unnecessary words.
  • Hemingway app will help to fix stylistic mistakes and increase the readability of the text. The application is free, so do not pass by such a necessary tool.

Improving Text Readability

The help of the online tool is not enough to increase the readability of your text. Since the topic is public administration and the type of essay is expository, you can use a lot of terms and complex turns. This is a common situation and for this reason, the information in many textbooks seems boring and bland.
To avoid this and make the text understandable to all readers, read it aloud. Rewrite all the moments that cause difficulty in reading aloud. These sentences need to be changed. Speak out the options for new sentences and you will intuitively choose the necessary option. It is recommended that you read the text several times until you have 100% confidence that everything is fine.

Final Check

Well, so that you can sleep peacefully, you need to do a follow-up check. In order for it to be effective, you also need to pause. The minimum pause time is as usual half an hour. After the time has passed, read your text again to make sure that you have used the recommendations regarding the format and that you have no mistakes.

The Last Words

Agree, writing this type of essay is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you have the chance to choose a topic yourself, then you will see how fun you will spend time. Determine the direction that you are really interested in in the field of public administration and spend time with benefits.
Use the recommendations that you read in this article to complete the task not only easy but also get a good mark. Keep these guidelines as you can use this process for each task. This applies to tips on preparation and final text checking.

Then you can develop the habit of completing tasks in this way and will cope with them easily. Why complicate what can be facilitated? Begin the assignment without a feeling of indignation with our recommendations!

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