Essay Sample on Magazine Design: A Brief Analysis

Posted on December 12, 2011

Magazine Design Brief Essay:


The essay basically tries to give a brief synopsis at the brilliant idea of the yet to be established new health magazine that is set to surely hit the readers and meet the need of quality and accessible information that revolve around the broad topic of health and health factors.

Objectives of the Magazine

The underlying objectives that led to the invention of these brilliant idea of coming up with a health magazine that will surely suit the end needs of the readers generally include. It will focus on the topic of social justice and the main focus will be on health related issue on the subject matter of social justice.

Targeted readers

The targeted readers of the magazine will definitely comprise all those individuals who need to be motivated on the general topic of social injustices, and with specifications of the various injustices that revolve around the general subject matter of health and health related issues. Some of these health related issues generally revolve and comprise of the rape cases, social injustices like defilement of young children and minors. It generally is perceived as a social injustice but generally underneath it it attempts to prescribe the health related issues facing the topic of discussion.

By looking at these factors viewers that will be of tangible benefit to the topic under siege will generally comprise the readers who will want to be motivated, it will also comprise of those particular individuals who will be motivational speakers in the health related topics of Health, Students studying health and health related issues will also benefit from the information in the magazine. In general the magazine has come at the right time to serve the right purpose.

Insights about the readership

The genesis of the idea came from the underlying factors that comprise the social injustices. This fact was merged with the understanding of the health related area under siege and a culmination of these various factors gave rise to the understanding of the various targeted explanations and information that was meant to be inculcated in the project. The Magazine therefore aims at giving a detailed analysis of the mentioned topic. With this in mind readers will be able to get tangible information on their sexuality, issues related to social injustices of rape cases, defilements of minors. Ethical and moral issues have also been studied as the society looks at those factors that are ethical and how ethics constitute to be termed as an injustice and also how it affects the area under siege.

Layout of The magazine

The layout of the magazine generally involves the broad aspects of the magazine. It is specifically chosen as it will efficiently provide a detailed scope of the whole picture and apart from that the various readers will also be able to efficiently absorb any data that is relevant to them. The magazine will also provide in its general preview a sense of utmost rest as the various issues will be demystified in the general scope of the magazine. It will also be of good use to the readers as it will serve many diverse purposes and may be used for decorations in many different related topics.

Images Chosen

The images chosen were based to reinforce and reiterate the point emphasized by the dedicated different writers. By basing on the various images of ladies who are raped and children’s who represent minors who have undergone the ordeal of the social injustices of defilement, the various pictures are meant to arouse pity from the different readers and to reiterate the various points emphasized by the writers.

In summation the magazine will be a hit. These is enough to explain the fact that it is what the society expects and hopes to receive and has come at the right time and the most efficient manner. The magazine has tapped the need of information on the broad topic of social injustices and other related issues on the category of health and health related issues.

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