Presidential Speech Essay

Posted on November 4, 2011

Presidential Speech sample:

A number of issues are eminent in the modern day America. The nation is fighting against economic recession, political intolerance, rampant unemployment, derailed healthcare programs, and expensive foreign wars with perceived threats to American national security. Therefore, as a responsible president my government is proposing measures to transform the state of the United States economy into a more stability and realistic paradise where every American citizen is bound to make their dreams come true daily. Our wise and great founding fathers fought against foreign oppressions because they were ready to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. The modern American must be ready to make one final sacrifice to be part of the team whose main ambition is to transform our economy with a view to create viable employment and investment opportunities for our people. Transform American Healthcare to promote collective and secure healthcare scheme. Last but not least, the government is challenged by a proactive foreign and security policy that needs to change its policies to reduce expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars in foreign territories and wars that eventually benefit a few technocrats.

Improving the economic situation

For a long time, America is proud of having the most attractive and influential economy in the world; however, in the 21st century unlike before, population has tripled following high birth rate and doubled inflow of immigrants since America is a free and democratic nation. Therefore, the economy is experiencing a shock of providing enough jobs for over 300 million American nationals. The trend is unlikely to change unless we take the following dire measure.

Government in-conjunction with representatives must enact a statute to check on mismanagement of government resources. Few previous government regimes overspend and overstretched the treasury forcing government to raise taxes that in turn lowered household incomes.

My presidency promise to make credit available for institutions and individual Americans at a lowered tariff aimed to encourage growth of both small and medium business investors and multinational companies. International investors who were been keenly watching our dollar systems and wondering how the dollar was likely to pick up are amazed at the success and performance of our attractive capital markets investment policy that has seen a myriad of international competitive IPO sales for the first time since credit crunch hit America earlier in 2008.

Improvement and Provision of Employment Opportunities

One in every six Americans cannot find a decent temporary or full time career because American is not ready to sacrifice for a democratic future by sharing knowledge. Not only do jobs need to be increased, but also the wages need to increase through measures such as reduction in taxation rates across all sectors. Income, business, and national sales tax have to come down for production to pick up once more. Prosperity does not come through increase in spending, but increase in investment.

By lowering taxes, the money that would have gone into government spending, which is usually unregulated and uncontrolled, will go into investment projects. The money left in the hands of the Americans will end up in the banks and other investment projects that will grow the American economy further.

Better Healthcare Programs

The healthcare system is now more expensive, yet less effective. The existing health care policies do not serve their purpose, and increase the amount Americans sacrifice in taxes to sustaining it. Major reforms are necessary to make sure that we have a healthy care plan that delivers on its purpose, and safeguards the health of the Americans.

Stopping the Foreign war

America needs to mind its own affairs before choosing to spend billions of the taxpayers kitty fighting unnecessary wars in foreign lands. Foreign lives costs more than just billions in dollars, lives of innocent American soldiers are lost fighting over issues that are of little benefit to the average American.

Our troops and resources should be withdrawn from the far off nations and those resources be put to better use. The last thing we need is more damage in our foreign relationships by fighting against foreigners over vague issues such as national security, when we have much greater internal battles to win, on the economic, social, and political front.

With the solving of these issues, America will be on its way to achieving greatness, and that every American will achieve his or her American Dream. Thank you!

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