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Posted on December 29, 2008

Many of us are studying poetry right now. Poetry is something, which increases our knowledge on literature, history, mental well being, views on everything around us. At least once a year our professor give us a poem, and asks to write an essay on it, or simply asks to write a poetry essay, and lets us to decide the theme and topic of the essay.

9 out of ten students fail to write a good poetry essay due to simple mistakes, which were not explained properly in the past.

Here is a list of things you should and should not do when writing a poetry paper, not only poetry essay, but also poetry research paper, and poetry term paper:

1. The poetry you choose is supposed to be familiar to you. You can not write a good poetry paper on a poem which you have not read or read just the cliff notes.
2. The topic must also fulfill the teacher’s requirements. If the teacher asks to write a poetry paper on war, love, etc – you have to choose a good poem which represents love, war, etc.
3. The poem you choose must vividly discuss the themes your teacher suggests to you. It can be either the overall topic of the poem, or certain images, characters, analogies, comparison, metaphors, etc
4. You have to be open to details, and sense the peculiarities of the poem, and the details which differ it from all other poem, such as: and sensory details (The author stresses on all sensors: smell, taste, sight, hear)
5. You have to point out other peculiarities, such as rhythm of the poem, it could be either constant, or changing in order to stress some parts of the poem
6. The rhymes are also very individual. There is no 2 poets who happen to have the same rhymes. Every poet tries to have his own writing style, and you have to analyze it and define it with specific examples.

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 Here is a list of the most popular essay topics on poetry:

1. The Elements of Poetry
2. A Modern Defense of Poetry
3. Arthur Rimbaud – poetry analysis
4. Lord Byron’s poetry
5. Metaphysical poetrys relevance
6. Langston Hughes poetry
7. Scaldic Poetry
8. Edgar Allen Poe: Poetry Analysis
9. Changes in war poetry
10. Is Eliot’s poetry appreciated in modern society?
11. Poetry analysis of William Blake
12. The poetry of Fray Luis de Leon
13. Compare and contrast Whitman and Emily Dickinson’s Poetry
14. Poetry of Anne Bradstreet
15. The poetry of Wilfred Owen has, in my opinion, real relevance for students of today.
16. Poetry in Nature vs. Urban Poetry
17. English epic poetry
18. Dorothy Parker poetry
19. Poetry and Puritans
20. Poetry of Derek Mahon
21. Wilfred Owen poetry
22. Bruce Dawe’s poetry
23. Romantic Poetry
24. The Poetry of Patrick Kavenagh
25. Imagery in Poetry
26. Robert Frost: poetry
27. The Poetry of F. A. Reznikov
28. Anne Bradstreet Poetry — Symbolism
29. An analysis into Gwen Harwood’s Poetry
30. Australian Poetry
31. Edward Taylor’s poetry

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