Lab Report Topics & Ideas

Topics and ideas
Posted on March 6, 2019

The main purpose of a laboratory report is to describe the findings obtained during the laboratory research. Laboratory experiments are practiced in a wide range of educational institutions that are focused on exact sciences. Taking into account the fact that all “hard” sciences are natural and, consequently, are characterized by clarity and consistency, the laboratory reports have to be objective and draw on the existing scientific concepts. Such an analysis is predominantly carried out on the basis of the hypothesis that can be justified or refuted during the study process.

Choosing a topic and writing a laboratory report is a remarkably challenging task for the overwhelming majority of students due to the particular complexity of the exact sciences. Understandably, the issue of the paper depends on a specific science directly, but it does not abolish the existence of a considerable number of subjects for each of the exact sciences. Given such a wide choice of research, the topic should be not only correlated with the task of a particular discipline but also be a subject of curiosity for the student. Furthermore, the report requires a logical approach, critical thinking, impartiality, and maximum accuracy. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder that most undergrads find it hard to cope with a task of this kind. Looking for a professional lab report writing service could be an option. Talking to an expert who has accomplished dozens of reports might take your writing to the next level and soothe it, as a result.

Topics and Ideas for Lab Report

  1. Spatial Processing of Signals within Digital Shortwave Radio Systems
    The issue of spatial signal processing within the shortwave range is significantly underestimated and insufficiently investigated due to the complexity of the details in the frequency range. This topic should analyze the basic possibilities of using the spatial adaptation of radio communication channels by implementing a unique set of methods of spatial signal processing. The report can include the practical application of this signal-processing tool, the allocation of methods for adaptation of communication channels to the modern environment, and the evaluation of the efficiency of shortwave bandwidths.
  2. Statistical Methods in Medicine
    Although the use of statistic methods in the field of medicine is a relatively new approach, statistical evaluation of data is rated significantly high within the framework of the treatment process. This method of clinical research, which is known as biostatistics, has fundamentally changed the entire healthcare industry. The lab report has to focus on the description of the transition of medical research from the summary of individual observations to experimental work using control groups and large-scale trials, its paramount importance for the development of the science of medicine, and value for both patients and doctors.
  3. Development of Acoustic Systems
    Taking into account the speedy development of technologies, acoustic systems are the primary means of high-quality sound reproduction. Moreover, its application both in domestic and in production conditions increases its significance largely. This work can focus on the analysis of the purpose and composition of the product depending on the environment and its conditions, the technology of making the device, and its essential elements. Besides, this study will help to achieve maximum design efficiency for market promotion.
  4. Projection of Alternative Energy Sources
    Alternative power generation technologies have become not only extremely popular in the twenty-first century but have all the chances to take a niche of traditional sources. In order to examine this type of energy production thoroughly, the report can describe the use of this source within a specific country, region, or town, and analyze the favorableness of particular territory for the purpose of alternative methods. Examining the obtained data it is possible to analyze the energy efficiency of the implementation of this method and determine the most appropriate type, that is, solar, wave, biomass, geothermal, tidal or wind energy.
  5. Production of Straw Panels for Eco-Friendly Houses
    Straw is a great building material for construction energy efficient and environmentally friendly houses. This material is created without any chemical elements, which makes its cost considerably lower than usual building materials. The lab report may include comparing the thermal conductivity of straw with other materials such as gypsum or ceramic based on which one can prove or refute the economic feasibility of this product. Besides, such information may be useful for commercial enterprises which want to be involved in this area but not sure about the profitability of such a business.
  6. Computer Modeling of Body Movements under the Influence of Gravity
    Computer modeling is applied today in all spheres of sciences without exception. It not only allows one to investigate a particular issue more profoundly but also demonstrates it visually. Such a method is particularly useful for the study of physics. This report can take a variety of bodies moving in outer space as a basis and trace the influence of gravity on each of them. The acquired knowledge can help compare not only the impact of gravity on various objects but also create their virtual trajectory.
  7. Simulation by Monte Carlo Method
    The Monte Carlo method is based on simulating the process by mathematically calculating its progress, that is, the probability of a specific event is estimated with rather a high accuracy. This method is used not only in the field of mathematics but also in economics. This work may contain evidence of the effectiveness of using this method for the further construction of a mathematical model, determine the areas of its use, and the existence of a correlation between the efficiency and scale of the complexity of a particular research issue.
  8. The Significance of Wind Engines
    Taking into account that wind energy belongs to renewable resources, wind engines are becoming increasingly important due to the constant decrease of global reserves of natural resources. Wind power generation is exceptionally ecological since it reduces the environmental burden, but there are still some issues that need to be clarified. Firstly, it is necessary to find out which kind of wind engines is more effective, namely, linear or vertical type, and compare it with the efficiency of other types of alternative methods of energy production.
  9. Transformers and Their Applications
    Transformers are devices for increasing or decreasing the voltage. Although they are mainly used at power stations, their application is much more extensive than in open and closed space. This laboratory work can investigate the essential elements of the structure of the transformer, the principle of its operation, and the ability to transmit energy over long distances with less cost comparing its power with other transmission devices.
  10. Effect of Mineral Fertilizers on the Chemical Composition of Vegetables
    Today, there is not only the possibility of growing different crops but also applying many fertilizers during this process. Despite the existence of various types of chemical and natural substances, mineral fertilizers are in particular demand in the sphere of agriculture. Items that should be included in the paper are types of mineral fertilizers, that is, complex or simple, and their influence on the chemical composition of various vegetables.
  11. Drinking Water Quality Report
    The water quality depends on a particular chemical and biological composition. Its qualitative features can be estimated only by objective indicators. The report should be devoted to the analysis of drinking water in a specific area on the basis of compliance with established biological, physical, and environmental standards.
  12. Modern Methods of Studying Blood Characteristics
    A general blood test involves a quantitative and qualitative study of blood elements. Although there are three main groups of blood test methods today, their effectiveness varies considerably. The lab report can be based on the comparison of colorimetric, gasometrical, and titrimetric methods, and determination, which of them is more effective for diagnosing some diseases.
  13. Influence of Noise on the Nervous System
    The human nervous system is especially susceptible to all surrounding factors. The acoustic stimulus not only affects the organs but also contributes to their transformation. The key purpose of this work is to determine which noise level, which frequency, duration of action can adversely affect the nervous system. Besides, this study must necessarily take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.
  14. Influence of Abiotic Factors of Environment on the State of the Immune System
    The condition of environmental factors has a significant impact on human health. Given the number of living organisms and parasites that exist alongside humans, the immune system is the most vulnerable to abiotic factors. This report focuses on the main environmental factors not is caused by human activity and their impact on the immune system of the individual depending on the place of residence.
  15. Determination of the Quality of Detergents
    The development of the production and use of detergents is steadily increasing. Despite this tendency, the effectiveness of the wide range of cleansers remains in doubt. Therefore, the principal purpose of this lab report is to establish methods of technical and economic evaluation of detergent quality. Such an assessment would be especially beneficial for analyzing their effects on the human body.
  16. Quality Control of a Certain Pharmaceutical Product
    Taking into consideration all the cases of violation of the pharmaceutical production process and poor quality of raw materials, the composition of the drugs should be subjected to exclusive control. Despite the existing standards that medical companies have to comply with during production, some drugs still require more scrutiny. This report can include the key standardized indicators of pharmaceutical production and comparisons with medicines that do not comply with these standards.
  17. Issues of Child Injuries in Modern Conditions
    Although injuries are a severe problem of the present, its impact and side effects are often underestimated. It is clear that no age group of the population is insured against such kind of injuries, but children are the most prone and vulnerable to damage. Therefore, the report should include the concept, classification of child injuries, and measures aimed at reducing this tendency.
  18. Determination of Nitrate Content in Food
    Even though a person consumes nitrates in the prospect of one’s life, their excessive amount can adversely affect human health. Although nitrates are a mandatory component of food and are essential for the human body, there are still certain admissible levels of its consumption. Consequently, the report should be concerned on a list of products that may contain these salts and its maximum allowable doses.
  19. Development of New Methods for Checking the Acidity of Milk and Dairy Products
    Acidity is one of the chief indicators of the freshness of milk and dairy products. Increased acidity can pose a particular threat to the human body, which is characterized by a remarkable sensitivity to lactose. The work should focus on indicators of the maximum acidity of milk of different varieties and methods of checking liquid for freshness.
  20. Effect of Dustiness and Air Pollution on the Function of the Human Respiratory System
    The human body needs fresh air constantly, but the air that people breathe in may contain a lot of harmful substances. Solid or shallow materials can cause irreparable damage to humans organism. This laboratory report can include the illnesses, which can lead to excessive inhalation of such elements, their permissible amount, and preventive measures for the treatment of respiratory diseases.


It goes without saying that the lab report is an extremely complex task due to its accuracy requirements, but on the other hand, such work is beneficial for the development of rational thinking and more profound knowledge of natural sciences. The ideas of those laboratory leads, which are presented above, prove that “hard” sciences can be not only tough for perception, but also an exciting way to learn something new. Generally speaking, it is worth to mention that science is not only complicated but also incredibly fascinating.

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